Thursday, November 1, 2007

And the hits keeep coming!

This election year is rather amusing if not pathetic. While Aufseeser, Bunyon & Mendes, quote Yogi Berra and dead Generals, Buccellato, Buragina & Clifton state their credentials. While the "FAB FOUR," Aufseeser, Bunyon, Mendes & Mullaney are posing with baseball hats and bats, Buccellato, Buragina & Clifton are stating their goals and visions for a better Matawan.

How about discussing the issues? Why didn't Matawan have a Q & A for the candidates? We do have a Community Center, why not use it?

Aufseeser, Bunyon & Mendes sent a flier with a great photo of Debra Buragina. Had to smirk at the comment, "Republican bosses would appoint a minor league player to replace her." Debra is a life long resident of Matawan and is not a "quitter." Bunyon should take a page from her book. Last election Bunyon dropped out so Cannon could run. So who is the quitter Mr. Bunyon. Loved the minor league player crack.... Perhaps they meant minor league like Bunyon and Mendes? It's funny how words can come back to bite you on the butt! They mentioned bosses, did they mean like Vic Scudiery who owns property by the Aberdeen-Matawan Train Station. Who just happened to relocate the NJ Dept of Motor Vehicles offices from Matawan to the Airport Plaza, you guessed it Vic Scudiery Enterprises property. Didn't use Scudiery Enterprises on the building in Matawan, did he? But every election a big sign supporting the Democrats is on his building in Matawan. Where does Scudiery live? Ask yourself why is he so interested in Matawan?

But I digress, getting back to Debra Buragina, does the Mayor have short term memory loss??? Wasn't it Debra who took over the Recreation Committee when the Mayor's appointed Chairman, Councilman Cannon and the committee (composed of Mary Mullaney, Mike Mullaney and attended by Buddy Mullaney) had a falling out of sorts. It was Debra who rescued Mayor Aufseeser when no one else would (pardon the pun) step up to the plate. Now you see people what you miss by not attending Borough Council meetings.

When businesses enter into politics it can only lead to rule by others. Does the owner of the Plaza where StarBucks is located live in Matawan? Does the owner of Dunkin Donuts live in Matawan? Does the Dr. on Main Street, the Financial Planner on Main Street or the Prudential Bulding on Route 34 live in Matawan. Do owners of any business in Matawan live in Matawan? Well if they don't then I say, Mind your own business? If they do a sign at your home is sufficient. Spare me from the people who put "huge" signs on businesses but when it comes to their homes do not! We in Matawan are not sheep that need outsiders telling us how to vote. We hopefully vote on issues. If I need a Doctor, Financial Planner, Bank or any other related services, you better be damn good at what you do because I for one am not interested in your politics! Having signs on our homes is one thing but plastering signs all over the Borough in the hundreds is absolutely ludicrous. Main Street Matawan looks like "Trash City" with all those signs. You would think it was a Presidential election and the candidate lived in Matawan. Are you people stupid or what spending all that money for signs? How many people do you think that could be fed with that money? How many homeless families could be better served by that money? This election has made me ashamed to live in Matawan. My hope is that this never happens again. Perhaps I'm wrong and the more signs you clutter a Borough with, the more votes you get. I hope not. Never wanting to trample on anyone's rights, whatever makes the residents of Matawan happy. BUT AND THAT IS A BIG BUT, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE MY TAX DOLLARS WASTED CLEANING UP ALL THESE SIGNS. Matawan's Department of Public Works has enough to do.


Now for my disclaimer. The words printed above are personal observations. Excercising my right to blog what I perceived is my constitutional right. You can agree or disagree, that is your right. There will always be a sense of decorum on this Blog, no foul language permitted. If anyone perceived events differently, please feel free to comment. There will be no belittling, as I have experienced on other blogs. You will not be banished from this Blog. Please, any Pompous Jackass that wants to teach us all how to blog, write a book.
This is a free Country.


Abner Dean said...

Don't forget they pay an ABERDEEN resident to build those big signs!

Anonymous said...

Azzolina - Democrat Town Center Mall Pact Exposed - By Developer Himself!!!

Town Center Mall developer Joe Azzolina has been funding Democrat campaigns and trashing Republicans with false allegations at every turn to secure control of the Township Committee so he can build his mall that Republicans have stopped at all costs. Democrats have continually denied the charge, but today a letter from the town center developer himself arrived in Middletown mailboxes exposing his unbashed support for the Democrats due to their support of his Town Center Mall project. Don't believe it? Read Azzolina's letter at:

Vote Republican in Middletown If You Want To Stop The Town Center Mall!!!

matawan advocate said...

Thank you abner dean & anonymous. Glad to read other people are paying attention.

Truth in Matawan said...

I'm sorry, but this post reads like one big batch of sour grapes. Your depiction of Main Street bedecked in signs is a vivid one, if a little inaccurate. While there are plenty of the little Buccellato,et al signs on Main Street, I want you to imagine that they had the support of the town and its' businesses and it was THEIR large signs up and down Main Street. Would it look so ugly to you? I think not.

You make a valid point about the owners of the properties not living in Matawan (for the most part). Well, it WOULD be valid, that is, if commercial property owners didn't pay property taxes. Oh wait, they do. So your point now becomes completely IN-valid. I hope you appreciate the distinction.

Oh, and to answer one of the questions you asked, the financial planner you point out that had the huge sign apparently lives in the same house as the office. So the answer would be yes to your question of "Does she live in Matawan?"

Now on to the issue of WHY would the businesses support a candidate (or a party if you prefer) that is not the candidate (or party) that you obviously support? Furthermore, why would they support a candidate (or party) that, as Councilman Buccellato's campaign literature pointed out, raised their property taxes two years in a row by a large margin?

Could it be that they recognize the value of fiscal responsibility--that is, that an administration that steadfastly refused to raise taxes for years in a self-interested effort to get itself re-elected, and instead bonded the town into financial ruin to the point where it has no more available credit at all, and in the process let the town go to rot and its services dwindle to nothing, was an administration they they did not want to see return to power?

Could it be that they recognized that raising the taxes in an effort to get us out of a deficit situation, so that we may enjoy our first surplus in YEARS and so that services could be better deployed was something worthwhile, rather than the "same old" policy of don't raise taxes and borrow, borrow, borrow till you can't borrow no more?

Or could it be that, when faced with the choice of a genuine, caring person or a would-be Machiavellian schemer, they saw it as no choice at all. A choice of a person who people know and love and will take the time to talk to anyone, even her detractors, or an outright liar who plots behind the scenes and mopes and sulks on the dais and who doesn't give his constituents the time and respect his position of authority requires him to. Who would you choose? Oh wait, the blog's tone indicates you're under his thrall, so I guess the choice for you is obvious--and preprogrammed. A shame really, you can't think for yourself--while the tone is disappointing, the composition of the blog indicates you're a person of some measure of intelligence--a waste, then, that it's not being used to make proper decisions to help yourself and your town.

In summary, your post was long on vitriol but short on facts and common sense. I look forward to perusing the rest of your blog to see if the rest of your posts are similar, or if this was an isolated case.