Thursday, August 30, 2007

American Flags on Main Street Matawan

The American flags that were flying on Main Street have been taken down. Wonder why? Labor Day is Monday and it's sad that the flags will not be flying. That is unless the same people who took them down will put them back up. Things in Matawan are sure getting bizarre.

Whether the flags are flying or not...enjoy the day off......may you have a safe Labor Day.

WHOSE BEEN PLAYING at the Jackson Street Park

Has anyone noticed work going on at the Jackson Street Park? It seems a mysterious benefactor has been ripping up the concrete and laying a new concrete path with an additional walkway to the basketball court. Now who authorized this work to be done, who's paying for it and were the day laborers doing work there paid "pre-vailing wage?" It is a Municipal project. Once again a mystery prevails in Matawan. Think about this....Michael Mullaney is Chairman of the Recreation Committee....Mary Mullaney is on the Committe....."Bud" Mullaney" was seen at the Park with the "day laborers." It just so happens there is a "Basketball Tournament headed by Michael Mullaney in Sept at this park. If this is a Recreation Committee expense, why wasn't it discussed with the Borough Council? If the concrete was donated...shouldn't we know by whom? If it was a Matawan Borough contractor....what do they expect in return for their gift and do they have any projects going before the Planning/Zoning Board. As a side note, Councilman "Bud Mullaney" is on the Planning/Zoning Committee. Coincidence?

Is our mysterious benefactor going to place a safety base under the childrens play equipment? Now that would be a gift....children are more important than the park "looking pretty."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

C-Town Supermarket re-inspected by Health Dept.

C-Town Supermarket has been re-inspected and received a satisfactory rating by the Health Department. Now that makes shoppers feel safe shopping there.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Matawan Boro Council Mtg 8/21 at 7:30pm

Tuesday at 7:30pm the Borough Council will vote on adopting the 2007 Budget. First it must vote on the Amendment, which will include the $100,000 in State Aid. Then we will be told what the increase will be and the Council will vote on it. Keep in mind that this increase is only part of the new tax structure. January 2008 we will be hit with the revaluation figures. It will be sad to see how many more homes will be up for sale in Matawan. Worse yet would be foreclosure. How many of our Senior citizens can afford to keep their homes?

Upon reviewing the Agenda for tomorrow's meeting, it is noteworthy that nothing of any real importance is being done in Matawan. What's going on with the Water Plant, Redevelopment, Illegal aliens, etc., etc? What will be done with the $10,000. annual donation from American Properties for the next three (3) years? That is $30,000. for the good of the Borough. At a recent Planning & Zoning Board meeting, Mr. Schimanowitz did state American Properties is willing to make a voluntary contribution of $30,000 ($10,000 annually)to the Borough for the Borough to use as it sees fit. When will Matawan's web site make available information for the residents, i.e. agendas, meeting minutes....

Let the Borough Council know where you stand on the issues. Come and be heard at the Borough Council meetings.


Recently, the Matawan Advocate was told not to leave any comments on "The Inside Clamdigger" blog for some time. By commenting to the "Digger" we seemed to have caused its creator to go on a tangent about blogging. To the readers of the Matawan Advocate, there was no slander statements made. Purely, personal observations and a question which was never answered. The MA is accountable for any opinions, statements, thoughts or commentary on this Blog including comments made to other Bloggers. Mr. "Digger" espouses to be the all knowing guide to blogging. Hogwash! The MA is going to continue to write about Matawan Borough, with views, commentary and opinions.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

More on Borough Council Meeting 8-8-07

Good news - Matawan received $100,000. in aid. We asked for $300,000. (an undisclosed source advised the Advocate that the real amount we applied for was $500,000) but we only received $100,000. Now our long overdue budget can be adopted. Kudos to the CFO for doing a great job. There is a lot of paperwork involved in this process and it is to the CFO's credit that we received any money. This will reduce the tax hike a little. With this additional State funding our tax rate increase will be approximately .09 cents instead of 0.11 cents. However, there was a discussion at the council meeting that individual line items can be increased or decreased by 10% after we received the additional state aid. Hmmmmm Councilman Cannon also mentioned that this year's increase is below the 2006 increase which was approximately 0.15 cents in 2006. So between 2006 and 2007 Matawan residents may see a comined increase of 0.24 cents. It should be noted that since 2005, the Matawan budget has increased by approximately $1,400,000. That's right folks, an increase of $1.4 million!

Last night's meeting was long so we will try to give the condensed version.
Councilman Cannon brought us up to date on the Redevelopment plan stating that he will be having a meeting at the end of this month. Nothing can be shared until the lawsuit appeal brought on by Silver Oaks Developer against Matawan is dismissed. But at least when it is finally resolved we can make progress. Providing all Council Members agree on Redevelopment. It appears there is dissension among members. For the last year and a half we have not heard what the vision for redevelopment is from Councilpersons Mullaney, Mullaney, Malley and the Mayor. It is time to hear from them. Councilwoman Burragina has mentioned it is her opinion that without Redevelopment we are in trouble. I agree. Without Redevelopment of the Train Station area Matawan will become a quaint small town that used to be. Our property values will go down the tubes. Just in case you doubt what was said, look around the Borough, have you ever seen so many For Sale signs. As long as we keep our heads in the sand and ignore the obvious problems we will have no one to blame but ourselves when the Borough go downhill.

Councilman Cannon also announced problems at the Matawan Water Plant with several alternatives that are to be considered. He also mentioned several ways in which the Borough could be saving money, like shared services, banking services.

Councilwoman Mullaney mentioned that there is a "Green Acres" grant program available. She suggested we have someone look into this grant. Curiously enough there was no mention of the purchase of the $1900. laptop by Councilwoman Mullaney. She is the Chairperson for Finance, Education & Personnel Committee. As her significant other is a Matawan Police Officer, she cannot vote on personnel issues or any Police Dept issues. Now as a supporter of our Police Department, don't you think these brave police officers deserve better than a Councilperson who can't vote. As the Police Department is a big ticket item on the Budget, that make her ineffective? Councilwoman Mullaney may be a nice person, BUT who appointed a person with no credentials to speak of to Chair such an important Committee. One guess.....that's right...Mayor Aufseeser!

On the upside - Councilman Buccellato announced that after hearing the plight of the Clinton Street Park he stated he got a contractor to donate his services and a distributor of roofing products to donate materials to repair the Clinton St. Park roof. Buccellato stated that labor will be provided to paint the fence and property at Clinton St. at no expense to the taxpayer. Kudos to Councilman Buccellato! Now that's what I call working together for the common good.
Councilman "Bud" Mullaney was not in attendance last night, however, I am sure he will be pleased to hear his wish for the Clinton Street Park has been granted. Mayor Aufseeser announced that Councilman Mullaney had been in a slight car accident and would not be in attendance. Glad to hear it wasn't anything serious. Hope to see him at the next meeting.

Shame on you Mayor Aufseeser

At last night's lengthy Council meeting, it was revealed that Fred Carr, Borough Administrator, bought the Mayor a new laptop for $1900. Mayor Aufseeser said I didn't know about it until tonight. Oh you poor baby....what has the Borough done to you. I'm sorry but if the Mayor doesn't know when she is purchased a $1900. (loaded with software)computer, then she should not be Mayor! By the way, the Matawan Library has several computers available to the public for free!

According to Fred Carr the laptop was purchased three months ago. The Mayor was given a laptop previously that wasn't being utilized by the Borough. However, Carr could not account for its whereabouts. The Mayor tried to say she didn't realize it was a new laptop.

Under the blanket phrase of "bill paying" this administration has hidden their spending from the taxpayers of Matawan. The only solution is to have a copy of the bills to be paid along with the agenda available to the public at Council meetings. This administration needs to be accountable to the taxpayers of Matawan. It makes you wonder what else have they been hiding?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


On 8/5/07 Matawan's C-Town supermarket received a Conditionally satisfactory for health code violations. To get a conditionally satisfactory rating one or more violations that do not require closure must be found. A reinspection follows.

Makes you wonder what the Health Department considered violations.....we will be watching.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Wed. Aug. 8, 2007

Due to National Night Out, the Borough Council will meet on Wed., August 8, 2008. Answers to the findings re: $85,000. grant Councilman "Photo Op" Mullaney claimed went unspent by the previous administration should be answered at this meeting. Word is that he is wrong. Wonder if Mullaney will acknowledge that he was "dead-wrong." Per Mayor Aufseeser, it was an obvious political move. That in itself is funny since it was this administration that dropped the ball. Sounds like the Mayor is covering for the Administrator who is covering for the Mayor. Round and round we go! Fact is the letters were sent to the Mayor and Administrator who apparently did not share the information with the Council. This administration is engulfed in secrecy. As to the rest of the Agenda it hasn’t been posted as yet.