Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Matawan #12 Best Place to Raise Kids

According to Business Week, Matawan ranks #12 in the Best Places to Raise Kids in the US. Per the article our median income is $63,594. While they show an aerial view of Matawan, it doesn't resemble Matawan at all. Don't see the lakes. Matawan's stats:

Total 296.87
Test scores: 91.97 (46th)
Schools score 28.09 (2nd)
Crime 84.32 (40th)
Recreational/cultural activities 8.76 (26th)
Cost of living 83.73 (38th)

More important than what others think of Matawan, what do you residents think?


C-The Town said...

The median income $63,594.00 and all we get is a C-town. Recreation
in Matawan is a Road Race,Summer Camp and a few canoes. All the leagues play 90% of thier games in Aberdeen or Keyport.I guess Business week did not figure in the Property Revaluation. Also I
think Business Week has gotten
the Crime Stat wrong it should be zero just check the Independent you will nerver see a crime in the police Blotter . Every other town
has crime maybe next year will be on the safest small town in America list.

Anonymous said...

Does the aerial view show 7-11?

jesse said...

I like M > a,s post on the 20th about aberdeen and matawan joining back together. The more i think about it the more i like it, we should really try to push for this

Anonymous said...

There must be another Matawan some place, because the satellite photograph sure doesn't look like Matawan.

Business Week must be on some type of medication. I enjoy Matawan, but give me a break: "The 12th best place to raise children".

We do have 7-11 and C-Town. That alone will give us 60 points according to Business Week.

Our school district, well let's not go there.

Today our endorsement by Business Week, tomorrow the front cover of Time magazine.

Everything aside, I question how Matawan was selected as the 12th Best Place. Holmdel, Spring Lake, Colts Neck, Little Silver, not to mention those small villages and towns in the State of NY. Did anyone receive a questionnaire in the mail or by e-mail? Would like to hear from others in Matawan.

Anonymous said...


Truth In Matawan said...

You're all right except for one small thing--it was titled "Business Week's list of top places to raise a family for less", and presumably in those better places you mentioned it would cost more to raise your kids.

I'm actually kind of suspect on that one, myself, what with the tax increases our school board has been foisting upon us year after year--with no end in sight!

Aberdeener said...

Matawan also has one of the nation's worst nursing homes.