Monday, November 5, 2007


Robert Bunyon, Democratic Candidate for Council claims he is not Vic Scudiery's nephew. However, Mr. Bunyon's supervisor at his place of employment is Vic Scudiery's nephew. Our apologies to Mr. Bunyon for stating otherwise. Blogs are much like newspapers. At times when sources seem solid, they are not. The information regarding Mr. Bunyon was obtained from another Blog.


Truth in Matawan said...

My only comment here is a hearty "Well done!" on the timely correction. Too often today, in an effort to make headlines and further agendas, facts are lost at the expense of created drama. Some of your other posts are guilty of this, certainly. But with this post, you distinguish yourself--and even put yourself on better ground than some newspapers in our area! I applaud you for the correction.

matawan advocate said...

Thank you.