Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rumors abound-Dirty Politics-Special Election

SHAME ON YOU AUFSEESER! Anonymously, people have contacted this Blog stating they have seen overzealous Democratic party supporters ripping out Buccellato signs and throwing them away. Anyone who wants to report this should 1) Call the Matawan or Aberdeen Police or 2) Make sure to take a photo, digital cameras are great, even phone cameras. But any vandalism should be reported to the proper authorities. It does no good to tell M.A. about vandals destroying property. All we can do is post the information. However, proof is necessary, or give names, which will be held in strict confidence, so we can ascertain if these are valid observations. We have observed signs on Aberdeen Road, Aberdeen. There were two or three signs for Aufseeser and one Buccellato sign. Now there is just one Aufseeser sign. Signs were posted on that property for the November election as well. Little Street and Orchard Street also were mentioned as sites of vandalism.

For the record, the Matawan Republican Party does not condone anyone who practices vandalism of election signs or any other property.

Also for the record, Aufseeser election signs remain outside Rose Hill Cemetery, Ravine Drive. All four (4) of them.

Whoever thinks the candidate who posts the most signs will win, probably think the voters in Matawan are stupid or can be controlled visually. Ha Ha Ha Hope they take all those damn signs down after the Election!!!! Let's see who is the first to accomplish that task.

Let's vote by looking at the issues facing Matawan and who we think will be the best suited and strongest to protect Matawan and be experienced to deal with the difficulties ahead.



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