Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Matawan Police Department, Fire Department, First Aid

We have heard enough about how much these employees get paid. They work under unsafe, unhealthy conditions. Anytime one of you naysayers wants to strap on a weapon, drive around in a car that may not even have a spare tire or jack in it, get beat up by illegal aliens, have to answer calls for domestic disputes (which are statistically the most dangerous,) have to frisk a drug dealer or user, have citizens complain you are making too much money, be my guest. Yes, Matawan has all of these problems and much, much more. Keep in mind they are the unsung heroes. Let's face it when the Police are called it is never for a resident to applaud them for a job well done. As for us, we thank them for not giving up on Matawan and continuing to work in that unsafe building. Let's support these people who are doing a good job under less than optimum conditions and appreciate the fact that they care enough to take on a job we wouldn't do for all the money in the world!

The same applies to the Fire Department and First Aid Squad. Unless you want to replace one of these dedicated people, the very least you can do is support them in any way possible. We thank all of them every day for doing a job we couldn't do and for giving up their family/free time.

Enough said!


Anonymous said...

Well said.
Unless you walk in their shoes and do what they do, no one should complain about the Police Dept. No crime in Matawan???? That's a laugh. Our police are keeping the town safe more then you realize.

As for the First Aid and Fire Dept, well, they always need help. Volunteer your help with them. Oh, you have a job and a family??? So do they, but they care about the people and they town.

Keep up the good work, Emergency Services!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning all! I would like everyone that reads this to refer to the Police Blotter in the Asbury Park Press for today 1/11/07. If this is not a great example of what I have been talking about, I don't know what is! Keep your eyes open in the paper cause this is just the beginging. This police department is under staffed and over worked when it comes to man hours. Someone needs to do something. It won't be Mrs. Aufseeser when she is taking direction from Mr. Carr and Mr. Mullaney. Carr thinks that the police are lesser then his Military (which he is retired from) and Mullaney just hates police cause his daughter is engaged to one our finest. Lets hope that none of you or your family and friends become a victim of the type of people moving into this town and a lack of police support from the council unless they need votes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought I would stop by to see this blog and I am sorry I have. I see that it should be more appropriately renamed Matawan Advocate for Repulicans and some of my partisan nitpicking in a Very Personal Way. Being a Republican in Town (life-long) It appears that this site is full of Naysayers that have no idea what is good for the community, and only post their own vendettas, opinions, and lopsided opinions. I would love for someone who says so much to do just a little for the better good instead of cackling like a bunch of chickens about those who have actually made a difference and tried, regardless of Party. Print that and I may be impressed.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, Do not assume that the readers of this Blog and the writers are not involved in this Community. Some are lifelong residents. We offer them a place to sound off without having to identify themselves. We will continue to do so. On the contrary we have given credit when credit is due to people regardless of party affiliation. Perhaps you missed those blogs. May we suggest Truth in Matawan, another Matawan blogger who may be more to your liking.
Thank you for your comments and hope you attend Matawan Borough Council meetings.

Anonymous said...

I see Advocate is wondering what constitutes an emergency, as in the case of a fallen pole!!?? Well Advocates memory is to short! I remember a 'DPW' worker saw a few cracked bricks on the former high school ,and a decision was made to "TEAR DOWN THE SCHOOL ". This was after an engineering firm just weeks before had said the building was structurally sound??!! I know "LETS FORGET THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST, It was made by Advocates blind party!!! Advocate: GET A LIFE!!!!

matawan advocate said...

You poor thing! You must also believe Bob Bunyon, after a few short months, along with Will Malley lead the Silver Oaks v. Matawan lawsuit, pertaining to Redevelopment, (Transit Village) out of litigation. You must be delusional. Did one of those "big signs" fall on your head?

The point is the spending for taking down ALL the poles is unauthorized! All spending must be voted on by the entire Borough Council. We still don't know who authorized the work for the remaining poles to be removed. Nor do we know who declared the emergency. It is not a Democrat or Republican thing, it is what is right and wrong. Unauthorized spending is wrong. We are a democracy, contrary to the way the Democrats are trying to rule Matawan!

It was decided to demo the school when the roof collapsed. There was no engineer report. If you can prove there was an engineering report, please forward and we will rescind our statement. Otherwise it stands!