Sunday, December 30, 2007

Matawan Borough Reorganization Meeting 1/1/08

January 1, 2008, there will be a Reorganization Meeting at the Community Center on Broad Street. Due to the Special Election for Mayor on January 15, 2008 only essential appointments will be made by Mayor Aufseeser. Following the results of the Special Election the newly elected Mayor of Matawan will be making appointments. It was agreed by both the present Mayor and Paul Buccellato, candidate for Mayor, on the advice of the Borough Attorney Pat Menna, Esq. that only essential appointments will be made.

At this time, I cannot stress the importance of your getting out to vote. This is a very important election and will make the difference in the direction Matawan will take in the future. May I stress that electing an all democratic administration will not allow for checks and balances in the system. Personally, I am fearful that the current majority, as it has shown in the last 19 or so months, lacks the experience to manage a Budget, push for Grants, hold employees and elected officials accountable for their actions, etc. etc. They have tried to do a good job and in some areas have made a good effort. However, increasing taxes into the double digits is showing that they lack the experience and foresight to keep things in check. Conceding to all the demands of the Borough Administrator shows a lack of experience in negotiating techniques. Even I as a layperson know in negotiations, you ask for everything and are willing to accept less. This current majority administration gave in to all the demands of the Borough Administrator without even one concession. Councilman Paul Buccellato, currently running for Mayor was the only NO vote.

I urge you to attend the reorganization meeting to welcome the new Councilpersons, Linda Clifton and Kevin Mendes to the Council. Let's support our new Councilpersons and in the event they don't perform to our expectations, let them hear our voices at the Borough Council meetings. Let us hold our elected officals accountable for their actions.

In 2008, we have been advised that the Matawan Aberdeen School Board meetings are another area where attendance is critical to the Borough. Even though we elect people we think will do a good job, when they disappoint or do not live up to their campaign promises, we should be there to remind them. OK, so you may miss a Monday Night Football Game or Grey's Anatomy! Do you really think the Patriots are going to worry about your taxes going up or your children getting an above average education? Do you really think it critical whether Dr. McDreamy has a new girlfriend? Think again! I know we are all tired when we get home from work, the commute is a pain, you had to work overtime, the kids made you crazy today, the dog ate the Borough Schedule, and so on. The next time you see the dayworkers at the 7-11 relieving themselves, or your child isn't getting the attention to his math or reading, your garbage wasn't picked up, your leaves are still in the street, you receive a Notice that the drinking water your family drinks had bacteria, you received a Notice stating your property was being sold for unpaid taxes, remember you can only blame yourself for allowing this incompetence to continue.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

In observance of Christmas, there will be no posting on this blog until
December 26th, 2007. May I wish my Christian friends a very safe and peaceful Christmas filled with joy.

Whether you observe Christmas or not, may the season fill your hearts and minds with peace and joy.


Thanks for the Memories & Hard Work

December 18, 2007 was the last Borough Council meeting for Councilwoman Debra Buragina following approximately 8 years of serving Matawan. Sadly, Ms. Buragina was voted off the Council in the last election. She was a pivotal force on the Council and her guidance and good judgement will be missed. In parting she encouraged Council Members to always keep the best interests of Matawan uppermost in their minds. One of the few on Council who truly understands the concept of the Transit Village Redevelopment, we hope she will be available to the new Council members to share her wealth of information.

Many thanks to Debra Buragina for all those years of self-sacrificing, dedicated, hard work.

Are You Kidding Me Category at Council Meeting 12/18/07

Entrance to American Properties 11/07 Democratic Political Endorsement signs for Aufseeser. Mendes & Bunyon outside American Properties Route 79 Project Site.

Resolution 07-12-13 Authorizing the Mayor of Matawan to Execute the Developers agreement between Matawan and American Properties to Effectuate the Unified Planning Board Approvals Granted to the Developer. This resolution passed by the Democrats including newly appointed Councilman Robert Bunyon, excluding Councilman Mullaney who abstained. Isn't this a conflict of interest for all Democrats on the Council. If the Developer endorses only one Political party, does that mean that those same candidates, when they get elected or appointed, get to vote on resolutions brought before the Borough Council. The very same candidates/appointees sit on the Unified Planning & Zoning Board. How are the best interests of Matawan served? Sure Aufseeser, Bunyon & Mendes can be objective? Are you kidding me?

Is Matawan Really Pinching Pennies?

Budget - Who's pinching pennies in Matawan, but spending dollars? At the December 18, 2007 Borough Council meeting, Resolution 07-12-30 for Emergency Appropriation Hospitalization in the amount of $125,000 was introduced and passed. After a resident questioned this resolution Councilman Cannon stated that the funding would be coming from the 2007 budget. Another Councilman questioned that statement and indicated that the money was to be provided in full from the 2008 Budget with the hope that monies from the 2007 budget could be applied to the appropriation.

This means to me, a layperson, that a $125,000 expense from the 2007 budget is being place on the shoulders of the 2008 budget. Why? It sounds to me like no one was minding the store? Where was the Borough Administrator (obviously writing his new contract)? Where was the Finance Committee? Where was Councilman Cannon, who constantly cries that we are pinching pennies? Where was Counclwoman Meghan Mullaney, the Finance Chairperson, until she resigned from the Council right after the election in November? I guess resigning was better than the alternative?

Borough Administrator - In another "financial faux paux" the Borough Administrator, Fred Carr, the same Administrator who lost the Beacon Survey Report of Main Street which cost the taxpayers money, the same Administrator who lost the Borough grant money and the same Administrator who has not filed for a current grant, was given a nice "fat" new contract? Yes, boys and girls screw up your job in Matawan and get rewarded. Only in Matawan! He was not only given an increase in salary, family health, dental and prescription coverage with premiums FULLY PAID FOR BY MATAWAN BOROUGH (for those that don't know...that is you and me), vision benefit for only himself(how considerate.) I would guess his family doesn't need glasses. Paid holidays same as other Borough employees. Fifteen (15) vacation days, five (5) personal days, the same number of sick days per year and sick leave, as enjoyed by other municipal workers. Wait it gets better, he will get time off and reimbursement for expenses for professional development and/or attendance at conferences. A maximum of 10 days off for attending ICMA, NJMMA etc. conferences with authorized reimbursement not to exceed $3,000. Now here is a break for you, he will not have a Borough vehicle but he will receive $200. per month paid on a quarterly basis. By the time he is finished we'd have to figure out how many days he will actually be working. No wonder we keep losing grants!!!!

All this based on a 35 hour week, Mon thru Fri. including evening Council meetings. He also must be available at all times and on call.

Objections - Could we not have a part time Borough Administrator, thereby providing a savings to the Borough. We have had part timers before without any problems so why not now. Why are we providing medical benefits for Mr. Carr when he has military health benefits, why are we paying him expenses for his vehicle, does he travel that much, if so, then shouldn't it be on an "as needed" basis with a capped amount? Now for the final objection, as we have not had anything going on regarding Redevelopment and trusting that next years Council will get moving on it, Does Mr. Carr have any experience with Redevelopment? Will Mr. Carr be learning all about Redevelopment at Matawan's expense?

All of this for a Borough Administrator who has misplaced valuable Reports, lost the Borough grants and has not gotten the Borough any new grants. Yeah, working for the Municipal government is a piece of cake! I'm just sick and tired of it being my cake! In the private sector this type of worker wouldn't last.......Only in Matawan....

The only NO vote for this contract came from Councilman Paul Buccellato.

Is anyone else outraged at the free spending attitude of the current Administration? Let's hear from you.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Matawan Boro Council Meeting 12/18/07

Many things became apparent at last night's Borough Council meeting. Didn't want anyone to think we didn't attend the meeting last night, just need some time to put it all together.

Now to do some Christmas shopping.....ho! ho! ho! Let's just say the current majority Administration is not on my list!

Stay tuned.......

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Matawan Borough Council Meeting Tonight 7:30pm

There will be a Council meeting tonight at the Matawan Community Center at 7:30pm. It appears to be a lengthy agenda. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Surprises Here!

In a predictable move Robert Bunyon became the replacement for the vacancy on the Borough Council left by Meghan Mullaney. If you recall he was the loser in the last election held for Council members. Let's be optimistic about his appointment and see what his vision for the Borough is in the next few months. He will have to run for the office of Council member in November 2008.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Special Borough Council Meeting 12/13 at 6pm

A special Borough Council meeting will be held on 12/13 at 6pm. The purpose of which is for the Council to vote on one of the three candidates the Democrats on Council have selected to replace Meghan Mullaney, who recently resigned from the Borough Council. This seems to be a mute point as the Democrats have control and I'm sure they already have the person selected to replace Meghan Mullaney.

Why is it that the meeting is at 6pm? Most residents don't get home from work that early. People find it difficult to make it to Borough Council meetings and they start at 7:30pm. Meetings in the Borough, should all start at the same time, preferably 7:30pm. Unless, of course, they want to limit the amount of people who can attend.

In any event, hope to see you at the Special Meeting this Thursday at 6pm at the Broad Street Community Center.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To Debate or Not to Debate

Per today's Asbury Park Press Mayor Aufseeser does not see a need for a debate. Councilman Buccellato is for a debate. The MA welcomes a debate as suggested by one of the Bloggers. Residents would be able to ask the tough questions that are often missed when campaigning. What do you residents think, would you like to see a debate?

Monday, December 3, 2007

3 Considered for Matawan Council Seat

Thanks to Blogger, Aberdeener, for advising of the post in the Asbury Park Press. The names of the candidates were submitted to the Borough Council to replace Meghan Mullaney.
Mary Rose Malley, wife of current Councilman William Malley,(it's a family affair) Lonnie D. White, a retired police officer, and no surprise here, Robert T. Bunyon, who ran and lost on the Democratic Nov. 6 election.

Airing an Issue.......

There has been much talk about Councilman Buccellato's firm receiving a project from the County. Well, boys and girls, here is the scoop. As the MA has commented on the Aberdeener, another Blogger, thought it was important to repeat.

Buccellato's firm along with several other firms, was requested to give the County an R.F.P., Request for a Proposal and they did. Unlike a bid, which by law must go to the lowest bidder, a RFP is determined by the County looking for the best qualifications out of the firms having submitted proposals.

An example of the lowest bidder, is Seaview Contracting, which just finished paving Marc Drive and Union Street. Truth be told they didn't have the experience re: water and sewer and had to dig up the streets several times. They also damaged homeowners property and caused a few problems with the water and gas service to residents. However, they did do the job and they were the lowest bidder. By law Matawan had to accept their bid regardless of their qualifications. The streets are done and at this point it is up to the Borough Engineer to accept the work.

And that folks is the truth in Matawan......


It has been determined that a new election will be held for Mayor of Matawan on January 15, 2008. Let's get the word out in order that all residents are aware of the new election date. Due to the tie vote, we will have the opportunity to vote again for Mayor. This will be the deciding vote so don't think that because you voted in November you don't have to vote on January 15, 2008, you do!

Now is the time to take this opportunity to research the candidates in depth. Yes, it is the holiday season, yes we all are busy, but this is an important decision for our Borough.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Election to be held for Mayor-Tied Vote

A good source just advised the MA that there will be a new election for Mayor in Matawan. To all those nay-sayers, it seems that one of Buccellato's votes was not counted. Buccellato did follow the rules and went the distance to let his supporters know that all their work was not in vain. To those of you who claimed this blog cried "sour grapes," half of Matawan agrees with the MA. The Judge will set a date for a new election. It will be interesting to see if it is possible to have an election based on the issues. Truly hope so. No games, no tricks, just a plain, old, clean election. Let's not have an election by the newsmedia, but by the people of Matawan.

Research each candidate and make up your own mind as to who would do the best job for Matawan.

Recount of Mayoral Votes Today at 10am

Today at 10am the votes will be recounted in an effort to ascertain who will be Mayor of Matawan. Will it be the current Mayor Mary Aufseeser or Paul Buccellato? Or will it be a new election? Good luck to Matawan, we will need some strong leadership to get us through the next few years. More to follow.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Matawan #12 Best Place to Raise Kids

According to Business Week, Matawan ranks #12 in the Best Places to Raise Kids in the US. Per the article our median income is $63,594. While they show an aerial view of Matawan, it doesn't resemble Matawan at all. Don't see the lakes. Matawan's stats:

Total 296.87
Test scores: 91.97 (46th)
Schools score 28.09 (2nd)
Crime 84.32 (40th)
Recreational/cultural activities 8.76 (26th)
Cost of living 83.73 (38th)

More important than what others think of Matawan, what do you residents think?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Recount Mayoral Votes 11/28/07 Wednesday

In Alyssa Passeggio's Blog, it was noted the recount will be held on Wednesday, November 28th, per Matawan's Democratic Chairman, Joseph "Bud" Mullaney. Good luck to both candidates.
Will someone do something with the Train is a disgrace!

May the candidate that will be best for Matawan win.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cheap Tricks or History Repeating Itself

Following further research, here is what was ascertained, to the best of my knowledge. Wow, I sounded like a lawyer!

The Democratic Party has 15 days from the day the letter of resignation is received by the Borough Clerk to submit 3 potential candidates to replace Councilwoman Mullaney on the Borough Council. The Council then has 15 days to accept or reject 1 of the 3 candidates. Should the Council reject all 3 candidates or there is an impasse, the Matawan Democratic Party has 30 days and will appoint someone without Council approval.

In either case, the residents of Matawan will not have a say until the November 2008 election.

For all you newcomers or residents who have forgotten, now here is where the “cheap political tricks” come in. In 1999, the same “stunt” was imposed on the residents when Joe Thompson after he lost his bid for Mayor resigned from the Council. The Democratic Party of Matawan filled this vacancy by selecting Jim Shea who lost his bid for Borough Councilman (at that time we were not so politically correct) the same year.

Cheap tricks or history repeating itself. You wanna bet that Robert Bunyon (the lowest vote getter) is one of the three candidates. Will that mean Bunyon will be representing the people of Matawan? Is this what they call “by any means necessary?” Time to change the rules and give the people the right to chose who represents them!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney Resigns

At last night Council meeting, Mayor Aufseeser announced Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney resigned from the Council effective immediately. What a coincidence that Bunyon lost the election to Linda Clifton and now Ms. Mullaney resigns! No reason was given by the Mayor. The Democrats have 45 days to come up with a candidate to fill the spot on the Council. A good guess would be Bunyon. However, Mullaney might chose another Mullaney to fill the vacancy. That is not an error, anyone who attends Council meetings knows Councilman Mullaney is running the show. Any quesses? Well the spot will be taken until next November when the temporary council person has to run for the seat.

Now for the meat and potatoes of the meeting:

Redevelopment - Mr. Lopez, a resident of Union St. asked Council Members for their vision of what the Transit Village should entail. Low and behold, everyone shared their ideas, excluding Councilman Cannon(it was stated that he had given his vision at the last meeting) and Councilman Buddy Mullaney, who stated he would not reveal his ideas until the Silver Oaks (Aberdeen Developer) v. Matawan appeal was heard. No idea why unless he doesn't have a vision. While there are some different visions all agreed something has to be done. Another interesting point was that the Downtown area is not going to improve without Redevelopment of the Train Station area. Businesses come and go on Main Street as they have done in the past.

More to follow.... in the mean time, have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Thanks to the Matawan First Aid Squad Volunteers Santa will be traveling through Matawan as he has for thirty years. Apparently, the Recreation Commission who usually handles the Tree Lighting, Santa Coming to Matawan couldn't handle it this year and was going to cancel the event. Busy Turkey Trottin' I guess. Perhaps if the Recreation Committee were more receptive to new volunteers, we could collectively do both.

Why does a new event like the 5K Turkey Trot & Walk have to eliminate a tradition in Matawan like Santa Coming to Town. As long as I can remember adults and children alike run to the windows in Matawan looking for Santa when they hear the sirens of our great Fire Department and First Aid Squad trucks. While I commend the volunteers of the Recreation Commission for the fine work they do, new events shouldn't be started at the expense of our Traditions.

HATS OFF TO THE FIRST AID VOLUNTEERS, OUR FIRE DEPARTMENT AND POLICE DEPARTMENT! Rather than dispense with Tradition, they volunteered to do the job. Let's not forget these same people are there when you need them. They give up their time with their families to serve the community, never asking for a pat on the back. We should all take a page from their book. As some of us do not have time to volunteer as a regular basis, how can we volunteer to help for a specific event? Anyone who can give some guidance, please do.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Tuesday at 7:30pm

Care to voice your opinion about the lingering Mayor Aufseeser signs, come on down Tuesday, November 20th at 7:30pm to the Community Center on Broad Street. You will notice a sign hanging on by a splinter right across the street. Perhaps some one had the good sense to realize it is Thanksgiving week and not Election week and started to take it down. Well other than that you can also voice your opinion on the "Big Spenders" giving people increases in salaries. Even though the Budget is frozen, that is this year's Budget, the Council can borrow from next year's Budget 2008. That's right folks try that when it comes to paying your property taxes, your water bill, etc. The last time I checked the Borough frowned upon paying property taxes from next years pay(which I haven't received as yet.) Like the idea though. Hey the economy is in the dumper anyway!

By the way, what ever happened to the American flags on Main Street. Will they be out for the Turkey Trot Run on the 24th? The Recreation Committee chaired by Michael Mullaney is running this event to benefit the Recreation Department. Michael Mullaney, is a licensed Physical Therapist with a business on Main St. He often donates his time and services to help Matawan. Good luck with the event Mr. Mullaney.

Word on the street is that Councilman "Buddy" Mullaney is hitting up the businesses in Matawan for contributions. Really now, can't you give the businesses a break. It's tough enough to make it in Matawan without constantly being asked for contributions. Didn't the businesses donate to pay for the American flags? These are small businesses not IBM.

Hope to see and hear you at the meeting.

Will the Real Turkey Stand Up..Gobble, Gobble

Mayor Aufseeser and the Democratic Party of Matawan win the "Turkey" award for having their campaign signs still lingering two weeks after the election. While strategically an interesting move on the part of Mayor Aufseeser & the Democratic and tacky is more like it. Do you really think you are fooling people? Do you really think Matawan is filled with idiots who you can subliminally influence to vote for you should an election be required following the recount? Really now! Hey maybe it will work...after all didn't you fill Main Street Village on Main & Route 34 with all those campaign signs the day before Election Day and Election Day...any guesses on how many signs there were? The winner gets to paint the signs Christmas green and red if they are still up for the Christmas holidays.

OK, the joke is over! Do you really think you are beautifying Matawan with those signs?

Friday, November 16, 2007


"It's not the voting that democracy; it's the counting." Tom Stoppard, Jumpers

According to the Asbury Park Press, Paul Buccellato, Candidate for Mayor of Matawan has demanded a recount. If the situation was reversed I am positive Mayor Aufseeser and Councilman "Buddy" Mullaney would do the same.

More to follow as things develop.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just In....

Another Blogger, Aberdeener, sent a comment to MA stating that Fred Carr, Matawan Borough Administrator has withdrawn his name from the City Manager position in Florida. Thanks for the update Aberdeener. Welcome to Blog World.


Residents of Union St are wondering when it will be over! Once again Seaview Contracting is digging up concrete curbs and aprons. Over the weekend Union St. from Aberdeen Road to Daniel Drive was without Gas service. So far the water service has been interrupted, the street has been dug up several times, the gas service has been shut down.....will Union Street ever be paved? It's a toss up between when the asphalt plant shuts down for the winter and the contractor finally gets it right. Maser Consulting is doing an excellent job on keeping an eye on the project. Their on site supervisor, Sean is right on the money.

Clinton Street Youth Center Matawan

Without any fanfare, Councilman Paul Buccellato arranged to put a new roof on the Clinton St Youth Center without any cost to Matawan. Contractor (not from Matawan) & materials were donated to the Borough thanks to the efforts of Buccellato. It is refreshing to see someone who just "takes care of business."

The lack of acknowledgement by the Council was brought to the attention of the Borough Council at the last meeting by Mr. Gerry Hourihan. Mr. Hourihan, waited to the end of the Council meeting to express his displeasure with the Council for not acknowledging Buccellato's accomplishment in getting a new roof put on the Clinton St Youth Center. So much for working together.

Kudos to Councilman Buccellato for a job well done.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Matawan Borough Council Meeting

NEWSFLASH - In today's google news was an article regarding Matawan's Borough Administrator, Frederick Carr, interviewing in Palatka, Florida for the position of city manager. As a matter of fact his appointment is scheduled for 1pm Wednesday, tentatively. Maybe losing an $85,000. County grant and losing an important report had something to do with his job search. Mayor Aufseeser will be disappointed if he goes since she has stated when he screwed up that she thinks he does a good job.

Now on to other matters. The Mayor and Councilman Mullaney were somewhat pensive. Not that the Mayor states her opinions on much, but she does read the Resolutions nicely. The night belonged to Councilman Mike Cannon. Once again he was echoing his mantra, "we are pinching pennies," "we are pinching pennies." Yet he has no problem giving extra monies to the Borough Assessing Clerk regarding the property revaluation process. Seems Cannon has no problem giving the person $3500. per year extra for 2007, 2008 and 2009. My question is have we found money growing on trees in Matawan? Councilman Buccellato at least had the sense to have the Resolution held until the Council could discuss it further. Even Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney stated she had no idea about the increase. Isn't Meghan the Finance Chairperson? Oh yes, the 25 year old kid (not that 25 year olds are kids, just wouldn't put them in charge of Finance, Personnel & Education.) Oh my, oh my, another choice of Mayor Aufseeser.

The Borough is also spending $5,000. to audit the Fire and First Aid's LOSAP(Length of Service Awared Program) for 2 years. Seems that the Borough Auditor made the recommendation. The Borough Auditor is also doing the audit. The audit is not even a complete review of the program. Call me crazy but that doesn't seem like in the words of Councilman Cannon, "pitching pennies." That right folks, the Auditor recommended an Audit. Well, how cozy!

Also, the Borough's Salary ordinance was introduced. This is not the actual salary increase, but a range for the individual salaries. From my review it appears that the low and high ends of several positions have increased. That can only mean salary increases. Again, "we are pinching pennies," as Cannon claims. Doesn't sound like it to me.

Don't forget the property revaluation information should be hitting our mailboxes now that the election is over. I say hit because that's what it will be to most households. Guess a few more of you will be joining us at the next Borough Council meeting.

It was encouraging to hear a resident speak at the meeting. His question was regarding the 2 new recreational parks recently dedicated. The response was it included the Jackson St Park and the Ball Field, he replied: "The Jackson St Park has been there since he was a child and has always been a basketball court." Perhaps resurfacing the court translates to a new recreational facility. As far as the Broad St facility it has been there for at least 3-4 years. The only difference is that in 2006 the Council re-named it honoring Mr. Jerry Houridan. Maybe re-naming a recreational facility also translates into a new recreational facility.

While it is great to see Jackson St park looking better and the ball field named after Jerry Hourihan, it actually doesn't constitute it being NEW!

Mr. Brady of Ravine Drive asked the majority council members what their ideas were as to Redevelopment. As always the majority Council did not really answer the question. No surprise there. Although Councilman Cannon did finally express his opinion. No real news there either. No answer to property tax relief for Mr. Brady either.

Well Folks, keep in mind that Matawan is pinching pennies, yeah right, but spending DOLLARS!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Tonight 7:30pm

This will be the first Council meeting when the public has access to the list of bills to be paid. Although not on the Municipal website, it is available at the Community Center on the Bulletin Board. Thanks to our vigilant residents who requested that we have the right to review the expenditures of the Borough Council. See that's what happens when you get involved.

Hope to see you at the meeting.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


In the first step of a re-count Paul Buccellato has called for a check on the absentee ballots. So folks, in the words of Yogi Berra, that great Yankee player, IT AIN'T OVER TILL IT'S OVER!

More to follow.......


Congratulations to Mary Aufseeser on her re-election as Mayor of Matawan. According to the Monmouth County Board of Elections, Aufseeser won by THREE (3) VOTES! So all you people who are complacent about could have made a difference. Congrats to Kevin Mendes on his election to Borough Council.
Congratulations to Linda Clifton on her election to Council. Linda Clifton will be the only Republican on the Council in the coming year. Clifton will probably be given some minor Commission to Chair. With one vote, she will have little or no impact on whatever the Council wants to do. That's the facts.

We all can thank American Properties, Dunkin Donuts, the strip mall on Main St.(StarBucks), the Pudential building on Route 34, and all the businesses that supported Aufseeser, et al. I'm sure the Matawan Alliance will be getting more funding from Matawan and any other organization that pleases the Mayor and her Council. With or without an adopted Budget. Look for more spending, higher taxes, and some great parties on Main Street!

Keep staying home, don't get involved, let others direct your tax dollars.

This is not sour grapes.......this is reality.


Gooooooooooooood morning Matawan! Voting machines in Matawan are sealed in a very close race for Mayor. The winners for Council seats are Linda Clifton and Kevin Mendes. The unofficial winner for Mayor is Buddy Mullaney. Oops, I meant Mary Aufseeser.

A frozen budget...we will have to borrow money from next year's budget in order to continue doing business, the Lakes & dams, the dayworker situation, Transit Village Redevelopment, infrastructure problems, relocating the Court and Police...these are the issues facing the new Council members. Attending Borough Council meetings and Planning/Zoning Board meetings, we are headed for trouble. Matawan is looking at higher property taxes. Interestingly enough the revaluation figures should be mailed to homeowners next week. Hold on to your seats folks. Wonder what the effect of the revaluation would have had on the election had they been mailed this week?

No matter who is the official winner for the Mayor's seat, we are facing a tough road in Matawan. I reiterate my position on attending Borough Council meetings. Thursday is the next Borough Council meeting. If you don't participate, then don't complain when taxes continue to rise. We will have some great parties on Main Street, AT YOUR EXPENSE!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


News from Matawan, Main Street-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-
Councilman Buddy Mullaney was seen last night at 11:30pm ripping Buccellato/Buragina/Clifton signs out of the grass strip by the StarBucks strip mall and throwing them into a dumpster. Our sources say that Councilman Mullaney told one of Matawan's finest that the Police should take down the signs. Mullaney reiterated that HE had exclusive rights to place signs there. According to the story Mullaney claims the owner of the strip mall is hunting with Mullaney's brother. Apparently Matawan's finest refused to get in the middle of this political nonsense. Call me crazy, BUT my tax dollars are not spent to do Mullaney's dirty work. Matawan Police have a tough enough job without getting in the middle of one man's spite work.

Well, Mullaney did take the signs down....although Buccellato/Buragina/Clifton did not respond in kind......They chose the high road. The classy thing.

Mr. Mullaney, apparently in spite, called for challengers at 7:30am to be at the polls. WOW, you really showed them..... :-p


Monday, November 5, 2007


Robert Bunyon, Democratic Candidate for Council claims he is not Vic Scudiery's nephew. However, Mr. Bunyon's supervisor at his place of employment is Vic Scudiery's nephew. Our apologies to Mr. Bunyon for stating otherwise. Blogs are much like newspapers. At times when sources seem solid, they are not. The information regarding Mr. Bunyon was obtained from another Blog.


What local politician had Matawan Police remove Buccellato,Buragina,Clifton signs from the Strip Mall on Main Street(where StarBucks is located?) All weekend signs for Aufseeser, Bunyon & Mendes were covering strips of grass on this strip mall. When a volunteer put signs up for Buccellato, Buragina & Clifton (several, I might add, not 20)the Matawan Police were called and told that the Democrats have the "exclusive" rights to put signs up and insisted the Police Department remove the Republican signs. The Matawan Police complied. Now perhaps the Police should have requested proof i.e., a letter of some kind, a phone call to the owner. But they didn't and why should they, after all it was a Democratic Councilman from the Borough. Waste of manpower, waste of taxpayer money, absolutely! The same Democratic politician who told our Police this story and wasted our tax dollars....was not telling the truth. OH NO, YOU SAY, NOT TELLING THE TRUTH, yes, readers sorry to say but that pleasant face does lie! Just when you thought it was going to be a fair, honest election, HA! This certain Councilman must want to win so badly that he lied to the Matawan Police. He should have known better.... Isn't that against the law?


You see early Monday morning, it must have been "Matty the Ghost of Matawan" all those signs disappeared. You remember "Matty the Ghost of Matawan" walked off with the report that we taxpayers paid for and the Mayor & Councilman Mullaney never mentioned to the Council. Even the signs on Route 34 in front of the Prudential building are gone. Unlike American Properties, apparently there are some savvy business people who don't want to get involved in local politics. Has the damage been done by those signs? Tomorrow will tell the story. Will Matawan be governed by underhanded antics or will the real issues in Matawan be considered by voters?


Thursday, November 1, 2007

And the hits keeep coming!

This election year is rather amusing if not pathetic. While Aufseeser, Bunyon & Mendes, quote Yogi Berra and dead Generals, Buccellato, Buragina & Clifton state their credentials. While the "FAB FOUR," Aufseeser, Bunyon, Mendes & Mullaney are posing with baseball hats and bats, Buccellato, Buragina & Clifton are stating their goals and visions for a better Matawan.

How about discussing the issues? Why didn't Matawan have a Q & A for the candidates? We do have a Community Center, why not use it?

Aufseeser, Bunyon & Mendes sent a flier with a great photo of Debra Buragina. Had to smirk at the comment, "Republican bosses would appoint a minor league player to replace her." Debra is a life long resident of Matawan and is not a "quitter." Bunyon should take a page from her book. Last election Bunyon dropped out so Cannon could run. So who is the quitter Mr. Bunyon. Loved the minor league player crack.... Perhaps they meant minor league like Bunyon and Mendes? It's funny how words can come back to bite you on the butt! They mentioned bosses, did they mean like Vic Scudiery who owns property by the Aberdeen-Matawan Train Station. Who just happened to relocate the NJ Dept of Motor Vehicles offices from Matawan to the Airport Plaza, you guessed it Vic Scudiery Enterprises property. Didn't use Scudiery Enterprises on the building in Matawan, did he? But every election a big sign supporting the Democrats is on his building in Matawan. Where does Scudiery live? Ask yourself why is he so interested in Matawan?

But I digress, getting back to Debra Buragina, does the Mayor have short term memory loss??? Wasn't it Debra who took over the Recreation Committee when the Mayor's appointed Chairman, Councilman Cannon and the committee (composed of Mary Mullaney, Mike Mullaney and attended by Buddy Mullaney) had a falling out of sorts. It was Debra who rescued Mayor Aufseeser when no one else would (pardon the pun) step up to the plate. Now you see people what you miss by not attending Borough Council meetings.

When businesses enter into politics it can only lead to rule by others. Does the owner of the Plaza where StarBucks is located live in Matawan? Does the owner of Dunkin Donuts live in Matawan? Does the Dr. on Main Street, the Financial Planner on Main Street or the Prudential Bulding on Route 34 live in Matawan. Do owners of any business in Matawan live in Matawan? Well if they don't then I say, Mind your own business? If they do a sign at your home is sufficient. Spare me from the people who put "huge" signs on businesses but when it comes to their homes do not! We in Matawan are not sheep that need outsiders telling us how to vote. We hopefully vote on issues. If I need a Doctor, Financial Planner, Bank or any other related services, you better be damn good at what you do because I for one am not interested in your politics! Having signs on our homes is one thing but plastering signs all over the Borough in the hundreds is absolutely ludicrous. Main Street Matawan looks like "Trash City" with all those signs. You would think it was a Presidential election and the candidate lived in Matawan. Are you people stupid or what spending all that money for signs? How many people do you think that could be fed with that money? How many homeless families could be better served by that money? This election has made me ashamed to live in Matawan. My hope is that this never happens again. Perhaps I'm wrong and the more signs you clutter a Borough with, the more votes you get. I hope not. Never wanting to trample on anyone's rights, whatever makes the residents of Matawan happy. BUT AND THAT IS A BIG BUT, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE MY TAX DOLLARS WASTED CLEANING UP ALL THESE SIGNS. Matawan's Department of Public Works has enough to do.


Now for my disclaimer. The words printed above are personal observations. Excercising my right to blog what I perceived is my constitutional right. You can agree or disagree, that is your right. There will always be a sense of decorum on this Blog, no foul language permitted. If anyone perceived events differently, please feel free to comment. There will be no belittling, as I have experienced on other blogs. You will not be banished from this Blog. Please, any Pompous Jackass that wants to teach us all how to blog, write a book.
This is a free Country.

Saturday, October 27, 2007



American Properties/The Preserve

Route 79 Entrance Main


Just a short note on election signs. Does anyone wonder how much these huge signs cost? They ain't CHEAP! It would be appropriate to see future elections with smaller signs and parties using the money for the betterment of Matawan. After all, the election should be about issues not who has the biggest signs and most signs covering our little Borough!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's Play Six Degrees of Separation

Remember the game "Six Degrees of Separation" regarding Kevin Bacon, the Actor. Well, Matawn has its own version of this game as regards, Vic Scudiery, Councilman Mullaney and Matawan. Here we go people, Vic Scudiery owns property on Main Street by the Train Station, Vic Scudiery's nephew, Robert "Bob" Bunyon is running for Council, Robert Bunyon is the same person who was replaced at last year's election by Michael Cannon (you all remember the man who is running, not running and then the man who legally was not entitled to run, Mike Cannon.) Councilman Mullaney endorses the Mayor, Bunyon and Mendes. Now here is where the six degrees of separation come in..Mullaney, Bunyon and Mendes are all on the Planning/Zoning Board, Scudiery owns property on Main Street, Matawan. The Transit Village Redevelopment Area encompasses land owned by Scudiery, Mendes and Mullaney, we all know Mullaney owns Mullaney Tires on Main St and his son, Michael Mullaney has a Physical Therapy office on Main St. There is more American Properties, The Preserve on Route 79 has two huge signs on the Entrance to the property endorsing Aufseeser, Bunyon and Mendes. Now if that doesn't smack of conflict of interest I don't know what does! Messrs. Bunyon, Mendes and Mullaney are all Planning/Zoning Board members. Councilman Mullaney abstained at Council meetings and Planning/Zoning Board meetings from voting due to the fact that he and Mr. Sic of American Properties had some kind of relationship 17 years ago. As it turns out, Ken Cassiday, Chairperson of the Planning/Zoning Board stepped down because he lives close to the American Properties site and Kevin Mendes stepped in as Chairperson when American Properties came before the Board. Now American Properties has signs endorsing Bunyon and Mendes. Is Matawan running Matawan or Vic Scudiery through Councilman Mullaney running Matawan? Think people, the NJ Department of Motor Vehicles moved from Matawan to a Hazlet strip mall owned by Vic Scudiery. Did anyone hear of Mullaney and Company attempt to prevent them from moving? Word has it that C-Town is closing but not until after the election. How much did Mullaney have to do with it staying open until after the election? We all know he had alot to do with bringing this store to Matawan and continues to fight to keep it on Main St. Where were they when it came to the NJ Department of Motor Vehicles? When all the businesses in that area lost business due to Motor Vehicles moving to Hazlet? Where was Mullaney when it came to the Health and Safety issues confronting Matawan at the 7-11 on Main St? I know where Councilman Buccellato and Councilwoman Buragina stand. Buccellato brought forth an idea for a solution to the problems. He along with concerned citizens forced the Health Department to take a stand. These are questions that should be in mind when voting this November.

The way I see it your choices are for people who care about Matawan or people who have their own self interests. Needless to say my vote goes to Paul Buccellato, Debra Buragina and Linda Clifton. These are people who care what happens to Matawan. From what I have observed at Council meetings they are the people who will get the Transit Village Redevelopment up and going.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Great Editorial Independent 10/17/07

Great editorial in the Independent on October 17, 2007 pertaining to the Beacon Report, paid for by taxpayers and dismissed by Mayor Aufseeser and Councilman Mullaney. As reported in this Blog, the Report disappeared from the mailboxes of Councilpersons excluding Councilman Mullaney. At the last council meeting prior to Election Day, it was brought to light that there were not one but many items that would have helped Matawan with revitalization. The questions is WHY DID MAYOR AUFSEESER AND COUNCILMAN MULLANEY HIDE THIS REPORT FROM THE COUNCIL AND TAXPAYERS? Take a moment and read this unbiased editorial. Note it wasn't reported in the Asbury Park Press, known to be pro Democrats on the Borough level, nor the Courier, a weekly publication, also pro Democrats. Could it be that even they can't justify the actions of these two officials? So much for reporting just the facts!

As election day approaches, it is obvious to anyone who is aware of the goings on the Borough level that Matawan needs and deserves a well educated, experienced Mayor! The candidate that is the right person for the job is Paul Buccellato. Check his record out for yourself. He has experience on the Borough level, both on the Council and Planning/Zoning Board, is a professional Architect, business owner in Red Bank and has previously been working on the Transit Village. Debra Buragina and Linda Clifton are his running mates. Debra comes with the experience of being on Council for 9 years, worked on the Transit Village and was requested by the Mayor, and took over the troubled Recreation Committee when the Recreation Committee's former chairperson and its members could not get along. Linda Clifton is a new candidate who adds a fresh perspective to the Council. Living and working in Matawan she is familiar with the problems we residents are facing. All are for the Transit Village and revitalization. Without which Matawan will be just a small town, with high taxes, no services, a decaying Downtown area and no future. Matawan needs change. We need people who care about Matawan and not their own self interests.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Matty" The Ghost of Matawan Borough

Street & Parking Report Missing - Has anyone seen "Matty The Ghost of Matawan Borough?" Well, apparently in the Halloween spirit a Report regarding parking and streets in Matawan was never given to the Borough Council. Interestingly enough Councilman "Buddy" Mullaney stated he did receive the Report. However, his daughter, Councilwoman Mullaney, Councilwoman Deborah Buragina, Councilman Mike Cannon, Councilman Paul Buccellato did not. This was brought to the attention of the Borough by Councilman Buccellato who informed the Council, including the Mayor, that he may file a complaint with the Attorney General's office, etc. It seems the Report was received by Fred Carr, Borough Administrator, who claims he distributed it to each Councilpersons mail box in the beginning of 2007. That rascal, "Matty The Ghost of Matawan," must be up to his old tricks, he must be the one who took the Reports. Except for Councilman "Buddy" Mullaney's report. My, my, my, I don't know what you people think, but I don't believe good ole "Buddy" received the report either. This would raise the question of why did he say he received it or if he did receive it why didn't he discuss the report with the anyone else on the Council? Councilman Malley was absent so we don't know if he too received the Report. It all stinks, if you ask me. Oh Mullaney may come back and say he was mistaken, he was confused about which report it was, or that "tricky Matty The Ghost" was at it again. I say hogwash!

What is going on people? I truly encourage Councilman Buccellato to go forth with notifying the proper authorities. There should be transparency in government.

Borough Freezes Budget - There will be no more spending in Matawan. The Budget has been frozen as was revealed at the Council meeting. I guess the party is over! Hap-hazard spending for Matawan Police covering the Matawan Alliance events at no cost to the Alliance, but to the taxpayers is over, Municipal employees working on these events, paid for taxpayers is over. I admire what the Matawan Alliance is trying to do. However, not with the taxpayers money. Giving money to the Matawan Alliance to help defray their insurance costs prior to the Budget being adopted is over! Well folks, if Matawan should have some kind of emergency requiring emergency services where will the money come from. Good guess is our pockets. Afterall, the 2007 Budget shows an increase of $1.4 million dollars over the 2005, 2006 Budget.

DEP News - Savings to Matawan- Councilman Paul Buccellato reported he received an email, release date October 1, 2007. Speaking to Councilman Mike Cannon and the Council he advised the NJ DEP is refinancing the Matawan Bond for Major Sewer System Rehab, thus saving the Borough $43,462.95. Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney appeared not to know about this fact and did not mention it as a Report. No surprise here. A simple guess is that her head was in the same place it was when the present Administration was spending, spending, spending. In the opinion of MA, Councilwoman Mullaney should not be Chairperson to the Finance, Education & Personnel Committee. It is becoming very apparent that her interests lie elsewhere.

Court Renovation - Councilman Mike Cannon proclaimed he cannot go along with the estimate of $221,000. to renovate the Court. This amount far exceeded the original estimate. It is my opinion, whoever did the estimate should find another job. In a sincere statement Councilman Cannon explained that he is asking that other options be explored i.e., utilizing nearby towns Courts for the time being. It was so moved by the Council. Councilman Cannon was on his toes here and at least is thinking. With the Budget frozen, there is no money for this renovation. It must be done as mandated by the State, just not now. Councilman Cannon made it clear that he keeps a close eye on the finances of the Borough. Even though he is not the Chairperson of that committee, he continually touches base with the CFO. Once again, where was Councilwoman Mullaney??????

Note - Not to take away from Councilman Cannon, but Councilman Buccellato mentioned at a previous meeting, when Cannon was not present, that this project's estimate requires more work. Buccellato mentioned items that should have been included, that weren't, and the cost was way over the estimate. Just in case you thought we fell asleep at previous meetings.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Tonight 7:30pm

Matawan Borough Council Meeting Tues., Oct. 2,2007 at The Matawan Community Center, 201 Broad St.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dictatorship in Matawan

When one politician decides that they know what is best for you, whether you agree or not, we become a dictatorship, not a Borough. I'm tired of listening to certain politicians in this Borough making decisions, whether ethical, whether questionable or most importantly whether legal. Under the guise of "knowing what is best. " Actions like having a local contractor do the concrete at the Jackson St. Park. Did this contractor actually donate this to the Borough? Or is this going to be another situation under the category of "payment of bills" they cover up the purchase of a $2,000. laptop for the Mayor to access her emails? We have no transparency in this administration and one can't help but wonder what has gone on that we haven't found out yet. Is this administration and Mayor Aufseeser headed down a road we taxpayers will pay for in the end? What do you expect from the politicians in Matawan? What are the real reasons for their actions? Is it to better themselves, relatives, friends financially or is it really for the betterment of Matawan and its residents. Are there actions for the "common good" or motivated by personal gain? How many items are being kept from the citizens of Matawan?
Why isn't a listing of bills being paid available to the public at the Council meetings?

These are just some things to think about now that election time is here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More news on the Day Laborer Issue

Boro seeks NJT's OK to relocate day laborers Council wants attorney general's opinion on registration proposal BY KAREN E. BOWES Staff Writer

"... I really don't think it's the municipality's job to go out and document people... " - William Malley Councilman MATAWAN - Plans to move day laborers from in front of the 7-Eleven to an unused portion of the train station made headway last week.
On Sept. 18 the Borough Council voted to write to NJ Transit asking if the railroad agency would allow the day laborers to congregate on the northbound side of the tracks. Councilman Paul Buccellato proposed the idea, saying vehicles that stop to pick up the day laborers are causing a traffic problem in the busy intersection of Route 516 and High Street.
Borough Attorney Pasquale Menna will pen the letter to NJ Transit.
"The council voted to direct Mr. Menna to prepare a request to NJ Transit to help with the safety and hazardous conditions that presently exist on the west side of the train tracks," Buccellato said Monday. "This request is to allow the workers to assemble on the east side of the tracks near the old white building."
Buccellato also suggested that the workers be given photo identification cards as part of a voluntary registration program through the police department.

The Matawan Borough Council must get permission from NJ Transit to use a portion of the Aberdeen-Matawan Train Station as an area for day laborers to await potential employers. "The second vote was taken to have Mr. Menna write a letter to the state Attorney General's Office to get a ruling on whether business registration of the workers could be enacted," he said.
While the idea to write to NJ Transit passed unchallenged, Councilmen William Malley and Joseph Mullaney both voted against the idea of asking the attorney general about registration cards. Council members Debra Buragina and Buccellato voted in favor of seeking the attorney general's opinion. With council members Meghan Mullaney and Michael Cannon both absent, Mayor Mary Aufseeser broke a tie by voting favorably.
Malley explained on Monday why he voted no.
"I understand the chief feels it's a quality of-life issue," Malley said on Monday. "I did talk to the borough attorney and the chief about it. The 7- Eleven is private property. I just worry that we'll end up just moving the problem from one place to another. I really don't think it's the municipality's job to go out and document people, you know. I think it's going to end up being another expense the municipality can't afford."
Buccellato responded to Malley's comment.
"Obviously, he misunderstood my proposal," Buccellato said. "It was always my intention to establish a nominal fee to cover the borough's expenses. I don't understand why anyone would not want to make an attempt at addressing an obvious safety issue that is presently existing."
In addition to traffic, Buccellato said there are now health dangers associated with the current location.
"The board of health has been on that site and has issued a notice to clean the rear portion of the property," Buccellato said.
He added this incident occurred last week.
"Hopefully New Jersey Transit will help and assist the borough with this endeavor to eliminate a hazardous condition," Buccellato said.

MA take on this article. Councilman Malley and Councilman Mullaney originally voted no on this issue. Why you ask? Maybe they don't care that the health and well being of Matawan residents are of critical importance, not to mention the safety issue. Maybe they are waiting for some one to be injured or worse yet killed. Maybe they don't care about persons urinating and defecating on land that is parallel to the Lake. Perhaps they blindly object to any solution Councilman Buccellato may have because they didn't think of it. I don't know what they are thinking. Councilman Malley what does "quality of life issue" mean to you? Doesn't that show there is a problem. Perhaps if Councilman Malley and Councilman Mullaney lived closer to the problem they would look for solutions. Perhaps if Councilman Malley didn't shop in C-Town and Councilman Mullaney frequent C-Town, they would go further down Main Street to see a serious health problem. By the way, isn't Councilman Malley a Union member? Strange he would cross a picket line of any kind. Let's work together to improve Matawan. Does it matter who came up with the solution?

As to expenses in Matawan, Councilman Malley what about buying the Mayor a laptop computer for $2,000. (so she could check her emails), what about giving $700. to the Matawan Alliance and what about giving money to the Boy Scouts. I guess the fact that the Supreme Court of the US in a decision handed down, re Boy Scouts determined the Boy Scouts discriminate, didn't effect your thinking on the matter. All this was done prior to the 2007 Budget being adopted. It appears that whatever Councilman Mullaney wants, Councilman Malley does. Councilman Malley try thinking for yourself and the constituents that voted for you.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Update Council Meeting 8-18-07

This is only a partial update on the meeting. However, it is of importance that Matawan is aware that there may be a solution to the day laborer situation.

Robert Heinlein once said: “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him” Sounds like Councilman “Buddy” Mullaney? “ Buddy” is still dictating what we residents have made it obvious we do not want, C-Town in Matawan.

He was pushing to have the parking lot on the corner of Broad and Little Street seal coated and striped. Good idea, if we had money in the Budget. My question is why now? Is it because it’s election time? Is he trying to help C-Town? You decide?

Relocation of Municipal Court -At the Borough Council meeting of 9-18-07, several Resolutions were tabled again. Poor planning is my take on the Court relocation when the bids came in $60K higher than The Administrator told the public. The $170K construction price does not include floor coverings or furniture. Well its back to the drafting table on this project, as well as others. This seems to be the way for Matawan under the current Administration.

7-11 Issues - On a positive note. The Mayor reported the Health Department visited 7-11 and informed them that they must clean up the area. I guess she realized the election is around the corner and that she better do something about an obvious health condition perpetrated by the Day Laborers. I speculate that Councilman Malley did not mean the entire site of the 7-11 when he stated at the last September 4, 2007 Council meeting that the 7-11 passed a health inspection and is very clean.

Day Laborers - Finally, someone on the Council came up with a possible solution to the dangerous, unsafe conditions caused by employers hiring/picking up day laborers at the 7-11 parking lot and along Main St. In the interest of public safety, Councilman Paul Buccellato spoke about an ordinance in Matawan already on the books requiring businesses in the Borough to register and submit to a background check. Buccellato suggested the following:

Idea #1 -All Day Laborers voluntarily register and submit to a background check on criminal activity. After which they are to given ID cards. Buccellato called for the Council to request Mr. Menna, Borough Attorney, to reach out to the NJS Attorney General’s office to ascertain whether registering Day Laborers was contrary to any Federal or State laws. For some strange reason, Councilmen Mullaney & Malley, first abstained, eventually deciding to oppose the idea... Why you ask…. can you say C-Town, boys and girls? The fact that Councilman Mullaney lives clear on the other side of town and as such one would wonder whether this would effect his property values.

Idea #2 – Request Mr. Menna, Borough Attorney, to reach out to the NJ Transit to request that we use the Train Station (where the white building is located) as a “safe” location for Day Laborers to be hired and picked up for day work.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Tonight 7:30pm

Election time is here and the Administration has decided to move on items they have been leaving dormant till now. What a surprising "political" move! There is a resolution Awarding a Bid for Alterations to Matawan Municipal Community Center-Municipal Court Room. Ironically, there has been no mention of Bids prior to this award. One wonders where the money is coming from and how was the selection made. Another Resolution Authorizing Architect to Prepare Bid Specifications for the Window Replacement-Memorial Wing-Matawan Municipal Community Center. This appears to be a Wing that is unoccupied at present. Unless they intend on moving the Police Department to the Community Center. If that is the case, has the Police Chief been advised or asked for his recommendations? Or is this a case of the Administration dictating the Police requirements? Wouldn't the placement of windows be an important matter when it comes to a Police Station? Who determines whether the Police Department requires windows? Don't you think before hiring an Architect to Prepare a Bid for Window Replacement, someone should find out if windows are necessary? In the alternative, why isn't the Police Department being moved? Our Police Department have been working in unsafe conditions for quite some time now. The building has been cited with many violations and now this administration is finally taking action. Just in time for elections.

Oh just for laughs the Council will be Approving Meeting Minutes of August 15, 2006. That is not a mistake.....August 15, 2006! Don't bother to go to the website to read any of the past meeting minutes...they still aren't published yet. Oh yes, we are hiring a full time Deputy Borough Clerk, where is that money coming you think we will get caught up on the meeting minutes with a Borough Clerk and a Deputy Clerk? Time will tell.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Picketing Continues at C-Town/The American Way

The following is copied from a flyer handed out at the C-Town on Main Street by the Local Union Picketers. Thank you to the person/s who sent this photo. Their confidence will be protected.

Demand More From Store Owners in Your Community
It is very common for businesses to believe that they can open stores in your community and charge higher prices just because of the neighborhood and the store's location. These business owners also believe that they can hire people from your community, not pay them a "living wage" and not offer them basic benefits.

This is your community and you should demand that these workers are given basic benefits that all workers in the United States deserve to have.

Comments from Matawan Advocate

A group of Borough officials/business people/residents shoved C-Town down the throats of the citizens of Matawan. It was not a popular choice although they would have you believe it was for your own good. A number of residents will not step foot in this store either because of their strong Union beliefs, they don't like C-Town in general, can find better prices or C-Town doesn't carry the products they require. Whatever, the reason, this is America and we can shop where we like, patronize the stores we like, and most of all we don't like to be told "where to shop." The irony is there is a rumor that a local Union member, with strong Union ties, has been seen in C-Town shopping. No one is jumping all over him/her with questions of loyalty. A certain element in Matawan feel they have the right to ask residents questions like....Why don't you shop at C-Town? Why don't you go into C-Town and look around? Why don't you support the owner of the C-Town? Simply put, WE, THEY, I DON'T WANT TO! Last time I checked this is AMERICA and it is the American way to have a choice!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day Laborers at 7-11

From Sametta Thompson,Asbury Park Press Reporter addressed to:

Matawan Residents:

I am interested in writing a story about the large crowd of day workers that gather in front of the 7-11 on Main Street every morning. The story will focus on the traffic issues and touch on how it affects the people that live in that area and their property value. If you know anyone who wants to talk on the record, please email or call me.

The story is not about them being Mexican or if they may be illegal (we don't know that for sure and it could be any type of crowd. For example, students, etc. you see, you can't tell people in this day and age they can't stand some where because of what they look like. But you can say something because of what they are doing there. In this case, loitering. 7-11 needs to do something. I think the workers pay him to stand there. I am sure people have complained to him. It's about the day laborers loitering in front of 7-11 and the fact that that area already looks horrible and the owner is allowing it to go on. The Borough can't do much about it because it's privately owned. I have spoken to a few people and they just think it's an "illegal" issue. I don't think Matawan residents want to see so many people (regardless of who) hanging in one spot like that.

Care to comment on the record, contact me.
P.S. I am also a local resident, so I know what residents are referring to.

Sametta M. Thompson
News Reporter
Asbury Park Press, Keyport Bureau
(732) 888-2619

The Matawan Advocate is pleased to print this as it gives the residents of Matawan a voice which would be far reaching. Matawan along with other areas share this problem. Collectively we could possibly come up with a solution.

Thank you Sametta Thompson and the Asbury Park Press for realizing our plight.

More on the Day Laborers-Not Suitable For Children

The Matawan Aberdeen Observer has a photo of the class (class-less) day laborers at 7-11. Are these the type of people you want working in Matawan, in or near your home and children. I do not! Please note the photo is sensitive and not suitable for young people. I applaud the courage of the MA Observer for taking the photo.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Update

Jackson Street Park - Mayor Aufseeser stated at last night's meeting that a Matawan Contractor, Florin Lupo, donated the labor and materials to pour new concrete at the Park. Mr. Lupo owns properties in Matawan, ie the former Joe Pepe's Restaurant, the old movie theater, a portion of which is occupied by Mullaney & Associates (a blood relative of Councilman Mullaney and Councilwoman Mullaney.) A resolution by the Mayor and Council acknowledging Lupo's generosity should be presented. The downside to this matter is does Mr. Lupo expect anything from the Borough.....perhaps moving one of his application dates up on the agenda at the Planning/Zoning Board. While not illegal, would it be considered an accomodation, a favor.... Hmmmm.... Word is that Lupo did provide the Laborers. However, did not pay for the concrete. The question is who paid for the concrete....if not the Borough...then WHO? If anyone has any information regarding the name of the party or parties who paid for the concrete, please contact the Matawan Advocate. There seems to be some shady dealings going on in Matawan. Although the Mayor said Lupo paid for the work and materials at the Jackson Street Park....people in the Borough have serious doubts.

Redevelopment - Councilman Mike Cannon stated the Redevelopment Committee met with the Planner and we can expect to see some type of Plan for Redevelopment soon. We were promised this months ago and are still waiting. When we get our new property tax bills in January 2008, following revaluation, you will realize redevelopment is necessary if Matawan is to survive.

Illegal aliens - This situation comes up again and again not just in our Borough but throughout the Country. Fact is the Federal Government does nothing about this problem, which is growing in epic proportions. We can only deal with our Borough. Last night's meeting brought up other concerns. Health Department concerns were raised by residents. While the gathering of day laborers at the 7-11 on Main St is permitted by the owner of the 7-11, the question of toilet facilities goes unanswered. Where do the day laborers who could be there for hours and hours go to relieve themselves? Do they use the back of the 7-11 building which is parallel to the Lake? If they use the land behind the building...does their waste eventually end up in the Lake? Are they using vacant land in Matawan as a public toilet? The Mayor and Councilman Malley do not think this is an issue. Residents do not agree. Residents are concerned!

Borough Personnel - In a strange turn of events the Council voted on the hiring of John T. Quinn as Construction Official/Zoning Officer/Building Inspector. Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney and her father, Councilman "Bud" Mullaney, objected to the appointment. Councilwoman Mullaney is the Chairperson of the Personnel, Finance & Education Committee, wasn't it her job to have done her research prior to the meeting? It appears Councilpersons Mullaney have someone else in mind for the position. The question that comes to mind is, Does Mullaney want to control Matawan completely? Perhaps this Borough is becoming Mullaneyville. While applauding the efforts, I question the way things are being done. There are certain procedures that must be followed and it appears some people think it doesn't apply to them.

Another aspect of the illegal situation is property values. Coming into Matawan Borough you are greeted by a rundown Train Station surrounded by boarded up businesses and then the 7-11 filled with day laborers. Oh yeah that makes people want to move to Matawan. Women can't go to the 7-11 without being accosted by day laborers either looking for work or passing remarks. Would you send your daughter to the 7-11 for a quart of milk....I sure as hell wouldn't. As long as the owner of the 7-11 allows laborers to gather on his property this problem will persist. His concern is not for Matawan, but for his wallet. Money talks! Matawan is going green, not in the sense of ecology, but in GREED.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Matawan Borough Council Meeting Tonight 7:30pm

Matawan Borough Council Meeting tonight at 7:30pm at 201 Broad St. Perhaps we will get answers to the Jackson St Park mystery, perhaps we will find out what happened to the Recreation Dept. grant, which appears to have been lost, perhaps we will hear about some progress being made for the Redevelopment Plan, perhaps we will hear about the progress on the dams, perhaps we will hear nothing but rhetoric and political posturing.
The photo on the left is of a closed business by the Railroad Station. This is what our Borough looks like without Redevelopment.

I'm a believer...perhaps a dreamer....I always hope that at one of these meetings progress will be made by our Borough Council. Only time will tell. See you at the Council Meeting.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

American Flags on Main Street Matawan

The American flags that were flying on Main Street have been taken down. Wonder why? Labor Day is Monday and it's sad that the flags will not be flying. That is unless the same people who took them down will put them back up. Things in Matawan are sure getting bizarre.

Whether the flags are flying or not...enjoy the day off......may you have a safe Labor Day.

WHOSE BEEN PLAYING at the Jackson Street Park

Has anyone noticed work going on at the Jackson Street Park? It seems a mysterious benefactor has been ripping up the concrete and laying a new concrete path with an additional walkway to the basketball court. Now who authorized this work to be done, who's paying for it and were the day laborers doing work there paid "pre-vailing wage?" It is a Municipal project. Once again a mystery prevails in Matawan. Think about this....Michael Mullaney is Chairman of the Recreation Committee....Mary Mullaney is on the Committe....."Bud" Mullaney" was seen at the Park with the "day laborers." It just so happens there is a "Basketball Tournament headed by Michael Mullaney in Sept at this park. If this is a Recreation Committee expense, why wasn't it discussed with the Borough Council? If the concrete was donated...shouldn't we know by whom? If it was a Matawan Borough contractor....what do they expect in return for their gift and do they have any projects going before the Planning/Zoning Board. As a side note, Councilman "Bud Mullaney" is on the Planning/Zoning Committee. Coincidence?

Is our mysterious benefactor going to place a safety base under the childrens play equipment? Now that would be a gift....children are more important than the park "looking pretty."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

C-Town Supermarket re-inspected by Health Dept.

C-Town Supermarket has been re-inspected and received a satisfactory rating by the Health Department. Now that makes shoppers feel safe shopping there.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Matawan Boro Council Mtg 8/21 at 7:30pm

Tuesday at 7:30pm the Borough Council will vote on adopting the 2007 Budget. First it must vote on the Amendment, which will include the $100,000 in State Aid. Then we will be told what the increase will be and the Council will vote on it. Keep in mind that this increase is only part of the new tax structure. January 2008 we will be hit with the revaluation figures. It will be sad to see how many more homes will be up for sale in Matawan. Worse yet would be foreclosure. How many of our Senior citizens can afford to keep their homes?

Upon reviewing the Agenda for tomorrow's meeting, it is noteworthy that nothing of any real importance is being done in Matawan. What's going on with the Water Plant, Redevelopment, Illegal aliens, etc., etc? What will be done with the $10,000. annual donation from American Properties for the next three (3) years? That is $30,000. for the good of the Borough. At a recent Planning & Zoning Board meeting, Mr. Schimanowitz did state American Properties is willing to make a voluntary contribution of $30,000 ($10,000 annually)to the Borough for the Borough to use as it sees fit. When will Matawan's web site make available information for the residents, i.e. agendas, meeting minutes....

Let the Borough Council know where you stand on the issues. Come and be heard at the Borough Council meetings.


Recently, the Matawan Advocate was told not to leave any comments on "The Inside Clamdigger" blog for some time. By commenting to the "Digger" we seemed to have caused its creator to go on a tangent about blogging. To the readers of the Matawan Advocate, there was no slander statements made. Purely, personal observations and a question which was never answered. The MA is accountable for any opinions, statements, thoughts or commentary on this Blog including comments made to other Bloggers. Mr. "Digger" espouses to be the all knowing guide to blogging. Hogwash! The MA is going to continue to write about Matawan Borough, with views, commentary and opinions.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

More on Borough Council Meeting 8-8-07

Good news - Matawan received $100,000. in aid. We asked for $300,000. (an undisclosed source advised the Advocate that the real amount we applied for was $500,000) but we only received $100,000. Now our long overdue budget can be adopted. Kudos to the CFO for doing a great job. There is a lot of paperwork involved in this process and it is to the CFO's credit that we received any money. This will reduce the tax hike a little. With this additional State funding our tax rate increase will be approximately .09 cents instead of 0.11 cents. However, there was a discussion at the council meeting that individual line items can be increased or decreased by 10% after we received the additional state aid. Hmmmmm Councilman Cannon also mentioned that this year's increase is below the 2006 increase which was approximately 0.15 cents in 2006. So between 2006 and 2007 Matawan residents may see a comined increase of 0.24 cents. It should be noted that since 2005, the Matawan budget has increased by approximately $1,400,000. That's right folks, an increase of $1.4 million!

Last night's meeting was long so we will try to give the condensed version.
Councilman Cannon brought us up to date on the Redevelopment plan stating that he will be having a meeting at the end of this month. Nothing can be shared until the lawsuit appeal brought on by Silver Oaks Developer against Matawan is dismissed. But at least when it is finally resolved we can make progress. Providing all Council Members agree on Redevelopment. It appears there is dissension among members. For the last year and a half we have not heard what the vision for redevelopment is from Councilpersons Mullaney, Mullaney, Malley and the Mayor. It is time to hear from them. Councilwoman Burragina has mentioned it is her opinion that without Redevelopment we are in trouble. I agree. Without Redevelopment of the Train Station area Matawan will become a quaint small town that used to be. Our property values will go down the tubes. Just in case you doubt what was said, look around the Borough, have you ever seen so many For Sale signs. As long as we keep our heads in the sand and ignore the obvious problems we will have no one to blame but ourselves when the Borough go downhill.

Councilman Cannon also announced problems at the Matawan Water Plant with several alternatives that are to be considered. He also mentioned several ways in which the Borough could be saving money, like shared services, banking services.

Councilwoman Mullaney mentioned that there is a "Green Acres" grant program available. She suggested we have someone look into this grant. Curiously enough there was no mention of the purchase of the $1900. laptop by Councilwoman Mullaney. She is the Chairperson for Finance, Education & Personnel Committee. As her significant other is a Matawan Police Officer, she cannot vote on personnel issues or any Police Dept issues. Now as a supporter of our Police Department, don't you think these brave police officers deserve better than a Councilperson who can't vote. As the Police Department is a big ticket item on the Budget, that make her ineffective? Councilwoman Mullaney may be a nice person, BUT who appointed a person with no credentials to speak of to Chair such an important Committee. One guess.....that's right...Mayor Aufseeser!

On the upside - Councilman Buccellato announced that after hearing the plight of the Clinton Street Park he stated he got a contractor to donate his services and a distributor of roofing products to donate materials to repair the Clinton St. Park roof. Buccellato stated that labor will be provided to paint the fence and property at Clinton St. at no expense to the taxpayer. Kudos to Councilman Buccellato! Now that's what I call working together for the common good.
Councilman "Bud" Mullaney was not in attendance last night, however, I am sure he will be pleased to hear his wish for the Clinton Street Park has been granted. Mayor Aufseeser announced that Councilman Mullaney had been in a slight car accident and would not be in attendance. Glad to hear it wasn't anything serious. Hope to see him at the next meeting.