Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Final Word - Vote on Tues.,January 15, 2008

We would like to end this bantering back and forth with other Bloggers regarding who will be the best Mayor for Matawan. Clearly we support Paul Buccellato. Some other Bloggers do not. Quite frankly we are disappointed that we did not hear from other residents.

Why so few comments on non-resident business owners supporting political candidates? Doesn't it bother anyone that business owners who do not live in Matawan are endorsing candidates? Doesn't anyone question the motives of these business owners and what happens when these same business owners have to go before the very people they endorsed, namely the Planning & Zoning Board? How can we be so complacent?


Truth In Matawan said...

We agree with MA that more Matawan residents should be interested. We don't understand the difference between owning commercial property and owning residential property--they both have to pay property taxes, thus they both have a right to endorse who they wish. Right? Didn't we fight a war over this? Something about "no taxation without representation"? About 230 years ago? I think Phillip Freneau might have written a poem or two about it...

Anonymous said...

Truthfully I am not bothered by any taxpayer who endorses candidates. Anyone who pays taxes is entitled to their opinion about who will spend their money, and how.

I do question the sense of a good business person gets involved with one side or the other as the landlords/businesses will be here long after this Bucellato/Aufseeser spat is put behind us. The business people have to love them all, or hate them all, depending how you look at it.

Why does it seem like Matawan Advocate thinks that business interests are in direct conflict with residential interests in Matawan? Really, this is a sincere question that I'd like an answer to. There are towns with healthy business districts and prosperous residential areas- Red Bank and Freehold just off the top of my head. Why does Matawan Advocate think that business is the enemy of the average resident? I don't understand.

matawan advocate said...

If we gave the impression that there is a conflict, we apologize. We have supported and continue to support with hard earned cash businesses in Matawan. Red Bank and Freehold business owners do not endorse Candidates by papering their towns to the extent we are seeing here in Matawan. We need business in Matawan and businesses need us. Perhaps we are overzealous in our attempt to see some decorum when it comes to political endorsement signs. That applies to all sides.

Do you recall Main St where the Starbucks is located, being plastered with campaign signs surrounding the entire strip mall around past Sun Bank to Route 34 where the Prudential building is located? Campaign signs were still up for Thanksgiving. American Properties, The Preserve, back in Nov. 2007 also had signs plastered along their property. May we add American Properties does not endorse any candidate this time, for which we applaud them. Do you really think that it puts Matawan in the best light?

Our main purpose is to make you aware of issues and to encourage residents to get out to vote. Questioning people's motives is just that, questioning. Whatever the outcome let's hope Matawan's best interest are served.

Thank you for asking and we trust this answers your question.

Truth In Matawan said...

The signs do get out of hand.