Friday, September 21, 2007

Update Council Meeting 8-18-07

This is only a partial update on the meeting. However, it is of importance that Matawan is aware that there may be a solution to the day laborer situation.

Robert Heinlein once said: “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him” Sounds like Councilman “Buddy” Mullaney? “ Buddy” is still dictating what we residents have made it obvious we do not want, C-Town in Matawan.

He was pushing to have the parking lot on the corner of Broad and Little Street seal coated and striped. Good idea, if we had money in the Budget. My question is why now? Is it because it’s election time? Is he trying to help C-Town? You decide?

Relocation of Municipal Court -At the Borough Council meeting of 9-18-07, several Resolutions were tabled again. Poor planning is my take on the Court relocation when the bids came in $60K higher than The Administrator told the public. The $170K construction price does not include floor coverings or furniture. Well its back to the drafting table on this project, as well as others. This seems to be the way for Matawan under the current Administration.

7-11 Issues - On a positive note. The Mayor reported the Health Department visited 7-11 and informed them that they must clean up the area. I guess she realized the election is around the corner and that she better do something about an obvious health condition perpetrated by the Day Laborers. I speculate that Councilman Malley did not mean the entire site of the 7-11 when he stated at the last September 4, 2007 Council meeting that the 7-11 passed a health inspection and is very clean.

Day Laborers - Finally, someone on the Council came up with a possible solution to the dangerous, unsafe conditions caused by employers hiring/picking up day laborers at the 7-11 parking lot and along Main St. In the interest of public safety, Councilman Paul Buccellato spoke about an ordinance in Matawan already on the books requiring businesses in the Borough to register and submit to a background check. Buccellato suggested the following:

Idea #1 -All Day Laborers voluntarily register and submit to a background check on criminal activity. After which they are to given ID cards. Buccellato called for the Council to request Mr. Menna, Borough Attorney, to reach out to the NJS Attorney General’s office to ascertain whether registering Day Laborers was contrary to any Federal or State laws. For some strange reason, Councilmen Mullaney & Malley, first abstained, eventually deciding to oppose the idea... Why you ask…. can you say C-Town, boys and girls? The fact that Councilman Mullaney lives clear on the other side of town and as such one would wonder whether this would effect his property values.

Idea #2 – Request Mr. Menna, Borough Attorney, to reach out to the NJ Transit to request that we use the Train Station (where the white building is located) as a “safe” location for Day Laborers to be hired and picked up for day work.


Downtown Susie said...

Sorry I haven't been around. I was away on vacation. Looks like the day laborer issue has taken on a life of it's own! The health Dept. should keep checking out 7-11 because otherwise they won't change.
I had written something about prostitution that was deleted because I used her name. OK I'll leave that out. Back in January a woman was arrested for prostitution on Main St. right in front of the Police Station! After her arrest she continued to stroll Main from Center to Little at least into the summer. She was pointed out to me onec and I saw her several times after. She hasn't been around lately. Our borough also has massage parlors. I think the 2 on Main St. are legitimate, but the one on 34 next to the diner (That's been having a grand opening for the past 2 years or so.) looks awfully suspicious. Have the police been told to leave them alone?
If this is what Mullaneyville has in store for us, I want no part of it!

matawan advocate said...

Yes, there is an attempt in place to address this issue. Prostitutes and massage parlors, not aware of any. Questioning whether the Police have been told to leave them alone, that is a serious accusation. For the record, I believe our Police Department is above board and does a fine job. For crying out loud, there are people in Matawan who still don't believe "gangs" are in our schools and in our Borough! I have never heard police sirens as much in the last 20+ years I have lived in Matawan.

Downtown Susie said...

Not looking to dis our police, MA. Just wondering whether they are being told by politicians to leave certain people/businesses alone. I would hope that if that happened, that the chief would arrest them for interfering with police matters.