Friday, January 11, 2008

Answer to the Question, Is Nothing Sacred?

NOTHING IS SACRED! Ask the families of those who have chosen Rose Hill Cemetery as their final resting place. What is the saying, "Rest in Peace," not there. Political signs are still outside Rose Hill Cemetery on Ravine Drive. Do you really need votes so bad that you would desecrate the resting place of the deceased?


Democrat, Republican or Independent, never has any other Candidate used the Cemetery as a place for a political endorsement!

Hey Matawan, don't stand still too long or they will stick a sign on you, or 3 or 4.

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Anonymous said...

If you zoom in on one of the photos you can see a small sign on the entrance to the cemetery saying "No Trespassing". I think Aufseeser should be fined for trespassing. And if someone claims she didn't know - well maybe she'll start taking her job seriously enough that she knows which one of her people doesn't think the signs apply to them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows she is not running the show here. This is just another example of how clueless she is.

matawan advocate said...

Yet her supporters don't realize who's in charge! Ironic isn't it! What do the residents who support her think of signs outside Rose Hill? No comments, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.