Monday, December 10, 2007

Special Borough Council Meeting 12/13 at 6pm

A special Borough Council meeting will be held on 12/13 at 6pm. The purpose of which is for the Council to vote on one of the three candidates the Democrats on Council have selected to replace Meghan Mullaney, who recently resigned from the Borough Council. This seems to be a mute point as the Democrats have control and I'm sure they already have the person selected to replace Meghan Mullaney.

Why is it that the meeting is at 6pm? Most residents don't get home from work that early. People find it difficult to make it to Borough Council meetings and they start at 7:30pm. Meetings in the Borough, should all start at the same time, preferably 7:30pm. Unless, of course, they want to limit the amount of people who can attend.

In any event, hope to see you at the Special Meeting this Thursday at 6pm at the Broad Street Community Center.


Truth In Matawan said...

MA, you're being cynical again!

Could it be because the last couple have let out extremely late, and it's the holiday season and people should be home with their families, not yelling at each other?

Why was the most recent one canceled anyway?

matawan advocate said...

Cynical, I guess. But experience has made it that way. It appears that previous special Council Meetings, by this Administration,are held at 6pm. To conduct a one agenda meeting doesn’t take that long. Therefore,
a 7:30pm meeting should be over quickly.

Rumor has it that Councilman Mike Cannon was not available
for the last Council meeting, so it was canceled. Just a rumor though!
Anyone know for sure?