Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Gooooooooooooood morning Matawan! Voting machines in Matawan are sealed in a very close race for Mayor. The winners for Council seats are Linda Clifton and Kevin Mendes. The unofficial winner for Mayor is Buddy Mullaney. Oops, I meant Mary Aufseeser.

A frozen budget...we will have to borrow money from next year's budget in order to continue doing business, the Lakes & dams, the dayworker situation, Transit Village Redevelopment, infrastructure problems, relocating the Court and Police...these are the issues facing the new Council members. Attending Borough Council meetings and Planning/Zoning Board meetings, we are headed for trouble. Matawan is looking at higher property taxes. Interestingly enough the revaluation figures should be mailed to homeowners next week. Hold on to your seats folks. Wonder what the effect of the revaluation would have had on the election had they been mailed this week?

No matter who is the official winner for the Mayor's seat, we are facing a tough road in Matawan. I reiterate my position on attending Borough Council meetings. Thursday is the next Borough Council meeting. If you don't participate, then don't complain when taxes continue to rise. We will have some great parties on Main Street, AT YOUR EXPENSE!


Anonymous said...

There are only TWO council seats open - man, you can't get your facts straight, can you?

matawan advocate said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk, we all can't be perfect.

Truth in Matawan said...

Although the tone of this post is unnecessarily sarcastic, and indicates an ignorance of both the borough's current situation and it's history in getting us to this point, Matawan Advocate is right about one thing: Get involved, people. The more people that go to Council Meetings, the more people that come to the Downtown Main Street Alliance and Recreation Dept. events, the better chance the borough has of coming back from the hole the previous administration put us in by mismanaging the town for two+ decades. The new administration--which has only been in power for less than two years--has a long way to go, but as Matawan Advocate says, if all the townspeople help, the job will be an easier one.

I go to every "party on Main Street", bring my entire family, and encourage my family and friends from out-of-town to come and have a good time with us as well. Why? Well, it's simple math. The more attention we bring to town, the better chance the businesses have. The better the businesses do, the more (and better kind of) businesses we can attract. And the more and better businesses we have, the more of the tax burden that can be shuffled off to them and off our (the residents) shoulders.

Although judging by previous posts, I don't know if the author will think that's fair--after all, business owners here in town apparently don't have a right to voice their opinion on who they'd rather have in office (at least if they have a big sign for the Dems they don't), so should we really expect them to pay the lion's share of the taxes for us? YES we should. It's called municipal governance 101, a class we should all take!

I also agree with Matawan Advocate on this: whoever ultimately wins the election for mayor (and MAN is it a close one!) is in for 4 years of a VERY tough job. One I don't think I could do, especially not for the paltry "stipend" the town gives. The job basically amounts to volunteering to be attacked by ignorant citizens at Council meetings, having your words butchered in the media, and having your character assassinated by your opposition. Boy, sound like something we should all run out and "volunteer" to do, doesn't it? :)

HardCase said...

Truth in Matawan said
That the mayors job boils down to being a volunteer at the mercey of ignorant citizens. I take exception to that, people of Matawan are fed up with lousy service. Lets take an example, our roads, they have not been improved in several years, and when they do fix potholes they just throw the tar patch on and just allow the traffic to compact it. And lets take the water situation, we pay very high water and sewer, and now it comes to light that our water supply could be contaminated by of all things human waste. Are you kidding me, human waste guess where that is comming from ladies and gentleman. And let us not forget that our water department emloyees are driving around in either new or almost new pickups, regardless of what the price of fuel is. I must be one of those ignorant citizens of Matawan but just why does a water department employee who is clearing storm drains with a rake doing driveing a truck when the last time I looked they could fit a rake in a Honda Civic or something similar.
Oh and lets not forget some of our Fire department, that takes particular delight driving around Matawan blowing their horn from their truck to impress either their families or their neighbors, but they cannot clear fire hydrants when we have snow. Do not misunderstand me our fire department does a fantastic job, it is just ceartin individuals that seem to just want to show how wonderful and important they are, at the expense of taxpayers money because the last time I checked the fire trucks do not run on water. But don't take this entry seriously, it's just an ignorant citizen of Matawan.