Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Honesty in Government - Not in Matawan

In an obvious betrayal the hold over Mayor, Mary Aufseeser made her appointments at the January 1 Reorganization Meeting. Going against what she led residents to believe at the last Borough Council meeting in Dec. 2007, namely that she would only appoint "essential services," Aufseeser made her appointments in a business as usual move, excluding the Planning & Zonng Board. Did she forget she hasn't won the January 15, 2008 Special Election? Talk about arrogant! This by a person who claims to love Matawan. If she doesn't win, then is she saying she only loves Matawan if she wins?

Here are the appointments the hold over Mayor appointed for Chairpersons of each Committee:
Redevelopment, Recreation, Water/Sewer
Committee - Robert Bunyon Chairperson
Finance, Education, Personnel Committee - Mike Cannon Chairperson
Public Safety, Police, Fire, First Aid Committee - Kevin Mendes Chairperson
Environmental, Shade Tree, Health, ADA
Committee - William Malley Chairperson
Streets/Roads, Bldgs, Grounds Property
Maintenance Construction Committee - Joseph Mullaney Chairperson
Historic Sites, Library, Technology, Cable TV,
Sanitation/Recycling Services, Railroad Parking
Committee - Linda Clifton Chairperson

You might find it interesting to note that Robert Bunyon, the lowest vote getter and an appointee was appointed Chairperson of the Redevelopment Committee. Linda Clifton, the highest vote getter and elected by the people of Matawan was appointed Chairperson of Historic Sites, Library, Technology, etc. Committee. Oh yeah, the hold over Mayor Aufseeser really listens to the people of Matawan! Yeah, Right! Yes that is sarcasm, deservedly so.

In a laughable appointment, hold over Mayor Aufseeser appointed Meghan Mullaney, the Police Matron , an as needed, paid position. Now you ask is that the same Meghan Mullaney who dropped Matawan like a "hot potato" and resigned as Councilwoman. You betcha! The current administration's reward system is contradictory, don't you think? So much for transparency in Matawan's government!


Truth In Matawan said...

What's the problem here? A new mayor can re-appoint those committees as they see fit--with the Council's approval of the resolution of course, so if Mr. Buccellato wins, he can feel completely free to shuffle them up once more however he likes. Again, provided the council approves his resolution. Sounds like (once again) lots of sound and fury signifying nothing. Yawn.

Alternatively, it can be inferred that the new Councilwoman Clifton cares nothing about the Library she works next door to and that our schoolchildren use routinely, or our Sanitation and Recycling service, one of the necessary roles the town fulfills for it's residents, or it's Historic Sites, which may well tie into a successful revitalization of our town, or the various and sundry issues affecting Technology, Cable TV, and Railroad Parking. I doubt the new Councilwoman would want it portrayed that she doesn't care about these things.

In short, there's another phrase Shakespeare used: Much Ado About Nothing. She should have appointed people to the Planning and Zoning Board while she was at it. If the shoe was on the other foot, you all know Mr. Buccellato would have. How that means she doesn't care about Matawan, I don't see. I see it as someone appointing the people they think are the right ones for the job. Obviously Mr. Buccellato would feel that different people would be "right"--people of his party, naturally, as the Mayor more than likely appointed people of her party. Of course, on this Council, people from Mr. Buccellato's party are in woefully short numbers. Whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen. After all, it was under Republican stewardship that this town was driven straight down into the ground, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Did they learn from the election of 2005 where they were all booted? Possibly. Will they do a better job next time if they're returned to power? Hopefully, but I'm doubtful. Can we expect to see more shady deals between Mr. Buccellato and the person he was sitting with at the Reorganization meeting, Freeholder Clifton, like the one where he was awarded a contract despite being the highest bid after his firm donated to the county Republicans? Undoubtedly--and even more if he's elected mayor on January 15th.

Anonymous said...

All I know is Mr. Mendes needs to rise to the top and take care of the public safety issues. Lets see what he is all about. As for Mr. Buccellato I hope his first move as mayor is to dump the useless white hair guy with the funny tie (Carr) that controls every messed up venture this town takes. Mrs. Clifton could make some positive changes if she gets into the Railroad Parking. $$$$$$$!

matawan advocate said...

Oh come on no comment on Meghan Mullaney. If truth is your forte, why don't you disclose the truth about Meghan Mullaney's resignation or where she resided prior to her resignation? Talk about shady deals, she resigns after the election so Bunyon gets appointed and gets rewarded with a job by Aufseeser. Bunyon dropped out so Cannon could run. Do you see a pattern here?

You intentionally miss the point. Aufseeser deceived the residents. Didn't make light of the importance of the Library, Sanitation, Technology, etc. Committee. Redevelopment is higher up on the list of priorities for Revitalization of Matawan. You infer that Bunyon, appointed not elected, is a better choice.

You allude to a shady deal, how so? It has been in the newspapers at least three times. If it was a secret, it is not one of NJ's best kept secrets.

Perhaps if you paid more attention to what goes on at the meetings instead of looking to see who is sitting next to whom, you would learn more.

The elected Mayor should be making appointments not a hold over Mayor. You can see the dynamics in Aufseeser making those appointments. We are all not stupid! In the words of Judge Judy, "don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."

Anonymous said...

Ms. Mullaney appointed as a Matron is needed. It is required by law in the police department. You must have a matron watch female prisoners. Ms. Mullaney is already trained. No female dispatchers anymore (not saying that is a bad thing, dispatchers in general that is), so matrons needed to be hired. Nobody else in town signed up and went to the training. She did! They have 1 that can be contacted other then Ms. Mullaney. I salute her for stepping up. Maybe if the P.D. was staffed properly and the Police Administration given the proper tools and resources needed to run the department properly, they wouldn't have to look outside of those fungus infested walls for help.

Anonymous said...

Bunyon chairing Redevelopment is laughable - hasn't anyone called the Mayor on this - I mean the guy works for Vic Scudiery's nephew! Vic Scudiery own property down there. Is no one connecting the dots here - for the sake of appearances alone - get that guy another committee. Are you telling me he's the most qualified of the bunch to deal with redevelopment issues - he was the lowest vote getter, not to mention he has NO experience in government!!! This crew is beginning to look like a three ring circus. I hope Chris Christie comes to Matawan - this is such a joke...

Truth In Matawan said...

Wow--that's perhaps the most ignorant post we've ever seen. It's filled with so much ignorance (not to mention jealousy), you wonder how the person who wrote it even knows how to operate a computer!

Nothing worth commenting on, except wondering where our previous post is? Ah, well, guess that means we'll have to go back to our blog for another blast session.

And for all the talk about connections, need we remind you about the connection between Mr. Buccellato and Mr. Clifton and the other Monmouth Republicans that led to the granting of the roof contract for FOUR County buildings to Mr. Buccellato, this despite being the highest bidder?

Anonymous said...

Not interested in the County. Interested in Matawan!

matawan advocate said...

Truth in Matawan, Your comments belong on your own Blog, not this one.

Anonymous said...

As Mrs. Lupu Construction, I can assure you that my husband has no investors and no partners. The insinuation that Bud Mullaney, or anyone else, is buying property in my husband's name is laughable and offensive. We have put a lot of blood, sweat, tears and money into Main Street Matawan, and I would like to know what anonymous has done for Matawan other than spew slanderous venom from her position of anonymity here on the web?

That dump of an electronics store paid for a lot of improvements to Main Street. What has anonymous doen for Downtown, or anywhere else in Matawan? I'd like to hear. Mr. Lupu had enough pennies in his pocket to buy four properties on Main Steet when no one else would touch the area for an investment. People just want to shake thier heads and do nothing. Mr. Lupu is doing something.

Florin Lupu loves this town. He has been a one-man gentrification force here. I can't believe that people would run thier mouths in a slanderous, nasty and ignorant way on this site instead of give credit where credit is due.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, Per Mrs. Lupu's comments, your comment is nothing but hogwash. Please read her comments addressed to you.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has there opinions! Million dollar electric repair shop? Interesting!

Anonymous said...

I know Paul and think he is a fine man. But lets face it, both Republicans and Democrats have both exchanged power several times in the past 20 years.What has gottn accomplished? Nothing.
The business center is a disgrace.
The train station area looks like Newark. We've all but lost our volunteer first aid. The entrance to the Police Department is locked. There is no true initiative to welcome booming business into the town, namely to the 34 corridor. I could go on for an hour and we all know it. I want to be a supporter, but history speaks for itself.

matawan advocate said...

Dismal as you make it sound, this could be a turning point for Matawan. With citizen input and a Mayor who is also an educated busineesman perhaps we have a better chance of moving forward. As long as the Borough Council accepts the "olive branch" the Mayor has reached out to them and works in unison for a better Matawan.

We have to start somewhere...