Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Thanks to the Matawan First Aid Squad Volunteers Santa will be traveling through Matawan as he has for thirty years. Apparently, the Recreation Commission who usually handles the Tree Lighting, Santa Coming to Matawan couldn't handle it this year and was going to cancel the event. Busy Turkey Trottin' I guess. Perhaps if the Recreation Committee were more receptive to new volunteers, we could collectively do both.

Why does a new event like the 5K Turkey Trot & Walk have to eliminate a tradition in Matawan like Santa Coming to Town. As long as I can remember adults and children alike run to the windows in Matawan looking for Santa when they hear the sirens of our great Fire Department and First Aid Squad trucks. While I commend the volunteers of the Recreation Commission for the fine work they do, new events shouldn't be started at the expense of our Traditions.

HATS OFF TO THE FIRST AID VOLUNTEERS, OUR FIRE DEPARTMENT AND POLICE DEPARTMENT! Rather than dispense with Tradition, they volunteered to do the job. Let's not forget these same people are there when you need them. They give up their time with their families to serve the community, never asking for a pat on the back. We should all take a page from their book. As some of us do not have time to volunteer as a regular basis, how can we volunteer to help for a specific event? Anyone who can give some guidance, please do.

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Truth In Matawan said...

Hear hear! A hearty thanks to our First Aid volunteers for volunteering, yet again, to help out Matawan when they need it most. Nothing brings joy to a young kid's face like Santa coming to their home with a present.

Happy Holidays to all!