Monday, November 19, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Tuesday at 7:30pm

Care to voice your opinion about the lingering Mayor Aufseeser signs, come on down Tuesday, November 20th at 7:30pm to the Community Center on Broad Street. You will notice a sign hanging on by a splinter right across the street. Perhaps some one had the good sense to realize it is Thanksgiving week and not Election week and started to take it down. Well other than that you can also voice your opinion on the "Big Spenders" giving people increases in salaries. Even though the Budget is frozen, that is this year's Budget, the Council can borrow from next year's Budget 2008. That's right folks try that when it comes to paying your property taxes, your water bill, etc. The last time I checked the Borough frowned upon paying property taxes from next years pay(which I haven't received as yet.) Like the idea though. Hey the economy is in the dumper anyway!

By the way, what ever happened to the American flags on Main Street. Will they be out for the Turkey Trot Run on the 24th? The Recreation Committee chaired by Michael Mullaney is running this event to benefit the Recreation Department. Michael Mullaney, is a licensed Physical Therapist with a business on Main St. He often donates his time and services to help Matawan. Good luck with the event Mr. Mullaney.

Word on the street is that Councilman "Buddy" Mullaney is hitting up the businesses in Matawan for contributions. Really now, can't you give the businesses a break. It's tough enough to make it in Matawan without constantly being asked for contributions. Didn't the businesses donate to pay for the American flags? These are small businesses not IBM.

Hope to see and hear you at the meeting.


Truth In Matawan said...

I thought the line about the taxes was pretty funny! I'm going to try it next year. I have a feeling I'm going to need the Advocate (or someone) to bail me out!

See, something we can all agree on.

matawan advocate said...

If you bail me out, I'll do the same for you. lol