Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Clinton Street Youth Center Matawan

Without any fanfare, Councilman Paul Buccellato arranged to put a new roof on the Clinton St Youth Center without any cost to Matawan. Contractor (not from Matawan) & materials were donated to the Borough thanks to the efforts of Buccellato. It is refreshing to see someone who just "takes care of business."

The lack of acknowledgement by the Council was brought to the attention of the Borough Council at the last meeting by Mr. Gerry Hourihan. Mr. Hourihan, waited to the end of the Council meeting to express his displeasure with the Council for not acknowledging Buccellato's accomplishment in getting a new roof put on the Clinton St Youth Center. So much for working together.

Kudos to Councilman Buccellato for a job well done.


Downtown Susie said...

Kudos to Councilman Buccellato is right! The roof on that building was a disgrace. It's nice to see someone paying attention to that area for a change. Since the Democrats took over the park has gone way downhill.
Megakudos, Paul!

Truth In Matawan said...

When Councilman Mullaney did the same thing (namely put a new roof on the boathouse AND put in new sidewalks at the Jackson Street park, all at NO expense to the borough), was there more or less fanfare? I ask, genuinely, because you seem to go to all the Council meetings and you would know. I'm thinking it was equally under the radar. As all good works should be. I would say that Councilman Buccellato knows this, which is why he wasn't asking for recognition, but then again it's well known that Jerry Hourihan hasn't had an original thought since 1946, and is just saying what his party masters (Buccellato?) told him to, anyway.

If, on the other hand, Mullaney sought and received due accolades for the accomplishments at his two parks, then it's only fitting that Buccellato would be recognized in kind.

matawan advocate said...

Prior to his taking office, the council meeting following the election, Councilman Mullaney stated he and Councilman Cannon were donating a new roof for the boathouse. This was their gift to Matawan. The meeting minutes might reflect it. However, we still don't have them on line.

As to Councilman Mullaney, see Bayshore Reporter 2/3/07 front page photo with article, Courier 7/12/07, article with photo shaking hands with young man.

Your meanspirited remarks about Jerry Hourihan are unnecessary. Mr. Hourihan is an esteemed elder in this community. At the very least he deserves respect.

Buccellato did not request any photo ops, nor give any interviews. And that is the truth in Matawan!

C-TOWN said...

I have question for truth in Matawan. Does Mullaney own the two parks? In your blog you said his two parks? Do you know if he owns Gravelly Brook Park if he does
could you tell him to clean up his mess.

matawan advocate said...

c=town, Good point. Perhaps someone should shadow Truth in Matawan.

jesse said...

Its nice they donated the roof for the boat house . but is this town really this bad off we cant afford a lil roof on a boat house something is wrong i know this town is pinching pennies but we cant put on a tiny roof. we have to take donations from our own councilmen . at least paul got donations from outside people which makes more sense than taking gifts from your own elected councilman thanks for the gift anyway guys keep em coming......

matawan advocate said...

I'm guessing that the money from Mullaney/Cannon came from their campaign fund. Therefore, in essence it came from the people of Matawan. However, it is just a guess.
If someone can enlighten us, please do.