Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scudiery owned Property- Picture is worth 1,000 Words

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In response to a question from Truth in Matawan, the following information was obtained from the NJ Property owners - 2006 (public record,) on the Asbury Park Press website:

Victor V. Scudiery, Owner of Commercial Class property, 27 28 Main St., Matawan, NJ,
Lot 26 and lot 26.01,
Owner mailing address: 1390 Airport Plaza, Highway 36, Hazlet, NJ

Mr. Scudiery also owns property in Sea Bright and the Highlands. Is he also politically endorsing Candidates in those areas as well?

As a resident of over 30 years in Matawan, isn't it odd that since Councilman "Bud" Mullaney's political involvement these last two years, businesses have been making political endorsements favoring "Buddy's" candidates? Could this be due to some arm twisting of local businesses that have been associated with a local Hospital where he is a sitting Board member?

Not to take away from the good done for Matawan....M.A. just has to ask the question. Understand we appreciate all who work for bettering Matawan, whether volunteering or otherwise.


Truth In Matawan said...

Thanks MA for posting this picture, we take it that it's a picture of property owned by Mr. Scudiery? If so, judging by the shuttered doors, it doesn't look like the business is doing too well!

Either way, as outlined in your other blog post, a property owner is a property owner is a property owner. So we have to agree that no matter who they are, even if they are the chairman of a political party that we don't like, they get the same right to express themselves that everybody else gets.

matawan advocate said...

It is not a matter of like or disliking anyone. Mr. Scudiery is the Chairman of the Monmouth County Democratic Party. Understand he does alot of charity work and sits on the Board of a local hospital along with "Buddy" Mullaney.

Commercial properties can receive a tax break if they are vacant. Judging by all those parked cars, it does not appear to be vacant. If the Transit Village Development takes place will that property be worth more if a building is on it? Being in business for many, many years, the whole scenerio can be manipulated. Should you need a more detailed explanation we will be happy to oblige. Wonder what those cars pay to park there a month?

Do residential properties enjoy the benefit, if vacant, of a tax break or do they just get letters saying there homes will be auctioned for a $2.00 water bill or worse yet for a tax sale?

Anonymous said...

Commercial property owners can also lose their properties over unpaid taxes and water and sewer connections. In fact, a vacant apartment costs $150 a quater in minimum fees. And the taxes pile up fast.

The former Clifton administration promised thousands of dollars worth of tax breaks to landlords improving their buildings. What they didn't say was that before they'd give you the tax break they'd triple your taxes after the renovation.

Matawan Advocate should hire herself out as a consultant to all the landlord's on Main Street who have vacancies and help them get their tax relief. It's almost impossible to rent new, beautiful units because the surrounding buildings haven't been renovated in years. Why are they so run down? Because it costs a small fortune to appear before the zoning board and deal with the YEARS of delays that it imposes for the supposed good of the town. Landlords with run down buildings can't attract good businesses. Even the prospective tenants willing to build out the spaces at their own expense are not willing to wait the YEARS that it takes to get anything done in the town. And when the buildings are all rundown and half the stores are vacant, we know who the landlords rent to. The cycle feeds on itself. Making the commercial properties owners public enemy number one does not help, MA, it is counter-productive.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous are you comparing the loss of a business to the loss of one's home?

We appreciate your position. Are you the owner of commercial properties in Matawan who is having a difficult time? None of us here have a business in Matawan, but can understand your plight. We all have alot in common. You see if the property values keep going down and taxes keep going up, many of us who have our lifelong savings tied to our homes will lose too.

As business people we never thought it was good business to get involved in politics. Then again, we are in business to make money. Perhaps business owners should concentrate more on their businesses and less on local politics. That is just a piece of advice not sarcasm. One of our readers made a statement to that effect saying businesses must love everyone. No one is making any one "public enemy" as you say, just wondering why get involved, what is the motivation, do you think it is a good business move?

Thanks for your comments and good luck in your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems Mr. Mullaney is only out for himself. Does he want Matawan to be Mullaneyville?
Why the stronghold on the certain businesses? Why force people to pay for his helicopter Santa?

Either you're with him, or he's against you.

Downtown Susie said...

That used to be a gas station back in the day. A Texaco, I think.
Anyway, lately Scudiery's property has become an overflow area for the day laborers at 7-11, as has the boro property between 7-11 and the lake. It's business as usual at 7-11, in spite of the signs in English and Spanish about loitering, and picking up and dropping off day laborers. Business as usual.

matawan advocate said...

Welcome back Downtown Susie. Thanks for the information and yes that was an old Texaco Station.

Aufseeser had commented that 7-11 was going to put a fence up to prevent the day workers from urinating and relieving themselves behind the 7-11, near the Lake. What happened?

At least when Clifton was Mayor we didn't have the types of problems that lowered our property value. In all fairness, we may have had other problems. Sure, his detractors will have something to say, but, our homes didn't lose their value during his administration, did they? He still cares about his hometown and doing a fine job for the County.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning all! I would like everyone that reads this to refer to the Police Blotter in the Asbury Park Press for today 1/11/07. If this is not a great example of what I have been talking about, I don't know what is! Keep your eyes open in the paper cause this is just the beginging. This police department is under staffed and over worked when it comes to man hours. Someone needs to do something. It won't be Mrs. Aufseeser when she is taking direction from Mr. Carr and Mr. Mullaney. Carr thinks that the police are lesser then his Military (which he is retired from) and Mullaney just hates police cause his daughter is engaged to one our finest. Lets hope that none of you or your family and friends become a victim of the type of people moving into this town and a lack of police support from the council unless they need votes.

Truth In Matawan said...

Come now MA, now Mayor Aufseeser is responsible for a national recession?!? You should try stand up comedy.

FYI, property values are down in our town, every town in Monmouth County, every county in New Jersey, and every state in the United States.

matawan advocate said...

Truth, Aufseeser is to blame for not selecting qualified personnel to run the finances in Matawan. Freezing the Budget in 2007 is not being fiscal responsible. Having Meghan Mullaney head up the Finance Committee in 2007 was a fiasco. Michael Cannon couldn't even fix the mess that was create. Though he did try. Aufseeser is responsible for the largest increases in Matawan's Budget. Why was there no trimming of the Budget before it was spent frivilously. Donations to Matawan Alliance,etc. Why not donations to Senior citizen organizations? Poor financial planning. Perhaps with Coucilman Cannon watching the Budget in 2008 it will be better....but does he have the power to say NO to Councilman Mullaney? That is yet to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Cannon can tell Buddy Boy "NO". We are less than 2-1/2 weeks into the new year , and he has already started spending without Council approval.

matawan advocate said...

We will have to check into the "Payment of Bills" at the next Council meeting. This was why residents asked to see copies of the "Payment of Bills" prior to the Council voting. See we can make a difference! However, it is not published on the Website, you have to go down to the Community Center on Broad St and ask for a copy prior to the Meetings. What's wrong with this procedure? Do they come to you when they ask for the tax bill or water bill? Perhaps they should mail a copy of the Payment of Bills to all residents prior to Council approval. Can you prove your accusation? Should Aufseeser win, would they cover up the spending, like the Beacon Study?
It is our position that Mullaney's spending caused us to freeze the 2007 Budget. Or at the very least, he approved of unnecessary spending.