Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day Laborers at 7-11

From Sametta Thompson,Asbury Park Press Reporter addressed to:

Matawan Residents:

I am interested in writing a story about the large crowd of day workers that gather in front of the 7-11 on Main Street every morning. The story will focus on the traffic issues and touch on how it affects the people that live in that area and their property value. If you know anyone who wants to talk on the record, please email or call me.

The story is not about them being Mexican or if they may be illegal (we don't know that for sure and it could be any type of crowd. For example, students, etc. you see, you can't tell people in this day and age they can't stand some where because of what they look like. But you can say something because of what they are doing there. In this case, loitering. 7-11 needs to do something. I think the workers pay him to stand there. I am sure people have complained to him. It's about the day laborers loitering in front of 7-11 and the fact that that area already looks horrible and the owner is allowing it to go on. The Borough can't do much about it because it's privately owned. I have spoken to a few people and they just think it's an "illegal" issue. I don't think Matawan residents want to see so many people (regardless of who) hanging in one spot like that.

Care to comment on the record, contact me.
P.S. I am also a local resident, so I know what residents are referring to.

Sametta M. Thompson
News Reporter
Asbury Park Press, Keyport Bureau
(732) 888-2619

The Matawan Advocate is pleased to print this as it gives the residents of Matawan a voice which would be far reaching. Matawan along with other areas share this problem. Collectively we could possibly come up with a solution.

Thank you Sametta Thompson and the Asbury Park Press for realizing our plight.


Downtown Susie said...
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matawan advocate said...

Asbury Park Press - Corrections done. Sorry.

matawan advocate said...

Downtown Suzie - Had to delete your comment as you used a private citizen's name. If you wish to leave a comment, pls black out name. This refers to the "lady of the evening." I think you had some important info.



This reporter went into the 7-11 on Main Street today and asked for the manager. A worker said the manager was not present. This reporter then asked the worker why 7-11 is allowing loitering on their property. The 7-11 worker said they have approached the day laborers about standing on the property, but they refuse to listen. This reporter then went outside to check for signage about loitering, and there they were in big red letters posted. But the question is, is 7-11 really enforcing rules? have they called the police about this? Is the ball really in the hands of the property owner, police or patrons of 7-11? Matawan residents, your voice matters.

P.S. I am still researching this issue. If anyone still wants to comment, please contact me at or 732-888-2619.

matawan advocate said...

Sametta Thompson, you seem to care more than the current adminstration in Matawan. Thank you for your diligence. Did you really expect you would get a straight answer from anyone at 7-11? As to the sign, one would have to assume it can be read. Perhaps the Health Department can inspect behind the 7-11? would do it myself but afraid of getting arrested for loitering! Besides don't own the necessary protective gear.

Asbury Park Press said...

Prosecutor holds meeting with Latino community
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 09/16/07

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KEYPORT — Monmouth County Prosecutor Luis Valentin and other members of his office spoke with over 75 parishioners at Jesus Our Lord Church on Sunday, telling the mostly Hispanic audience the importance of reporting bias crimes and incidents to

Valentin also noted that police are only allowed to inquire about a person's legal
status if they are being charged with an indictable offense such as aggravated assault or drunken driving.

He said people who have been the victim of a crime, have witnessed a crime, or need police assistance should not fear that their legal status will be questioned.

"If you do not cooperate, you are giving more strength to the person who is violating the law,'' said Valentin in Spanish.

-- Read more about this story in tomorrow's Asbury Park Press.