Sunday, January 13, 2008

On a lighter note-Are You Ready for Some Football?

Big weekend Football Games. FYI, Patriots beat the Jaguars. Green Bay won over the Seahawks.

Today's big game, Giants play the Cowboys.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this posting. We all need a lighter side.

Cowboys over Giants (yes we love the Giants and hope they win, but?) Colts over San Diego.

matawan advocate said...

No predictions on the Colts game, but will report the winner.

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!

matawan advocate said...

Chargers charged the Colts right out of the Game. Surprise, Surprise..

Half time on the Giants/Cowboys game. Scores to follow after game.

matawan advocate said...

Giants won over Cowboys. Amazingly, Joe Buck didn't have too much to say about the Giants victory over the Cowboys. Whether its baseball or football he praises any team as long as they don't come from the East. Well let's see if the Giants can make it to the Super Bowl......