Thursday, September 13, 2007

Picketing Continues at C-Town/The American Way

The following is copied from a flyer handed out at the C-Town on Main Street by the Local Union Picketers. Thank you to the person/s who sent this photo. Their confidence will be protected.

Demand More From Store Owners in Your Community
It is very common for businesses to believe that they can open stores in your community and charge higher prices just because of the neighborhood and the store's location. These business owners also believe that they can hire people from your community, not pay them a "living wage" and not offer them basic benefits.

This is your community and you should demand that these workers are given basic benefits that all workers in the United States deserve to have.

Comments from Matawan Advocate

A group of Borough officials/business people/residents shoved C-Town down the throats of the citizens of Matawan. It was not a popular choice although they would have you believe it was for your own good. A number of residents will not step foot in this store either because of their strong Union beliefs, they don't like C-Town in general, can find better prices or C-Town doesn't carry the products they require. Whatever, the reason, this is America and we can shop where we like, patronize the stores we like, and most of all we don't like to be told "where to shop." The irony is there is a rumor that a local Union member, with strong Union ties, has been seen in C-Town shopping. No one is jumping all over him/her with questions of loyalty. A certain element in Matawan feel they have the right to ask residents questions like....Why don't you shop at C-Town? Why don't you go into C-Town and look around? Why don't you support the owner of the C-Town? Simply put, WE, THEY, I DON'T WANT TO! Last time I checked this is AMERICA and it is the American way to have a choice!

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