Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Matawan Borough Council Meeting

NEWSFLASH - In today's google news was an article regarding Matawan's Borough Administrator, Frederick Carr, interviewing in Palatka, Florida for the position of city manager. As a matter of fact his appointment is scheduled for 1pm Wednesday, tentatively. Maybe losing an $85,000. County grant and losing an important report had something to do with his job search. Mayor Aufseeser will be disappointed if he goes since she has stated when he screwed up that she thinks he does a good job.

Now on to other matters. The Mayor and Councilman Mullaney were somewhat pensive. Not that the Mayor states her opinions on much, but she does read the Resolutions nicely. The night belonged to Councilman Mike Cannon. Once again he was echoing his mantra, "we are pinching pennies," "we are pinching pennies." Yet he has no problem giving extra monies to the Borough Assessing Clerk regarding the property revaluation process. Seems Cannon has no problem giving the person $3500. per year extra for 2007, 2008 and 2009. My question is have we found money growing on trees in Matawan? Councilman Buccellato at least had the sense to have the Resolution held until the Council could discuss it further. Even Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney stated she had no idea about the increase. Isn't Meghan the Finance Chairperson? Oh yes, the 25 year old kid (not that 25 year olds are kids, just wouldn't put them in charge of Finance, Personnel & Education.) Oh my, oh my, another choice of Mayor Aufseeser.

The Borough is also spending $5,000. to audit the Fire and First Aid's LOSAP(Length of Service Awared Program) for 2 years. Seems that the Borough Auditor made the recommendation. The Borough Auditor is also doing the audit. The audit is not even a complete review of the program. Call me crazy but that doesn't seem like in the words of Councilman Cannon, "pitching pennies." That right folks, the Auditor recommended an Audit. Well, how cozy!

Also, the Borough's Salary ordinance was introduced. This is not the actual salary increase, but a range for the individual salaries. From my review it appears that the low and high ends of several positions have increased. That can only mean salary increases. Again, "we are pinching pennies," as Cannon claims. Doesn't sound like it to me.

Don't forget the property revaluation information should be hitting our mailboxes now that the election is over. I say hit because that's what it will be to most households. Guess a few more of you will be joining us at the next Borough Council meeting.

It was encouraging to hear a resident speak at the meeting. His question was regarding the 2 new recreational parks recently dedicated. The response was it included the Jackson St Park and the Ball Field, he replied: "The Jackson St Park has been there since he was a child and has always been a basketball court." Perhaps resurfacing the court translates to a new recreational facility. As far as the Broad St facility it has been there for at least 3-4 years. The only difference is that in 2006 the Council re-named it honoring Mr. Jerry Houridan. Maybe re-naming a recreational facility also translates into a new recreational facility.

While it is great to see Jackson St park looking better and the ball field named after Jerry Hourihan, it actually doesn't constitute it being NEW!

Mr. Brady of Ravine Drive asked the majority council members what their ideas were as to Redevelopment. As always the majority Council did not really answer the question. No surprise there. Although Councilman Cannon did finally express his opinion. No real news there either. No answer to property tax relief for Mr. Brady either.

Well Folks, keep in mind that Matawan is pinching pennies, yeah right, but spending DOLLARS!


Aberdeener said...

Fred Carr has withdrawn his application for City Manager of Palatka, Florida.

matawan advocate said...

Palatka's gain is Matawan's loss.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we will get to see the Matawan Advocate run for Council next year. You seem to know everything, and have all the answers, why not throw your name into the hat!

matawan advocate said...

Not having professionals on the Council and Planning/Zoning Board has been problematic. Don't think providing a forum for Matawan residents qualify as a pre-requisite for Council. But it is food for thought.
Thanks for the sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Proffessionals on the Planning Zoning Board? You mean Republican appointments like Cassidy (Carpet Cottage), Duffy (School Bus Driver),DeYoung (Homemaker) and Rinear (Retired School Teacher). Oh I get it, proffessional like an architect,(Buccellato) who appointed the four above proffessionals! You want to blog, stop being so one sided.

matawan advocate said...

Do you mean professionals like Mendes, Bunyon, Mullaney, and so on? I recall American Properties endorsing them with their political signs. Does that compromise their effectiveness on the P&Z Board? Other towns/boroughs seem to have professionals on their Boards. Don't want to go tit for tat with you. If Matawan is to go forward we have to get the best people available. There is nothing wrong with a good mix of people. If you don't like to read this blog, by all means, don't. Afterall, it is a free country. As previously expressed these are only observations, comments...

Anonymous said...

Fair enough!I even like your answer.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, BTW, Buccellato did not appoint anyone to the P&Z Board. Correct me if I'm wrong (and we all know with all those bloggers waiting to pounce, someone will)the Mayor makes appointments.