Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dictatorship in Matawan

When one politician decides that they know what is best for you, whether you agree or not, we become a dictatorship, not a Borough. I'm tired of listening to certain politicians in this Borough making decisions, whether ethical, whether questionable or most importantly whether legal. Under the guise of "knowing what is best. " Actions like having a local contractor do the concrete at the Jackson St. Park. Did this contractor actually donate this to the Borough? Or is this going to be another situation under the category of "payment of bills" they cover up the purchase of a $2,000. laptop for the Mayor to access her emails? We have no transparency in this administration and one can't help but wonder what has gone on that we haven't found out yet. Is this administration and Mayor Aufseeser headed down a road we taxpayers will pay for in the end? What do you expect from the politicians in Matawan? What are the real reasons for their actions? Is it to better themselves, relatives, friends financially or is it really for the betterment of Matawan and its residents. Are there actions for the "common good" or motivated by personal gain? How many items are being kept from the citizens of Matawan?
Why isn't a listing of bills being paid available to the public at the Council meetings?

These are just some things to think about now that election time is here.


Downtown Susie said...

MA, you might want to look into this. About Summit St/Joe Penniplede Way. I heard that back in the 80's the council vacated Summit St only to find out later that there was never a street there in the first place. In other words, Summit St was just a mapping typo.
That's all I know about it, but someone should do some homework on this because apparently Buddy boy's gang didn't.
Joe P deserves better.

matawan advocate said...

It was mentioned at one of the Council meetings that it was a "paper street." However, it seems someone didn't realize that they named a park and a "paper street" for Joe P.