Friday, December 21, 2007

Are You Kidding Me Category at Council Meeting 12/18/07

Entrance to American Properties 11/07 Democratic Political Endorsement signs for Aufseeser. Mendes & Bunyon outside American Properties Route 79 Project Site.

Resolution 07-12-13 Authorizing the Mayor of Matawan to Execute the Developers agreement between Matawan and American Properties to Effectuate the Unified Planning Board Approvals Granted to the Developer. This resolution passed by the Democrats including newly appointed Councilman Robert Bunyon, excluding Councilman Mullaney who abstained. Isn't this a conflict of interest for all Democrats on the Council. If the Developer endorses only one Political party, does that mean that those same candidates, when they get elected or appointed, get to vote on resolutions brought before the Borough Council. The very same candidates/appointees sit on the Unified Planning & Zoning Board. How are the best interests of Matawan served? Sure Aufseeser, Bunyon & Mendes can be objective? Are you kidding me?

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Truth in Matawan, Your comment to this post is conspicuously absent!