Monday, November 19, 2007

Will the Real Turkey Stand Up..Gobble, Gobble

Mayor Aufseeser and the Democratic Party of Matawan win the "Turkey" award for having their campaign signs still lingering two weeks after the election. While strategically an interesting move on the part of Mayor Aufseeser & the Democratic and tacky is more like it. Do you really think you are fooling people? Do you really think Matawan is filled with idiots who you can subliminally influence to vote for you should an election be required following the recount? Really now! Hey maybe it will work...after all didn't you fill Main Street Village on Main & Route 34 with all those campaign signs the day before Election Day and Election Day...any guesses on how many signs there were? The winner gets to paint the signs Christmas green and red if they are still up for the Christmas holidays.

OK, the joke is over! Do you really think you are beautifying Matawan with those signs?


jesse said...

I think they are expecting a tie and a new election and dont want to pay the cost of new signs lol really thou my family is in and they said holly smokes! what are the signs still doing up, i said dont ask lol, not that im jocking paul to be the greatest thing since sliced bread but at least his signs were down all within a week lol anyway ill be busy here cooking so have a happy healthy thanksgiving matawan.....more to come

Truth In Matawan said...

Guess Jesse and the Advocate live in a different part of out (tiny 2 mile square) town than I do, because there are still Buccellato signs up all over. Including on Main Street. But I see no mention of that, just lame cracks. Again.

All the signs should come down, political signs are obnoxious and I think it's despicable that they can be posted in places where commercial signs can't.

matawan advocate said...

Oh please! Have seen maybe one small sign of Buccellato's. The Borough is littered with Aufseeser signs. That's not lame that is Truth in Matawan. We agree all political signs are obnoxious. Perhaps someone will get a resolution passed on the size of the signs and the length of time they may be posted. Hey Truth now there is something constructive you can do!

matawan advocate said...

Truth in Matawan, Did you intentionally miss the point? You seem pretty savvy, you don't think Aufseeser had a motive to leaving the signs(plural) up for an extended amount of time? OK, on a friendly note, I'll buy you a clue, name recognition for the possible election.

Truth In Matawan said...

Hey that could definitely be true, but as I said, over where I live, we saw lots of Buccellato signs still up, just wanted to point out equal time.

As for the motivation, you might well be right, but what about good ol' laziness? Hate to say it, but that could be a reason some signs are still up too. I want all the signs at this point rounded up, put on a barge, set it out on the lake, and put it on fire.

matawan advocate said...

Define lots! Emailed Councilman Buccellato re signage. He stated his Committee had taken the signs down. However, feel free to remove any you see that they may have missed. As an alternative, notify him of their locations and he will see to it the signs are removed immediately.
Let's put this issue to bed. Last night's meeting Mullaney stated weather permitting all the signs would be down. Well, they are not down yet and the weather permitted. Someone should pass an ordinance re: political signs, i.e. size, time limitation with possible fine to political party that does not comply.