Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney Resigns

At last night Council meeting, Mayor Aufseeser announced Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney resigned from the Council effective immediately. What a coincidence that Bunyon lost the election to Linda Clifton and now Ms. Mullaney resigns! No reason was given by the Mayor. The Democrats have 45 days to come up with a candidate to fill the spot on the Council. A good guess would be Bunyon. However, Mullaney might chose another Mullaney to fill the vacancy. That is not an error, anyone who attends Council meetings knows Councilman Mullaney is running the show. Any quesses? Well the spot will be taken until next November when the temporary council person has to run for the seat.

Now for the meat and potatoes of the meeting:

Redevelopment - Mr. Lopez, a resident of Union St. asked Council Members for their vision of what the Transit Village should entail. Low and behold, everyone shared their ideas, excluding Councilman Cannon(it was stated that he had given his vision at the last meeting) and Councilman Buddy Mullaney, who stated he would not reveal his ideas until the Silver Oaks (Aberdeen Developer) v. Matawan appeal was heard. No idea why unless he doesn't have a vision. While there are some different visions all agreed something has to be done. Another interesting point was that the Downtown area is not going to improve without Redevelopment of the Train Station area. Businesses come and go on Main Street as they have done in the past.

More to follow.... in the mean time, have a Happy Thanksgiving.


jesse said...

he also said the signs would be down weather permitting well it was raining when they put them up lol and as of 3pm the big sign above mullhaneys tire was still hanging proudly maybe they are down by now who knows but i doubt it. megan did the right thing since she looked very bored at the meetings maybe next mullhaney i mean councilperson will do better. what is his obsession with trees his face lights up when you mention trees lol anyway have a happy thanksgiving ......more to come

Anonymous said...

the council has a total of 30 days to fill the seat. read the newspaper tomorrow.

matawan advocate said...

anonymous, how is it you know what will be in the paper tomorrow? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

The Mullaney's have 15 days to present the Council with 3 persons to fill the vacant seat. Then the Council has 15 days to decide. No decision by the Council, the Mullaney's have 30 more days to appoint their person.