Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rebuttal to Truth in Matawan

Today we decided to visit another Blog that purports to offer the truth in Matawan. After visiting the site, known as Truth in Matawan, we felt compelled to reply.

Why isn't Truth in Matawan confronting the issues currently facing Matawan? Why is there no comment about the recent budget appropriation to borrow$125,000. for the 2008 Budget to pay for 2007 expenses. Don't try this at home kids, charging against your credit card has a way catching up with you.

Why is there no mention of the fact that the Borough Council, even if Paul Buccellato wins the mayoral election, is still controlled by the Democratic Council majority. Why does the Truth not mention that the same majority headed by Mayor Aufseeser that had us pay for a Study on Main Street, only to dismiss it as unimportant.

This same majority that has done little or nothing towards making the Transit Village a reality and helping reduce the tax burden to our residents. By the way, does anyone know what the plan is? Even though it is in litigation, we can still plan in an effort to be prepared to move forward. BUT, NOOOOOOOO, that would be progressive and this Council is still back living in the past, but spending money from the future.

Truth in Matawan makes no mention of the Revaluation letters being mailed after the 2007 November election. Nor do they make mention of the bacteria in the water notification being mailed until after the November election.

Come on, let’s discuss the issues that are here and now that affect Matawan.


Truth In Matawan said...

No post?

Anonymous said...

I see in the paper that our police had to deal with an armed man with a knife. What is happening to this town? I know a couple of the policemen, who say that the quality or residents are getting worse, and they still need more police on the street. Boy whats more important...the turkey run, or protecting us.


Anonymous said...

I see the police want more police on the street, so do I , I have yet to see 'ONE' walking the streets. It's time we do see a foot patrol!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the posts that are displayed.. Just wondering why the snow removeable ordinance is not being enforced?? Today March 5th 4 days after the recent snow fall ,the sidewalk on the 'side' of the State Farm Insurance Agency still had not been cleaned of the snow... Doesn't one of our Council members work in that building??? Doesn't that set a poor example for all?

Anonymous said...

If council people who own businesses in the borough shouldn't be able to work for the borough. Is it OKAY for a Car salesman ,who was a past school board member, be able to sell cars to the Schools??? While a member of the board making decision on budgets.

matawan advocate said...

You responded to a post from Jan. 2008. We don't follow the School Board as much as the Borough Council. A fellow blogger, Aberdeener, does a great job and is currently running for the School Board. Perhaps you should ask him if the School Board has a Code of Ethics and whether it has been violated.

The current Code of Ethics has not been followed. Thus necessitating the need for the pending Ordinance to prevent elected officials from doing work for the Borough.

Thanks for writing in.