Friday, October 19, 2007

Great Editorial Independent 10/17/07

Great editorial in the Independent on October 17, 2007 pertaining to the Beacon Report, paid for by taxpayers and dismissed by Mayor Aufseeser and Councilman Mullaney. As reported in this Blog, the Report disappeared from the mailboxes of Councilpersons excluding Councilman Mullaney. At the last council meeting prior to Election Day, it was brought to light that there were not one but many items that would have helped Matawan with revitalization. The questions is WHY DID MAYOR AUFSEESER AND COUNCILMAN MULLANEY HIDE THIS REPORT FROM THE COUNCIL AND TAXPAYERS? Take a moment and read this unbiased editorial. Note it wasn't reported in the Asbury Park Press, known to be pro Democrats on the Borough level, nor the Courier, a weekly publication, also pro Democrats. Could it be that even they can't justify the actions of these two officials? So much for reporting just the facts!

As election day approaches, it is obvious to anyone who is aware of the goings on the Borough level that Matawan needs and deserves a well educated, experienced Mayor! The candidate that is the right person for the job is Paul Buccellato. Check his record out for yourself. He has experience on the Borough level, both on the Council and Planning/Zoning Board, is a professional Architect, business owner in Red Bank and has previously been working on the Transit Village. Debra Buragina and Linda Clifton are his running mates. Debra comes with the experience of being on Council for 9 years, worked on the Transit Village and was requested by the Mayor, and took over the troubled Recreation Committee when the Recreation Committee's former chairperson and its members could not get along. Linda Clifton is a new candidate who adds a fresh perspective to the Council. Living and working in Matawan she is familiar with the problems we residents are facing. All are for the Transit Village and revitalization. Without which Matawan will be just a small town, with high taxes, no services, a decaying Downtown area and no future. Matawan needs change. We need people who care about Matawan and not their own self interests.

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