Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Tonight 7:30pm

Election time is here and the Administration has decided to move on items they have been leaving dormant till now. What a surprising "political" move! There is a resolution Awarding a Bid for Alterations to Matawan Municipal Community Center-Municipal Court Room. Ironically, there has been no mention of Bids prior to this award. One wonders where the money is coming from and how was the selection made. Another Resolution Authorizing Architect to Prepare Bid Specifications for the Window Replacement-Memorial Wing-Matawan Municipal Community Center. This appears to be a Wing that is unoccupied at present. Unless they intend on moving the Police Department to the Community Center. If that is the case, has the Police Chief been advised or asked for his recommendations? Or is this a case of the Administration dictating the Police requirements? Wouldn't the placement of windows be an important matter when it comes to a Police Station? Who determines whether the Police Department requires windows? Don't you think before hiring an Architect to Prepare a Bid for Window Replacement, someone should find out if windows are necessary? In the alternative, why isn't the Police Department being moved? Our Police Department have been working in unsafe conditions for quite some time now. The building has been cited with many violations and now this administration is finally taking action. Just in time for elections.

Oh just for laughs the Council will be Approving Meeting Minutes of August 15, 2006. That is not a mistake.....August 15, 2006! Don't bother to go to the website to read any of the past meeting minutes...they still aren't published yet. Oh yes, we are hiring a full time Deputy Borough Clerk, where is that money coming from.....do you think we will get caught up on the meeting minutes with a Borough Clerk and a Deputy Clerk? Time will tell.

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