Tuesday, November 6, 2007


News from Matawan, Main Street-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-
Councilman Buddy Mullaney was seen last night at 11:30pm ripping Buccellato/Buragina/Clifton signs out of the grass strip by the StarBucks strip mall and throwing them into a dumpster. Our sources say that Councilman Mullaney told one of Matawan's finest that the Police should take down the signs. Mullaney reiterated that HE had exclusive rights to place signs there. According to the story Mullaney claims the owner of the strip mall is hunting with Mullaney's brother. Apparently Matawan's finest refused to get in the middle of this political nonsense. Call me crazy, BUT my tax dollars are not spent to do Mullaney's dirty work. Matawan Police have a tough enough job without getting in the middle of one man's spite work.

Well, Mullaney did take the signs down....although Buccellato/Buragina/Clifton did not respond in kind......They chose the high road. The classy thing.

Mr. Mullaney, apparently in spite, called for challengers at 7:30am to be at the polls. WOW, you really showed them..... :-p



Anonymous said...

If it were me, I would have removed ALL the signs from the lawns and yards and storefronts. Talk about blight - nothing is uglier than a town poisoned with political signs.

And now that the election is over (THANK GOD, who's going to go around now to remove and RECYCLE all those signs? I have a big beef with the amount of garbage generated by these campaign signs and mailings.

Remember to RECYCLE, people!

Truth in Matawan said...

OK, now I'm definitely missing something. This is the same exact column as two posts ago, only with less facts. When I saw you were revisiting the same topic, I got excited for a second--I hoped it was to say that you now had evidence that the owner of the Main Street Village strip mall DID NOT want the Republican signs removed. Or that you had at least been in contact with him in some way. But...no. Nothing. Nothing of the sort at all. Just a repeat of the same post, one that does a lot of unnecessary accusing, but offers up no facts at all. I'm starting to wonder if the author of this blog has another agenda--one that would seem to be at odds with playing the role of Matawan's Advocate. I will read on.

matawan advocate said...

Truth in Matawan. Sad to say there was more than one incident. Therefore, sorry if MA appeared redundant. Please remember a blogger does not have the power of the press. Questions can be asked but not answered. Assume nothing. None of the people written about have denied it happening. Why don't you ask some questions at the next Council meeting.

Remember these are thoughts and observations based on information gathered through reliable sources.

As always, thanks for contributing. It is great to read all the dialogue and exchanging of ideas.