Monday, January 14, 2008

Asbury Park Press Article-Mayoral Election

Matawan voters to elect mayor Tuesday
Following tie vote in recount
By Sametta M. Thompson • KEYPORT BUREAU • January 13, 2008

MATAWAN — Voters here return to the polls Tuesday as Democrat Mary Aufseeser and Republican Paul Buccellato duke it out in a special mayoral election.

Some residents said recently they are fired up to vote a second time for mayor, while others admitted they were unaware of the special election.

Both Aufseeser, 56, who is seeking re-election as mayor, and Buccellato, 53, a member of the Borough Council, said they have been preparing for the showdown Tuesday by knocking on doors and talking to residents.

"We need to go in a new direction," said longtime Union Street resident Andrew Lopez, who steadfastly attends Borough Council meetings.

"Nothing's being done. The redevelopment area is just at a standstill. No one seems to have an answer," Lopez said.

He said he's backing Buccellato because he believes "He's got the experience. He seems to have a better understanding of how to get things done. We need his type of leadership to help turn our borough around."

Emily Jones of Jackson Street differs; she's supporting Aufseeser.

Jones didn't say exactly why she's voting for Aufseeser, but said she is "disgusted" by issues surrounding the Nov. 6 election recount.

"I hate politics," Jones said. "Yes, people have disagreements as to what would work for our town, but the bottom line is, just get it done."

The special election was scheduled after a recount of the Nov. 6 results conducted by the Monmouth County Board of Elections showed a tie: Both candidates received 947 votes.

Buccellato, who called for the recount, gained one more vote than had been recorded on Election Day.

Elected to the Borough Council Nov. 6 were Republican Linda Clifton and Democrat Kevin R. Mendes.

Municipal Clerk Jean Montfort said the deadline for new voters to register to participate in the special election was Dec. 26.


Even supporters of Aufseeser don't know why they support her. Buccellato's supporter was clear and concise in his reasoning for voting for Paul Buccellato.

The only way we are going to proceed with the Transit Village is to vote for Buccellato for Mayor. If we want to see some progress made it will not be with Aufseeser. She has been in office for 2 years and nothing has been done or even planned.

Even Councilman Mike Cannon, Democrat, said at a recent Borough Council Meeting that he envisions a Transit Village with residential, retail and commercial properties. Unlike his counterpart, appointed Councilman Robert Bunyon who does not wish to see residential in the Transit Village area. This said by a person with no experience or knowledge on this type of development. Tell us Councilman Bunyon what Developer will build only retail/commercial with no residential? Does he know something we don't? How do the Democrats intend on making progress when they don't even agree with each other?

Senator Joe Kyrillos and Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, support PAUL BUCCELLATO for Mayor of Matawan. Yes they are Republicans, well-respected. honorable and recently re-elected.


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Herky2 said...

All the police car problems wereleft over by the previous administration's what I am saying. The only "NEW cars were bought during the last two years, Plus "TWO NEW Police men were hired!!!!How many were hired during the previous 6 years??? Look it up since you seem to have an " INSIDE TRACK " to all this kind of info.