Tuesday, January 8, 2008

???????? Question for the Day ???????????

Should local non-resident business owners endorse a particular person or party in the municipal elections? What do you think the ramifications of these endorsements are? Like to know residents thoughts on this subject.


Truth In Matawan said...

Well which one are they, locals or non-residents?

Anyway, business owners who own property in town pay taxes, right? So they should get the same voice everyone else does!

matawan advocate said...

Truth in Matawan, Please read the original question for the answer to your question.

matawan advocate said...

Truth in Matawan, Are you saying if we buy a business in Hazlet, we should endorse political candidates even though we LIVE in Matawan? Is that like Scudiary does in Matawan?

Truth In Matawan said...

It looks like we're having a problem seeing a fundamental difference between owning property of different types. Whether you own a commercial business property or a residential property, you have to pay property taxes, right? In some cases commercial owners will pay MORE than residential owners. So aren't you entitled to express your opinions on the governing body taxing you? Further, doesn't the first amendment of our constitution guarantee that the right to freedom of speech won't be abridged?

Now, your question could possibly enter a grey area if one owns a business, but not property, i.e. if they are renting. Again, though, free speech enters the equation, additionally it could be argued (rather easily) that the rent they're paying includes a pro-rated portion of the property taxes for that building, and then again they should have a say in the governing body levying those taxes.

Either way, if they're domiciled (live) in another municipality, and then they would therefore have no way to VOTE for the governing body levying taxes on them here, they would almost HAVE to post signs or some such because really, what other way would they have to endorse the candidate or candidates of their choice?

By the way, what business does Scudiery own in Matawan?