Sunday, December 30, 2007

Matawan Borough Reorganization Meeting 1/1/08

January 1, 2008, there will be a Reorganization Meeting at the Community Center on Broad Street. Due to the Special Election for Mayor on January 15, 2008 only essential appointments will be made by Mayor Aufseeser. Following the results of the Special Election the newly elected Mayor of Matawan will be making appointments. It was agreed by both the present Mayor and Paul Buccellato, candidate for Mayor, on the advice of the Borough Attorney Pat Menna, Esq. that only essential appointments will be made.

At this time, I cannot stress the importance of your getting out to vote. This is a very important election and will make the difference in the direction Matawan will take in the future. May I stress that electing an all democratic administration will not allow for checks and balances in the system. Personally, I am fearful that the current majority, as it has shown in the last 19 or so months, lacks the experience to manage a Budget, push for Grants, hold employees and elected officials accountable for their actions, etc. etc. They have tried to do a good job and in some areas have made a good effort. However, increasing taxes into the double digits is showing that they lack the experience and foresight to keep things in check. Conceding to all the demands of the Borough Administrator shows a lack of experience in negotiating techniques. Even I as a layperson know in negotiations, you ask for everything and are willing to accept less. This current majority administration gave in to all the demands of the Borough Administrator without even one concession. Councilman Paul Buccellato, currently running for Mayor was the only NO vote.

I urge you to attend the reorganization meeting to welcome the new Councilpersons, Linda Clifton and Kevin Mendes to the Council. Let's support our new Councilpersons and in the event they don't perform to our expectations, let them hear our voices at the Borough Council meetings. Let us hold our elected officals accountable for their actions.

In 2008, we have been advised that the Matawan Aberdeen School Board meetings are another area where attendance is critical to the Borough. Even though we elect people we think will do a good job, when they disappoint or do not live up to their campaign promises, we should be there to remind them. OK, so you may miss a Monday Night Football Game or Grey's Anatomy! Do you really think the Patriots are going to worry about your taxes going up or your children getting an above average education? Do you really think it critical whether Dr. McDreamy has a new girlfriend? Think again! I know we are all tired when we get home from work, the commute is a pain, you had to work overtime, the kids made you crazy today, the dog ate the Borough Schedule, and so on. The next time you see the dayworkers at the 7-11 relieving themselves, or your child isn't getting the attention to his math or reading, your garbage wasn't picked up, your leaves are still in the street, you receive a Notice that the drinking water your family drinks had bacteria, you received a Notice stating your property was being sold for unpaid taxes, remember you can only blame yourself for allowing this incompetence to continue.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

In observance of Christmas, there will be no posting on this blog until
December 26th, 2007. May I wish my Christian friends a very safe and peaceful Christmas filled with joy.

Whether you observe Christmas or not, may the season fill your hearts and minds with peace and joy.


Thanks for the Memories & Hard Work

December 18, 2007 was the last Borough Council meeting for Councilwoman Debra Buragina following approximately 8 years of serving Matawan. Sadly, Ms. Buragina was voted off the Council in the last election. She was a pivotal force on the Council and her guidance and good judgement will be missed. In parting she encouraged Council Members to always keep the best interests of Matawan uppermost in their minds. One of the few on Council who truly understands the concept of the Transit Village Redevelopment, we hope she will be available to the new Council members to share her wealth of information.

Many thanks to Debra Buragina for all those years of self-sacrificing, dedicated, hard work.

Are You Kidding Me Category at Council Meeting 12/18/07

Entrance to American Properties 11/07 Democratic Political Endorsement signs for Aufseeser. Mendes & Bunyon outside American Properties Route 79 Project Site.

Resolution 07-12-13 Authorizing the Mayor of Matawan to Execute the Developers agreement between Matawan and American Properties to Effectuate the Unified Planning Board Approvals Granted to the Developer. This resolution passed by the Democrats including newly appointed Councilman Robert Bunyon, excluding Councilman Mullaney who abstained. Isn't this a conflict of interest for all Democrats on the Council. If the Developer endorses only one Political party, does that mean that those same candidates, when they get elected or appointed, get to vote on resolutions brought before the Borough Council. The very same candidates/appointees sit on the Unified Planning & Zoning Board. How are the best interests of Matawan served? Sure Aufseeser, Bunyon & Mendes can be objective? Are you kidding me?

Is Matawan Really Pinching Pennies?

Budget - Who's pinching pennies in Matawan, but spending dollars? At the December 18, 2007 Borough Council meeting, Resolution 07-12-30 for Emergency Appropriation Hospitalization in the amount of $125,000 was introduced and passed. After a resident questioned this resolution Councilman Cannon stated that the funding would be coming from the 2007 budget. Another Councilman questioned that statement and indicated that the money was to be provided in full from the 2008 Budget with the hope that monies from the 2007 budget could be applied to the appropriation.

This means to me, a layperson, that a $125,000 expense from the 2007 budget is being place on the shoulders of the 2008 budget. Why? It sounds to me like no one was minding the store? Where was the Borough Administrator (obviously writing his new contract)? Where was the Finance Committee? Where was Councilman Cannon, who constantly cries that we are pinching pennies? Where was Counclwoman Meghan Mullaney, the Finance Chairperson, until she resigned from the Council right after the election in November? I guess resigning was better than the alternative?

Borough Administrator - In another "financial faux paux" the Borough Administrator, Fred Carr, the same Administrator who lost the Beacon Survey Report of Main Street which cost the taxpayers money, the same Administrator who lost the Borough grant money and the same Administrator who has not filed for a current grant, was given a nice "fat" new contract? Yes, boys and girls screw up your job in Matawan and get rewarded. Only in Matawan! He was not only given an increase in salary, family health, dental and prescription coverage with premiums FULLY PAID FOR BY MATAWAN BOROUGH (for those that don't know...that is you and me), vision benefit for only himself(how considerate.) I would guess his family doesn't need glasses. Paid holidays same as other Borough employees. Fifteen (15) vacation days, five (5) personal days, the same number of sick days per year and sick leave, as enjoyed by other municipal workers. Wait it gets better, he will get time off and reimbursement for expenses for professional development and/or attendance at conferences. A maximum of 10 days off for attending ICMA, NJMMA etc. conferences with authorized reimbursement not to exceed $3,000. Now here is a break for you, he will not have a Borough vehicle but he will receive $200. per month paid on a quarterly basis. By the time he is finished we'd have to figure out how many days he will actually be working. No wonder we keep losing grants!!!!

All this based on a 35 hour week, Mon thru Fri. including evening Council meetings. He also must be available at all times and on call.

Objections - Could we not have a part time Borough Administrator, thereby providing a savings to the Borough. We have had part timers before without any problems so why not now. Why are we providing medical benefits for Mr. Carr when he has military health benefits, why are we paying him expenses for his vehicle, does he travel that much, if so, then shouldn't it be on an "as needed" basis with a capped amount? Now for the final objection, as we have not had anything going on regarding Redevelopment and trusting that next years Council will get moving on it, Does Mr. Carr have any experience with Redevelopment? Will Mr. Carr be learning all about Redevelopment at Matawan's expense?

All of this for a Borough Administrator who has misplaced valuable Reports, lost the Borough grants and has not gotten the Borough any new grants. Yeah, working for the Municipal government is a piece of cake! I'm just sick and tired of it being my cake! In the private sector this type of worker wouldn't last.......Only in Matawan....

The only NO vote for this contract came from Councilman Paul Buccellato.

Is anyone else outraged at the free spending attitude of the current Administration? Let's hear from you.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Matawan Boro Council Meeting 12/18/07

Many things became apparent at last night's Borough Council meeting. Didn't want anyone to think we didn't attend the meeting last night, just need some time to put it all together.

Now to do some Christmas shopping.....ho! ho! ho! Let's just say the current majority Administration is not on my list!

Stay tuned.......

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Matawan Borough Council Meeting Tonight 7:30pm

There will be a Council meeting tonight at the Matawan Community Center at 7:30pm. It appears to be a lengthy agenda. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Surprises Here!

In a predictable move Robert Bunyon became the replacement for the vacancy on the Borough Council left by Meghan Mullaney. If you recall he was the loser in the last election held for Council members. Let's be optimistic about his appointment and see what his vision for the Borough is in the next few months. He will have to run for the office of Council member in November 2008.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Special Borough Council Meeting 12/13 at 6pm

A special Borough Council meeting will be held on 12/13 at 6pm. The purpose of which is for the Council to vote on one of the three candidates the Democrats on Council have selected to replace Meghan Mullaney, who recently resigned from the Borough Council. This seems to be a mute point as the Democrats have control and I'm sure they already have the person selected to replace Meghan Mullaney.

Why is it that the meeting is at 6pm? Most residents don't get home from work that early. People find it difficult to make it to Borough Council meetings and they start at 7:30pm. Meetings in the Borough, should all start at the same time, preferably 7:30pm. Unless, of course, they want to limit the amount of people who can attend.

In any event, hope to see you at the Special Meeting this Thursday at 6pm at the Broad Street Community Center.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To Debate or Not to Debate

Per today's Asbury Park Press Mayor Aufseeser does not see a need for a debate. Councilman Buccellato is for a debate. The MA welcomes a debate as suggested by one of the Bloggers. Residents would be able to ask the tough questions that are often missed when campaigning. What do you residents think, would you like to see a debate?

Monday, December 3, 2007

3 Considered for Matawan Council Seat

Thanks to Blogger, Aberdeener, for advising of the post in the Asbury Park Press. The names of the candidates were submitted to the Borough Council to replace Meghan Mullaney.
Mary Rose Malley, wife of current Councilman William Malley,(it's a family affair) Lonnie D. White, a retired police officer, and no surprise here, Robert T. Bunyon, who ran and lost on the Democratic Nov. 6 election.

Airing an Issue.......

There has been much talk about Councilman Buccellato's firm receiving a project from the County. Well, boys and girls, here is the scoop. As the MA has commented on the Aberdeener, another Blogger, thought it was important to repeat.

Buccellato's firm along with several other firms, was requested to give the County an R.F.P., Request for a Proposal and they did. Unlike a bid, which by law must go to the lowest bidder, a RFP is determined by the County looking for the best qualifications out of the firms having submitted proposals.

An example of the lowest bidder, is Seaview Contracting, which just finished paving Marc Drive and Union Street. Truth be told they didn't have the experience re: water and sewer and had to dig up the streets several times. They also damaged homeowners property and caused a few problems with the water and gas service to residents. However, they did do the job and they were the lowest bidder. By law Matawan had to accept their bid regardless of their qualifications. The streets are done and at this point it is up to the Borough Engineer to accept the work.

And that folks is the truth in Matawan......


It has been determined that a new election will be held for Mayor of Matawan on January 15, 2008. Let's get the word out in order that all residents are aware of the new election date. Due to the tie vote, we will have the opportunity to vote again for Mayor. This will be the deciding vote so don't think that because you voted in November you don't have to vote on January 15, 2008, you do!

Now is the time to take this opportunity to research the candidates in depth. Yes, it is the holiday season, yes we all are busy, but this is an important decision for our Borough.