Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Farewell for Now

Due to health issues, we are suspending the Matawan Advocate until further notice. Now there are some who will be doing a "happy dance" and others who will truly miss us.

To those who are busy doing a "happy dance" we will still be watching, so don't trip on your opened shoe laces. To those who will miss us, we wish a very Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah and all the best for the New Year.

See you at the next meeting.....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Borough Council Workshop/Meeting Tues. 12/1 @7pm

Tuesday's Borough Council workshop and meeting is pretty routine. Up for discussion is the Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Ordinance. This will be followed by an introduction of Ordinance 09-25 Bond Ordinance Providing an Appropriation of $6,500,000 for Improvement to the Water Treatment Plant for and by the Borough of Matawan in the County of Monmouth, New Jersey and, Authorizing the Issuance of $6,500,000 Bonds or Notes of the Borough for Financing Part of the Appropriation. No news here the rehab of the Water Treatment Plant is a necessary expense.
Payment of Bills - There were no bills presented for payment by any firm owned or family owned by any Borough Council member.
Hope to see you at the meeting......

Monday, November 23, 2009

Matawan 5K Turkey Trot Sat. Nov. 28 @10am

Matawan Borough Recreation Commission is holding its annual 5K Turkey Trot this Sat. November 28th, Registration 8:30am, Race time: 10am.

More information:; Registration forms can be obtained from the Matawan Borough website.

Proceeds to benefit Matawan Parks.

We noticed this year non-perishable food donations for Matawan's Food Pantry will be accepted. Great idea! While Thanksgiving will be over Christmas is right around the corner. Let's not forget those in need. As the saying goes, "There but for the grace of God go I."

Friday, November 20, 2009

Give Thanks by Helping Others

With Thanksgiving approaching next week, let's all remember those who will go hungry without our help. If we all donated one can of food, we could help hungry families have a Happy Thanksgiving. Such a small request with such a large need.
Matawan has always been made up of people who care. Let's demonstrate our kindness this Holiday Season. Set an example for our children to follow.
Contact the Matawan Community Food Pantry at 201 Broad St., Matawan, NJ. Tel 732 290-7518. Donations are accepted by the First Presbyterian Church and the Cross of Glory Lutheran Church.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Meeting Update

The Regular Borough Council meeting was suspended by the Mayor in order for the Matawan Borough Fire Department to present their Needs Assessment.

It was a worthwhile effort by the Fire Department, which we would like to remind everyone is a volunteer organization. Touched on was consolidation and the need for a hook and ladder truck. While no specifics were mentioned as to the ramifications of consolidation or where the money would come from for the hook and ladder, the information provided will now be decided on by the Borough Council. We trust the Council will take full advantage of the data and make the right decisions to benefit Matawan.

The rest of the meeting contained regular Borough business and proceeded without incident.

Comment: Councilman Mullaney has been voted out by the residents of Matawan. That is a fact. The "sour grapes" attitude is unbecoming of any Councilperson who held an elected position. The current letter writing campaign by two of his associates is insulting to the voters of Matawan. Mr. Mullaney get over yourself. The people of Matawan have spoken. There is no need to belittle the intelligence of the voters because they chose not to re-elect you.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Mtg 11-16-09 @ 7:30pm

Matawan Borough Council meeting tonight at 7:30pm.

Before we get into the Agenda items, we would like to thank some wonderful groups for a job well done. This past Saturday a Swine Flu Clinic was held. Thanks to Matawan's Fire Department, Police Department and First Aid Department it was a rousing success. These groups make us proud to live in Matawan.

Matawan Borough Police Department is having its annual Toys For Tots Drive. This time of year let's remember those who are less fortunate and donate an unwrapped toy. We can bring a smile to the face of a child. Doesn't get any better than that my friends!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Salute to our Veterans

November 11th, we honor our Veterans. May we always remember the sacrifices they made in the past and all they are doing in the present to keep us free.

Matawan Borough Community Center at 201 Broad St., will be closed in honor of Veterans' Day tomorrow. They will be opened on Friday, November 13, 2009. Thus the employees will be available to serve the residents four days this week.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Matawan Borough Worshop/Council Meeting

Last night's Council workshop/Regular meeting was uneventful.

Workshop - Fire Department - Needs Assessment - put on hold until next meeting.

Sign Ordinance - Still dragging their feet on this one. The question of the neon signs was discussed to death! Problem is there is already something on the books regarding neon signs. Question is where is enforcement? Council let's get moving on this Ordinance! We would like to see some progress made!

Regular Council Meeting -

Consent Agenda - Approving business license - Prima Donna's Salon.

Always happy to see new businesses in the Borough. Good luck and we wish you many years of prosperity in Matawan.

Payment of Bills - No Council Member or member's family owned businesses were listed for payment.

Councilman Joseph "Bud" Mullaney publicly congratulated Councilman-elect Lopez and Councilwoman-elect Angelini from the dais at last night's meeting. A gentlemanly, gracious act on his part. In attendance at last night meeting was Mr. Paolini, Councilman Mullaney's running mate on the Democratic ticket.

Fun Fact - Did you know that Councilpersons-elect are allowed to sit in at Executive Session of the Borough Council but not allowed to participate? Like the idea as when they are sworn in the future Councilpersons have first hand knowledge of Borough business.

Our vision for this new Council is that they get a move on. Stop dragging your feet on the issues of Main St., Fire Department Assessment, Dams, Transit Village, etc. We will be very interested in what the Mayor and Council's goals for the new year and next five years will be when outlined on New Year's Day.

See you at the next Council meeting......

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Matawan Voters Have Spoken, We Can't be Bought!

Congratulations to Andy Lopez and Toni Angelini who are Matawan's Councilpersons-elect. Don't know if that is the "politically correct" way of saying it but congrats to you both. We like to mention they ran a clean, financially prudent campaign. They both worked very hard knocking on doors, sharing their visions and listening to yours for Matawan. One of the factors that stuck in our minds, they did not make any false promises for your vote. We were happy to hear they are already setting goals to be responsive to the residents, within financially prudent reason. Now the rest is up to the Borough Council. We trust (boy doesn't that sound like an optimist, we are just so caught up in the moment) the new year will bring a Borough Council that works together for Matawan. You can also trust that if they wander off the path of progress, we will be there to let them and you know.

We are very excited to witness Councilman elect Lopez and Councilwoman elect Angelini join the team already on board to get Matawan through these tough economic times. With a Borough Council that will now share the same vision for Matawan (the vision of the residents)the benefits are endless. We hope this year will bring an end to the extremes of "big" political signs, bandwagons driving through the Borough and place the emphasis on reasonable spending for campaigns. Next election we would like to see less grandiose methods and more small Borough methods. Wouldn't it be great to see a flier come in your mailbox stating this is the only one you will receive, due to the economic conditions facing our residents, donations will be made to a local Foodbank instead. Hey, we warned you we are optimists!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Monmouth Musings Sets the Record Straight

Check out Art Gallagher's Blog, More Monmouth Musings, for the lowdown on how desperate the Democratic candidates in NJ are to get Corzine back into the Governor's house. You thought it was just in Matawan that a certain candidate (Mullaney) was going to extremes to get your vote. Well, the Democratic Party admitted to paying for Robo calls in Somerset County on behalf of Daggett, the so called Independent candidate, the "spoiler" if you will. Now usually, we don't get involved in politics outside our little hamlet of Matawan, but this just makes us sick. We suggest before you get out to vote, read More Monmouth Musings for a look at the real TRUTH. Thanks to Art Gallagher for some fine investigating.

Guilt by decide...

As for Matawan, my Grandmother used to say, "You lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas!"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Facts..Jack..On Mullaney's Record

Hit the road Jack(Mullaney) and don't you come back, no more, no more, no more, no more....should be the song sung by voters in Matawan. After reading and reviewing Councilman Joseph "Buddy" Mullaney's record and comments, this song just says it all.

Now we have to confess we read what some other blogger has said about the current Administration and it reads like a campaign flier for Mullaney & Company. Sprinkling big lies in with very little fact! Well, not wanting to read a cupcake, we went back in our notes and previous blogs to check out just what we witnessed, not what someone else told us to write, but what we heard and researched ourselves. Get a cup of coffee, better make that a mug, this is going to be a long one....

Let's go back to 12/18/07, Are You Kidding Me Category at Borough Council Meeting?, when American Properties supported the Democratic candidates by allowing signs to be place all over the front of their property on Route 34. Note: not one of the executives or employees of American Properties LIVES in Matawan. Why would they care who won? Well, today we hear Councilman Mullaney complaining on behalf of American Properties. The blog of 12/18/07 tells of Councilman Mullaney abstaining from a vote due to his past business relationship to a Mr. Czik, a top executive at American Properties. Ironically, the part time Building Dept. inspections was voted on during the Democratic majority years. Councilman Mullaney was part and parcel of it and voted in favor of it going part time. Are you confused as we are? Is this some kind of Payback? You tell us. Whose interests is Mullaney looking out for??? Yours or American Properties?

Let's move to the 12/13/07, Cheap Tricks or History Repeating Itself? It was Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney's replacement, claiming she moved to Aberdeen, after the election, to the person with the lowest number of popular votes, Robert Bunyon. Read more on that in 1/2/08, "Honesty in Government-Not in Matawan" Blog. By the way, Councilman Mullaney is now insinuating, referring to the years his daughter was on Council, they worked on the same cost effective method to save money as is in place now on the Borough's Health Insurance Plan. Well, we say poppycock! Mr. Mullaney did no such thing! One question, if Mullaney did work on it why wasn't it instituted? Simple, he never did! Nothing was ever said by either Mullaney about the plan that has been put in place by the current Administration. Per our notes, it wasn't brought up until Mayor Buccellato mentioned it and the current Administration worked it out to save the Borough money.

Comment: Ms. Mullaney has moved on with her life and is out of politics. She currently resides in Aberdeen and is engaged to one of Matawan's Finest. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and many years of happiness with her future husband.

Mullaney is no stranger to controversy, i.e., the Beacon Surveying Downtown Study Report. See 10/17/2007 "Great Editorial Independent," this refers to the Study paid for by taxpayers dollars and somehow dismissed by Councilman Mullaney and then democratic Mayor Aufseeser. The funny thing was no one but these two people on Council reported ever receiving this expensive, important, paid Study. As a matter of fact, until then Councilman Buccellato, had requested its whereabouts several times, it had been dismissed by Mullaney and Aufseeser. Currently, Mullaney is calling for the Revitalization of Downtown. Well, what happened to that Study Councilman? Why did you hide it from the voters? Why did you have to be forced to share it with your constituents? Now in 2009 when the economy is so depressed, you are crying for change. Why did you not utilize that Report back when it could have made a difference? You see we all don't have short term memory loss Councilman!

Which brings us to the Transit Village issue. Another truth is stranger than fiction in Mullaney's campaign literature. It was the Developer from Aberdeen who delayed Matawan from going forward with the Transit Village, not the Republicans. Contrary to what Mullaney again insinuates. The facts are that the entire Matawan Borough Council, which included Paul Buccellato, Deb Buragina, Mike Cannon, Rob Clifton, etc. were falsely accused by the Aberdeen Developer and the Aberdeen Administrator of wrongdoing. All of this took years to play out in Court. Finally, it was resolved many years later when the NJS Supreme Court dismissed the allegations. The years took their toll on Matawan Borough. Times changed, the economy changed, laws changed. This all caused the Plan to require re-evaluation. Through no fault of the current Administration. The Democratic majority did vote for a new Developer during the years Matawan was in Court, costing the Borough more tax dollars, to no productive end. The fact is no plan was ever put into place to pick up the pieces at the end of the Court battle. But the financial supporters benefited while the taxpayers did not! Is it any wonder Mullaney claims to be a friend of business? Whose business?

OK, OK, let's get a little more current. How about Councilman Mullaney position and vote on the Girl's Softball League Field issue. That's right folks the Councilman was the only member of the Council to vote against it. No thanks to his delaying tactics the Council voted for it. By the way, the Girl's Softball League paid for half the cost to fix up the field and continues to maintain it. No cost to taxpayers. Mullaney wasted more of the Council's time on making this an issue when there was none. Is this an example of the way he wants to help Matawan's progress?

Pay to Play Ordinance - Councilman Mullaney was adamant about Matawan needing a Pay to Play Ordinance. At the time he also wanted to control the State and County's Pay to Play policies. Over-reaching your authority Councilman, you bet. But nonetheless we applauded his attempt to introduce the Ordinance in Matawan. THEN, it died! Nothing more was said by him on the subject. Months later when the Ordinance was brought up at the Council meeting, lo and behold, Councilman Mullaney hires an attorney and threatens to sue the Borough if a Pay to Play Ordinance is brought to a vote. What you say, sue his own constituents? That's right folks. You see Mullaney and another member of the Council perform work for the Borough. Well, Mullaney's Company and the other member's family owned business that is. Now it becomes clear why the Pay to Play Ordinance was dropped by Mullaney. Believe us you can't make this stuff up.

Last but not least, the loss of the Department of Motor Vehicles to a strip mall owned by Vic Scudiery, Mullaney's political/financial buddy. Why has no one asked the businesses that closed after the Motor Vehicle was moved to Hazlet, Vic Scudiery's strip mall? The same Scudiery who owns that grey building by the Train Station that has its parking managed by one of Matawan's Council members. To answer your question, Vic Scudiery does not live in Matawan.

Feeling like the girl in the movie, Sybil yet? Has your head stopped spinning? Now we have listened to Councilman Mullaney attack the current Mayor at Borough Council meetings, we have heard him belabor issues only to waste the Council and residents' time, we have even listened to him go against his own party members when it came to the Girls' Softball League issue, so we don't care how many "BIG" signs, or trailers he drives around with his photo on it, we still will not vote for Councilman "Buddy" Mullaney. He is no "Buddy" of Matawan.

Without going any further, and believe us we could, we support Andrew Lopez and Toni Angelini for Matawan Borough Council. Our reason is simple, they have the best interests of Matawan's residents in mind!

Post script - Councilman Mike Cannon has decided not to run for re-election. While we have not always agreed with his politics, we do believe Mike has always had the best interests of Matawan in his heart. We wish him and his family the best of luck in the future and thank him for his many years of service to Matawan Borough.

Which ever way you vote, don't forget to get out and vote on Tuesday! Every vote does count!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There Oughta Be A Law!

There oughta be a law against a politician electioneering from his/her position as an elected official. But there isn't. Sooooo, we sat and suffered through another Mullaney(I'm so good, pat me on the back) speech from Councilman Mullaney. This began when Councilman Mullaney informed everyone there was no garbage pick up on Dock St. Per Councilman Mullaney, M&S Management refused to send a truck to collect trash even though M&S Waste Management failed to pick up their regularly scheduled day. Councilman Mullaney arranged to have Waste Management (a different hauler) pick up the trash. All this raised questions? 1) Who authorized and paid for the carting company to pick up and dispose? 2) Are there any liability issues involved as a result of a company (not under contract to Matawan) loading and disposing of trash? 3) Did the Councilman contact the proper authorities in the Borough to back charge M&S Management for their lack of performing the regularly contracted scheduled pick up on Dock St?

Now don't get us wrong, we commend Councilman Mullaney for assisting the residents of Dock St. We do, however, question whether his actions were done by following the proper channels, and at what cost, if any to taxpayers? Keeping in mind, Councilman Mullaney is up for re-election, we trust his experience has taught him to perform duties in the correct manner. We'd hate to see him do an injustice to his constituents like he did when he stated he was going to introduce a Pay to Play Ordinance only to threaten to sue the Borough, months later, if such an Ordinance was brought before the Council for a vote! Or when he voted against the Girls Softball Field, or when he voted to spend more tax dollars (even after being reminded of the Borough's deficit Budget.)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Meeting, Tues. Oct. 20th, 7:30pm

Tuesday the Matawan Borough Council meets at 7:30pm for its regular meeting at 201 Broad Street, Matawan. Here are some of the topics up for a vote:

Old Business:
Resolution 09-10-10: Authorizing Maser Consulting, PA to Undertake Any Necessary Steps for the Public Advertisement and Accept Bids for Park Avenue Sewer Rehabilitation.

New Business:
Resolution 09-10-23 and 09-10-24 authorize the purchase of two (2) 2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police Cars.

There is also resolutions authorizing the hiring of two (2) part time, hourly employees for the Construction/Fire Prevention offices.

Set Halloween Season Curfew for 2009.

Consent Agenda:
Three (3) new business will be voted on for approval of their business licenses.
Little Italy Pizzeria
The Learning Experience
Tiffani's Vintage Closet

We welcome them and wish them much success here in Matawan. Please visit these new businesses to encourage support for our local merchants.

Payment of Bills - Update - No elected officials or family members' business were paid for any services rendered on this Bill List.

Hope to see you at the meeting......

A Note from this Blogger

Anonymous, 1. nameless; without the real name of the author; as an anonymous pamphlet
2. of unknown name; as an anonymous author
Taken from Webster's Dictionary of the English Language
Recently, for some unknown reason a person wrote to this Blog pushing for this blogger to reveal who they are. Strangely enough they write in anonymously. Now we don't have a problem respecting their request for anonymity. We do have a problem when they wish to deny the rights of our families, when we remain anonymous. The double standard they use is unacceptable and quite frankly speaks volumes of the type of person they are. So to set the record straight....we will not publish any comments questioning who we are, etc. We will continue to comment on events in Matawan Borough. Should this cause you sleepless nights, distress, deep concern, make you break out in hives, then we suggest you read and post comments on other blogs who do not request anonymity.
We thank our loyal readers for letting us share our thoughts and promise to continue to keep commenting on events in Matawan.
Matawan Advocate

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Matawan Advocate endorses Lopez-Angelini for Borough Council

We endorse Andy Lopez and Toni Angelini for Borough Council. This is not a political endorsement, this is based on our observations at Council meetings and in discussions with them. We believe they bring to the table a fresh approach to the needs of Matawan, without any political baggage or hidden agendas.

For what it is worth, as we see it, this team brings to the Council their honesty and intregrity along with their experience as residents, taxpayers, homeowners, senior citizens and parents in Matawan. Now we are sure you have read the fliers handed out as they go door to door. BUT, in case you haven' t, here are our thoughts on their election. Lopez and Angelini represent a cross section of Matawan's population. The Ying and Yang, if you will, of Matawan's population. No false promises (they do not claim they will pave your driveway, do your grocery shopping or mow your lawn.) They do promise they will do their best for Matawan.

Mr. Lopez and Ms. Angelini, will help continue with the cost saving and progressive plans put forth by the current majority without burdening the Borough Council's time (and ours) with political rhetoric, posturing or questionable ethics. They do not have any conflicts of interest, ethically or financially. Their votes will be based on the needs of Matawan and its residents.

Teamwork is essential to Matawan's progress. Therefore, we encourage you to vote for Andy Lopez and Toni Angelini for Borough Council.
Please get out and vote. Don't let indifference be the decision maker for you.

Disclaimer: These are the opinions of the Matawan Advocate. It is your right to agree or disagree. It is our right to form opinions and share our thoughts with you on this blog.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Workshop/Meeting Oct. 6 at 7pm

Tomorrow night's Borough Council Workshop/Meeting Agenda has some interesting topics for discussion and vote.

1. Court Renovations - this is overdue but necessary. Just concerned about where the money is coming from for these renovations. The Budget is already cut pretty thin.

2. Sign Ordinance - Glad to see this one getting off the ground. It is in the forefront for improvements to Main St. and has been in review for some time.

3. Dams - Another one of the items that needs work asap. Last time we checked the State could come in and make Matawan drain the Lakes if we don't act. The way we see it, draining the Lakes is not an option. This may be a necessary expense that Matawan is forced to act on. Here's hoping for some grant money, as this is a very expensive item.
4. Budget Status - Now that we have received State Aid (such as it is) guess we will find out how much more or less the Budget must be cut. Residents are not looking forward to any further increase in property taxes that's for sure. This is not a win - win situation.
5. Park Avenue Sewer Repair - Under the Consent Agenda the Council will be voting to authorize Maser Consulting to Undertake any Necessary Steps for the Public Announcement and Accept Bids for Park Avenue Sewer Rehabilitation.
Consent Agenda
Mill Road Sanitary Sewer Extension - The Council will be voting to Authorize a Change Order No. 1 (Deduction.)
Last but not least, Payment of the Bills - has not been published as yet.
We are forever optimistic that the Election Shenanigan's will not continue and the Council will proceed with going forward with positive steps to improve Matawan.
Hope to see you at the meeting......

Check out More Monmouth Musings Blog

Want to know what Councilman "Buddy" Mullaney is up to lately? Check out Art Gallagher's, More Monmouth Musings Blog. Once again Vic Scudiery and Mullaney are coupled in Matawan. Vic, Vic, Vic, Matawan is not for sale, not to you, not today, not tomorrow, not any day for any price! Wonder how much Vic tried to buy Matawan for this time?

On the upside, if there is one, it was held it at a Matawan Restaurant/Bar on Main St., Bart's.

Friday, September 18, 2009


BAAAAAAAAAAAAAM, that is the best way we can describe the last Council meeting. The meeting was going along relatively smooth. Councilman Mullaney asked his 'electioneering questions" regarding the 2009 Budget. Borough Administator, Bill Garafolo, with assistance from Mayor Buccellato answered his 3 questions. In our opinion questions could have been asked and answered by a simple conversation with the Borough Administrator prior to the meeting. But, hey, it is election time and Councilman Mullaney wants us to think he is on top of things. What things, you ask, your guess is as good as ours. What ideas has the Councilman offered up to save the Borough money you ask, well so do we? Wasn't it Councilman Mullaney who offered up a Pay to Play Ordinance......oops, that's right, until he found out it could possibly affect him and others on the dais.

Sorry, we digressed, election time becomes a waste of time and energy for the Borough Council when its members and their families use their positions as a political podium!

Back to the BAAAAAAAAAAM....

Open Privilege of the Floor - A woman, identified herself as Mrs. Mendes of Key Auto Body Shop, Mother/Employer of Councilman Kevin Mendes, demanded to have a conversation with Mayor Buccellato. She commenced with demanding to know why her family business is being attacked by the Mayor and insisted on seeing the data he referenced in an Asbury Park Press article and a subsequent editorial. The Mayor stated he had the paperwork in his car. Interestingly enough she did not request he retrieve it from his car. Mrs. Mendes then demanded the Mayor provide a retraction, he stated he could not. Mrs. Mendes ending by claiming she would be back next meeting.

Comment: To do what? The Mayor, as he tried to indicate, does not control the news media. Assuming the figures quoted were taken from the Borough books, where is there misinformation? Figures don't lie.

We all know the Mendes family has done some good things for the Borough of Matawan over the years. Why after the article appeared over two months ago come in and take a public position. Would not a meeting or a telephone call to the Mayor have been more productive?

During the dialogue between Mrs. Mendes and the Mayor, he asked if it was okay for Councilman Mendes to accept health insurance benefits from the Borough when everyone else on the Council has declined coverage. Mrs. Mendes chastised the Mayor claiming it had nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Comment: During this time of economic difficulties, where the Borough has to make cutbacks, why has Councilman Mendes (the only Council Member) opted to take the Borough Health Plan Coverage? Does he contribute? Did he have private coverage through his employer before? These seem to be questions that need to be answered.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aberdeen Teen Missing

UPDATE: We are pleased to report April has been found in Mass. and the process of reuniting her with her family has begun.

As taken from The Independent

Township police are investigating a missing persons report filed by the family of a township teen.
According to family members, April Goodwin, 16, left her house last Sunday morning, Sept. 4, and has not been seen since.
According to family members, Goodwin is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs approximately 150 pounds. She has a light brown complexion and black hair with red highlights. She attends Matawan-Aberdeen Regional High School.

Aberdeen Township Police Chief John Powers said the department is actively investigating the missing persons report. Anyone with information about this teenager is asked to contact the police department at 732 566 2054

Monday, September 14, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Meeting 9-15 @ 7:30pm

Matawan Borough Council meeting 9-15-09 at 7:30pm, Matawan Borough Community Center, 201 Broad St.
Tonight's meeting has nothing earth shaking on the Agenda. Pretty much business as usual.
Old Business - An amendment to Ordinance 09-07, Bond for the Improvements to the Water Treatment Plant will be voted on.
New Business - Resolutions - Two Matawan Police Lieutenants contracts
Two amendments to the Policy and Procedure Manual for Borough Employees:
a) Uniform Time Record Keeping
b) Opt-out for Borough Employees to reject Health Benefit Plan
Bill List - No elected officials or family owned businesses on tonight's Bill List.
Last but not least, a fine job done by the Matawan Recreation Commission at yesterdays Matawan Day event. It was re-scheduled from Saturday but due to weather conditions was re-scheduled to Sunday. A good time was had by all. Thanks to all the volunteers.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


We have just learned Matawan Day is rescheduled for Sunday, September 13th, between Noon to 5pm.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Nothing needs to be said, all who can read this blog remember with heavy hearts. God Bless America and all who serve to keep us free.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Matawan Day Terhune Park 9-12-09 Sat. Noon-5pm

Come one, come all to Matawan Day at Terhune Park this Saturday from noon to 5pm! Celebrate Matawan with your family, friends and neighbors. There will be rides, food, fabulous entertainment and much more. What entertainment you ask? How about a fabulous gospel choir, how about a D.J., how about acclaimed singer, songwriter Beth Arentsen and last but not least, how about performances by winners of the Matawan Idol Contest!

Matawan Day has always been a fun day. It continues to be a celebration of the Borough we live in. Each year it just gets bigger and better. Thanks to our Recreation Commission and the people who selflessly volunteer their time. Thanks also to Matawan's business community who come out every year to support Matawan and its people. We residents should show our appreciation to our business community by frequenting their estalishments all year round.

A special thank you to one of our readers who reminded us of this event. We appreciate the heads up.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Borough Council Meeting/Workshop 9-9-09

As we sat in the audience the night of the Borough Council Workshop meeting, we were astounded to hear several statements coming from both the dais and the floor at the Open Public portion of this meeting. The usual Borough business was reviewed without incident. An amended Budget was passed. Still pending is the Final Budget. We believe more cuts will have to be made and trust the Council will work diligently to do so.

Then, Mary Mullaney, wife of Joseph "Buddy" Mullaney, sitting Councilman, stepped up and in what appeared to be a planned speech, commenced chastising Councilman Joe Urbano for not acknowledging the great job the Matawan Police Dept. did on Matawan's Annual Night Out. Mrs. Mullaney was informed it was an oversight on the part of Councilman Urbano, not intentional. We all are aware of the fine job Matawan Police perform, not only on the Annual Night Out but every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What we found appalling is that Mrs. Mullaney is aware that Councilman Urbano recently suffered a personal tragedy when both of his parents, two aunts and an uncle were all killed in a horrific automobile accident this Summer. Don't you think Mrs. Mullaney, you could have chosen the higher ground? At the very least, as an act of kindness, gotten up and acknowledged the fine job done by Matawan's P.D. (without taking cheap shots at a Councilman who suffered such a great loss) and patted the P.D. on the back for a job well done? We do believe it was an oversight by Councilman Urbano. We do suspect there was malicious intent on Mary Mullaney's part. Shame, shame, shame on you Mrs. Mullaney! If this is the way you intend on getting votes for your husband, you are doing a disservice to Matawan.

All of this was done by Mrs. Mullaney while noting the Matawan Alliance had participated in the Annual Night Out. This begs the question, since Mrs. Mullaney openly admitted an association with the Matawan Alliance, maybe she could let us all know how much money was collected for the alleged Memorial Fund for the poor Shark Attack victims? When is this monument going to be built? Public donations and public tax dollars were donated to the Matawan Alliance and people are asking, "where did their money go" and "why are the books not available to the public"? Or do we need a "secret decoder ring" to gain access to the books?

Oops, we did say there was two statements made that night didn't we? Well, Mayor Buccellato, who has been the victim of a smear campaign by his adversaries (guess who?) decided to enlighten the audience on the scope of the Executive Sessions. These Sessions are closed to the public and done for the benefit of all members. From what we gathered, the Readers Digest condensed version, person(s) who participate in these Sessions have been leaking out information to the public and jeopardizing the confidentiality of these sessions, oh, and more importantly, VIOLATING THE LAW! Plain and simple leaking out information said during these meetings is placing its members at risk. If the members cannot discuss freely amongst themselves varying positions and ideas, progress will be impeded and members could be sanctioned.

We have at times disagreed with the Mayor and Borough Council. Still would like to see more done by the Council majority. Main Street, Renovating the Police Dept. Building, the Dams, Redevelopment, etc. are just a few of the issues we would like to see some progress on when financially feasible.

Overall, in the 2 1/2 years Councilman Joseph "Buddy" Mullaney has been in office, what has he done to reduce or curb spending? What has he done in terms of promoting transparency in government? Or is it transparency is fine with him, as long as it doesn't interfere with his own self interests? Perhaps less attacking of your fellow Council members and more working together to improve Matawan should be his agenda.

As we have said in the past, perhaps not enough, we want to see our Council work together for the common good. Once elected, political parties, must be put aside and they must remember who they are working for, you and I! Yes, we know election time is near and yes, the games have begun. Being optimists, we'd like to see more emphasis on "working for the Borough."

Hope to see you at the next meeting......

Thursday, August 27, 2009

WILLIAM H. SUTPHIN Born: 8-30-1887 Died: 10-14-87

Matawan's Grave Robber - William H. Sutphin was Mayor of Matawan from 1915-1916 and 1921-1926. He was a professional politician and a respected Mayor of Matawan as per Wikipedia. The man DIED in 1972. The reason for this little bit of history is an anonymous person, claiming to be "Bill" Sutphin is using his name to pen disparaging, perhaps libellous remarks on a blog. This person is contacting this Blog and expects us to publish his comments. First of all, this is not a forum for vicious untrue remarks. If this person is concerned with Matawan's best interests he/she would delve into matters that would improve the Borough.

There are various reasons people wish to remain anonymous. People who don't want their neighbors, family, friends, etc. to know their thoughts or opinions. Good, non-vindictive reasons. We can respect their wishes. What we can't respect is someone who uses a respected dead Mayor's voice, from the grave, to create a platform for his/her own self interests. That said, whoever is claiming to be William "Bill" Sutphin, please do not contact this blog any longer. We are sure if Mr. Sutphin has any living family members they do not want his name besmirched in such a self-serving manner. This is not what this man represented to the people of Matawan. The right thing is to let a man who prided himself on civic responsibility to be allowed to rest in peace.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Borough Council Workshop/Meeting 8-18-09

Following a noticeable absence from Borough Council meetings, Councilman Mendes made an appearance from his podium bringing along his own agenda. He commenced with using his podium as a stage for his agenda. Councilman, we all know Matawan's Police Department is second to none. Most residents are aware the Main Street building needs repair. It is easy to elaborate on the details of which we are well aware....over and over again. BUT, where is the "sound financial plan." In other words, to take a quote from the movies, "SHOW ME THE MONEY." Hey, if it is good enough for Cuba Gooding, the actor, it is good enough for Matawan residents. It is high time for Borough Council members to stop grand standing and start rolling up their sleeves and work together. Isn't that what we elected them to do? This includes the Mayor. C'mon Council, let's get on with business (not personal business, oops!) and the financial aspects of the Borough! By the way, isn't Councilman Joseph Urbano Chairperson of the Police Department? Isn't Councilman Mendes Chairperson of Fire and Safety? Shouldn't Mendes have discussed his concerns with the Chairperson of the Police Department, Councilman Urbano. This is why people get disgusted with politics. Let's quit the petty nonsense and "T.C.B."
Councilman Mullaney has started his campaign very early. Hey, but that's okay, if he would at least be consistent. As we recall Mullaney voted against the introduction of the Budget. Now at this past meeting he voted for amending the Budget, which included the $105,000. in State Aid. Can someone explain the change? Why the flip/flop? Quite a change from the "spend, spend, spend" Councilman Mullaney of years past. And who was voting to spend money knowing Matawan was working with a deficit Budget, you guessed it, the same Councilman Mullaney.
Police Department - An appearance by Chief Alston of Matawan's Police Department was a little confusing to residents. During the public portion, the Police Department requested a meeting with the Borough Council to discuss data that was given to the Council prior to the meeting. No mention was made as to what the data entailed. Is this the usual procedure for communication? A little puzzling to the residents.
With election time around the corner, we would like to see Matawan's Borough Council rise above the petty politics and start working towards establishing a future financial plan for the Borough, start moving on planning for Redevelopment (to whatever extent is financially prudent), address the Matawan Dams problem, set realistic goals for the Water/Sewer Department (which seems in progress), infrastructure (again set realistic, financially prudent) goals, get a plan for a financially prudent plan for our Police and Fire Department requirements and seek out Grants to help defray the cost of any and all Matawan's goals. Let's stop the back-biting Council and work together. Keep in mind election time is drawing closer. Any Council member who does not consider the needs of the Community at large, instead of their own personal needs, should consider looking elsewhere for our vote!
Hope to see you at the next Council meeting......keeping in mind we only have two a month, it would behoove residents to try to attend at least one.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whatever Happened to Sharkfest? What happed to the Fund?

We have been contacted by many people asking about SharkFest. Well, word is there will be no Sharkfest this year and it doesn't sound like any plans are being made for the future. One reader is legitimately concerned about his donation to the Memorial to the victims of the shark attack, asking where his money went. To date no person connected with the Matawan Alliance has come forward to be accountable for the donations. Frankly, Mary Mullaney is the only person who is a "supposed" liaison. Well at least questions are fielded through her.

Now we have long been curious, to say the least, about how much money is in this Memorial Fund. The person who was connected with a Main St Banking office does not appear to be with the local bank any longer. Even when she was she claimed she didn't know where the books were located. Pretty ridiculous to us, but hey we always thought when you accept public money you were held accountable. Guess NOT! There are some who are not concerned about where this money is or how much has been collected. Maybe they are part of the "elitist" group, well, most of us "suckers" are not. We donated money for a cause and deserve to know what happened to that money. If we recall correctly, there is a guy in jail right now, Bernie something???, who also thought he didn't have to be accountable to others. Need we say more.

Further digging is require on this situation. Don't bother to ask Councilman Mullaney, as he claimed previously to know nothing about the Matawan Alliance's dealings. Interestingly enough, his wife, Mary has acted as a "supposed liaison" to the Matawan Alliance.

Dig we must!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Matawan to Receive Extraordinary Aid

We're in the money, we're in the money....well not quite. Matawan will receive State Extraordinary Aid to the tune of $105,000. While the Borough requested $200,000., we did receive little more than half. But that's okay we'll take it. It will help reduce the property tax burden we desperately need in Matawan.

Further details will be discussed at the next Workshop/Borough Council meeting on August 18th. Now doesn't that make you want to attend a meeting?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Borough Workshop Follow Up 8-5-09

Ironically, someone sent a comment about the Downtown area and the Transit Village to the Matawan Advocate, the night of the Borough Council Workshop meeting. They were asking if any mention of these topics were presented at the Borough Council meeting. Well, the Mayor must have ESP, because at last night's meeting Mayor Buccellato diverted from the scheduled Agenda. He opened up a discussion between the Borough Attorney and the Borough Administrator regarding revising the process for which businesses obtain licenses
in the Borough. Following a short discussion it was decided to move forward with a revision to be introduced at the next regular Council meeting for a vote. This should revise the current old process and make it easier for businesses to obtain licenses. It is about time Matawan encouraged new businesses. A step in the right direction.
Another topic of interest was the Borough employees Health Insurance coverage. Quite frankly, we have to dig a little deeper into this subject before making any comment.
Bill List did not have any Council members firms or family owned firms listed for payment.
More to follow on the Health Insurance.
Hope to see you at the regular scheduled Borough Council Meeting....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Additional Comments on Borough Council Meeting

A vote was taken regarding the Towing Ordinance for Matawan at this meeting. For whatever reason, Council voted to continue to limit the towing contract to a 2 mile radius. This limits the opportunity for Matawan to get any realistic competitive pricing on its towing contract. Why? The "good ole boy" system seems to be alive and thriving in Matawan. Why do our Council members feel it is a personal attack on other Council Members to consider other quotes from nearby towing companies? This should not be personal but should be what is "cost effective" to the Borough. The only dissenting vote was Councilman Fitzsimmons, Chairperson of Finance. Kudos to Fitzsimmons for standing his ground.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Borough Council Meeting 7/21/09

Don't you just love Summer. Council meetings are brief and with little bantering. This Council meeting was quick and simple. No major issues. However, the Bill List was not published. This is of great concern to us. We believe the Bill List should be published along with the Agenda items for each meeting. Why make it difficult to become aware of what bills are being paid in the Borough?

Of course, there has been no decision on the Ordinance which would prohibit elected officials from performing work for the Borough.

See you at the next meeting.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ethics Where Have You Gone?

Apparently, ethics in Matawan have gone the way of the the DUMPER! This is not to say all the members of the Matawan Borough Council are in the same boat. Here are the facts...

KEY AUTO BODY - Councilman Kevin Mendes' family owned business
From 1/2000 to 4/21/2009
Total fees $11,455.19

From 1/2008 to 4/21/09
Fees $5,307.17
This is approximately 46% of the $11,455.19 (in 16 months)

MULLANEY TIRE - Councilman Joseph "Buddy" Mullaney's business
1/2000 To 4/21/2009
Total fees $7,806.17

From 1/2006 to 4/21/2009
Fees $3,159.56
This is approximately 40% of the $7,806.17

Not bad for a Councilman who said back in March 2008, he would stop doing work for the Borough even though it would hurt his pocketbook.

Who's kidding who Councilmen?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mayor Buccellato Drops a Bomb

Last night's Borough Council meeting was somewhat routine.
Mayor Buccellato announced a generous donation of $1,000. to the July 4th Fireworks Fund, given by Matawan residents, Jim & Donna Tumbutly, (pls forgive if misspelled.) Matawan's Fire Department also collected $108. made by visitors in the donation pail. Kudos to these fine residents and the Fire Dept for their efforts. The Fireworks were glorious!

So now you are wondering what bomb could the Mayor have dropped last night. Do you all recall an Ordinance mentioned several months ago, prohibiting elected officials in the Borough from performing work for the Borough? It had been an item Councilman Joseph "Bud" Mullaney was calling for back in March 2008. Under the guise of bringing "good clean government" to Matawan. HA! At that time we applauded Councilman Mullaney for his efforts. Short lived, perhaps. No, short lived, definitely! Several months ago this Ordinance was on the Agenda, then mysteriously was taken off. Without explanation from the Mayor and Council this was done several times. Now this became a pet peeve of ours. After all, who doesn't want Matawan to have "good clean government." It appears that Councilman Mullaney had a change of heart and hired an attorney to stop this Ordinance from coming before the Council for a vote. The implication was a lawsuit would be brought against Matawan. All this from a Councilman who back in March of 2008, was citing Holmdel's Ordinance and was going to look to surrounding towns for guidance.

Mayor Buccellato announced from the dais that he has requested the Attorney General look into this matter on behalf of Matawan to protect the Borough. This has to be a case of "THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY." A Councilman threatening the Borough residents (he was elected to protect and serve) with a possible lawsuit in order for Council members to financially profit from their position.
A resident stepped up to the podium and read from Mullaney's interview back in March 2008 given to a local blogger, The Clamdigger. Quotes were read from Councilman Mullaney which clearly contradict his current position. What could have changed his mind, you ask? Well, gee whiz Goober, whose interest is Councilman Bud Mullaney looking to protect? It is our position it is not Matawans! And this Councilman is running for re-election this November. You be the judge in November!

For the record, the opinions on this Blog are based on documented evidence. You have the right to disagree. However, the printed, published commentary are based on printed, published interviews given by Councilman Joseph "Bud" Mullaney to The Clamdigger in March
Hope to see you at the next Council meeting.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Noteworthy Meetings In Matawan This Week

Tonight the Planning & Zoning Board meets at 201 Broad Street. Meeting Minutes are published on the Borough site up to May 4, 2009. The Agendas and Meeting Minutes seem to have difficulty being published in a timely fashion.

Tuesday night's Borough Council Workshop/Meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:30pm. Waiting for the Borough Council meeting Agenda and Bill List to be published on the website. For some reason the Bill List doesn't always make it on the website. We would like to see the Borough website brought up to date. It can only be as informative as the data it provides to the residents.

Matawan's Historic Sites meets on Wednesday at 7:30pm, Matawan Borough Community Center, 201 Broad St. Many residents showed an interest in Matawan's Historic Sites during the hearings on the Big Blue House on Main St. Come to the Historic Sites meetings to become involved in Matawan's history.

July 4th Fireworks Matawan

What a great night for Matawan! Residents and visitors alike were treated to a wonderful fireworks display last night. Kudos to the Matawan Recreation Commission for a fine job of coordinating this event. Recreation Director Joe Altomonte was seen running from one place to another making sure every thing was going well. Great job Joe.

Minor problems that arose with unauthorized vendors were quickly handled. To those who are not aware, vendors must file for a permit at the Borough. Why anyone would cheat the vendors who follow the rules and paid for permits escapes us.

One look at a child's expression last night while the fireworks were going off said it all!
Matawan and July 4th Fireworks, perfect together!

Sunday, July 5, 2009






Provided by Matawan Borough Recreation Commission.

Friday, June 26, 2009

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Sorry folks, but with the school year ending and the apparent virus that has been going around, we have been negligent in keeping you informed on what's happening in Matawan. Well, you will be happy to hear that we are back. Our caustic tongues can't wait to let you in on what is going on at the Matawan Borough Council's next meeting on July 7th. One of our pet peeves, putting it mildly, is the Ordinance to prevent elected officials from doing work for the Borough while they are sitting members of the Council. Either you represent the good people of Matawan, or you represent your own self (financial) interests. Call us dreamers, idealists, lovers of good, clean government, but we want our elected officials to have the taxpayers best interests in mind.

Recalling a Borough Council meetings some time back, Boy Scouts were in attendance. It was impressive to see these young men witness our government at work. Food for thought, we should all take our children to a Borough Council meeting once in a while. Kinda of like, the "take your child to work day" that was started a while back. Not the little ones, but the older kids. Check the Agendas, find a meeting that you think the kids would find interesting and attend a meeting together. Even better, speak at the same meeting, let your child see you participating. What a great example you would set for your child. It could be a Social Studies project. No, we are not teachers, just parents.

Don't forget Fourth of July Fireworks, July 5th. Get there early to get a good spot. Fireworks begin at nightfall around 9pm. Grab a bite to eat at one of Matawan's fine restaurants, stroll down Main Street, check out our Memorial Park, some of our beautiful historic homes and end up on Ravine Drive by the Lake.

Hope to see you at the Fourth of July Fireworks......

Friday, June 5, 2009

Case of Swine Flu Reported in Matawan School

In a public service announcement, Mayor Buccellato announced at last night's meeting a case of Swine Flu reported at the Ravine Drive School. The School will be closed until Mon. Anyone having further information, please feel free to comment.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Borough Council Council Workshop/Meeting at 6:30pm 6/4/09

The long hot days of Summer will soon be upon us. Well, there will be no rest for our Borough Council. Tough decisions, tougher financial issues, tough problems face our Borough Council. We trust they are up for the challenges, oops, isn't that why we elected them! Isn't that why we will continue to re-elect them? We don't want lip service from our Council, we want officials who worry more about Matawan and Matawan's future and can fight the tough fight.

Workshop begins at 6:30pm tonight followed by the regular Council meeting. On the Agenda is the Police Department 150 Main St. along with hiring of a Class II Special. The Special involves spending money, obviously, adding to the Department. What is up for discussion about 150 Main St, Police Dept. Bldg? We all know it needs work, we all know our Police Force deserve a better facility, what we don't know is where are we getting the money....bonds? How can we further tax the already overburdened taxpayers? Isn't that how the previous Democratic majority got us into our current situation, with deficit spending? The Mayor and the Republican majority now is trying to curb spending and get Matawan back on the road to sound financial decision making. Remember when Mayor Buccellato pleaded with the Democratic majority to curb spending over and over again. He urged them to look at the big picture, project for the future, prioritize the needed from the mandatory. Well now it is mandatory to cut spending. Being a Monday Night Quarterback, was it considered when new computers were purchased for the Police Dept, if it was a needed or mandatory purchase? Could that money have been used for the mandatory improvements to the building at 150 Main St?

As we all face these financial difficult times, as we all have to make tough decisions, as we all have to tighten our belts to live within our means and cut out the needed from the mandatory in our personal Budgets, is it too much to ask that our Municipality do the same.

Next item of interest, Ordinance Prohibiting Elected Officials from Municipal Work. Now doesn't that sound like an oxymoron? Apparently, something or someone has been stalling this Ordinance. Why you ask? Let's just see who doesn't want Matawan to have a Pay to Play Ordinance and why? Guess we will see tonight. More on this tomorrow.

The regular meeting items of interest - Public hearing expansion of Bart's Continental Cuisine. Bart's is an old established business in Matawan. They are not only a Gem in our community but make many contributions through fundraisers for charities. They have not abandoned Matawan. Cannot see any reason for anyone to object to their expansion. We wish them continued success.

Police Dept. - Hiring of Class Two Specials. Needed or Mandatory?

Clerk's Office - Hiring of a Part Time hourly Employee. Needed or Mandatory?

Authorizing Professional Services by T & M Associates for Emergency Repair Water and Sanitary Sewer. Obviously a Mandatory.

Authorizing Professional Services by T & M Associates for Well & High Pump Maintenance. Not sure if needed or mandatory. Aware of the problems our Water system faces, it sounds like mandatory.

Payment of Bills - Nothing on the website. We cannot determine if any elected official has done work for the Borough and is seeking payment.

Hope to see you at tonight's meeting.....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Parade at 2pm Main Street

Memorial Day Parade down Main Street begins at St. Clements Church and proceeds down Main St. to Memorial Park. Come to Main St to honor to our fallen heroes and to show your support to our Service Men and Women currently protecting our Country.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Follow Up to Borough Council Meeting

It was a packed house at the last Borough Council meeting. Channel 2 News was present to hear homeowners ask the Council for help with their property taxes. Following the Revaluations in Matawan, ordered by Monmouth County, many homeowners had their property assessments raised substantially. Homeowners came to the Council meeting asking the Council to request the County to reassess their properties. It seems that the Revaluations were done when the market values were higher. Thus the property owners are reporting they are paying on inflated assessed value for their homes. The problem lies with Monmouth County. The revaluations were ordered by the County. The Borough can request a reassessment. However, the County can decline.

Other Borough Council business was postponed. The Council did manage to approve the Fireworks for July 4th, approve a volunteer Firefighter and pay bills. To the best of our knowledge no elected official or their respective family businesses were on the Bill List.

The Mayor did mention ways the Council is cutting costs. The Boro Administrator, Bill Garafolo, reported the Budget is lean. Borough employees were credited with helping the Borough by accepting a new health plan, which will produce an immediate savings. Next year possibly saving the Borough $500,000+. The implementation of the 4 day work week has saved the Borough money in utilities. While the employees work the same number of hours per week, the work day itself is longer. Personnel changes produced cost savings. The Borough Administrator alone is part time and does not receive health benefits or retirement contributions. Mr. Garafolo is putting together a 5 year plan for Matawan. The Borough has also applied for grants (free money) for Road Improvements and other projects. Many residents were unaware of the many things the Council is doing to cut costs and plan for the future of Matawan. Mayor Buccellato continues to work on a Group for the Improvement of Main St. and will be making an announcement in the near future.

Still waiting for the Ordinance that prevents elected officials from doing work for the Borough while in office. It seems like a no-brainer, so what is holding it up??????

In these economic tough times, Matawan is cutting back as much as possible. Perhaps if the Board of Education (which passed its Budget for the first time in a long, long time) and Matawan Borough keep to the necessary items we will be on the right track.

See you at the next meeting....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Meeting 5-19-2009 at 7:30pm

Borough Council meeting tomorrow to include Public Hearing on the Budget. This should interest everyone in Matawan.

Under Old Business. Ordinance 09-08 - Amending the Code of the Borough of Matawan-Recreation Commission. This proposed Ordinance has been bouncing around since last year.

Another pertinent subject will pertain to elected Borough Officials or their immediate family members doing work for the Borough. This presents a conflict of interest. Whose interests are being served, the elected official or the Borough?

Resolution 09-05-32, Claire Court - JCP&L - we assume this is regarding JCP&L cutting down shrubbery and bushes to the ground. By doing so it devalued the property on Claire Court. We sincerely hope this situation is finally resolved.

Resolution 09-05-21 - Approving the discharge of fireworks in the Borough of Matawan in Celebration of Independence Day. There are different schools of thought on this issue. Some residents oppose the fireworks due to the cost. Other residents enjoy the fireworks and look forward to having barbecues/parties on that weekend. Having the fireworks as the conclusion to their parties. What a nice way to give back to the community.

Very often we moan and groan about what the Borough officials are doing wrong. It is refreshing to observe the professionalism of our new part time Borough Administrator, William Garofolo. From our observations, he is knowledgeable, straight forward and quick to respond to questions members of the Council pose. Good to have you on board Mr. Garofalo.

Hope to see you at the meeting.....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Graffiti in Matawan

GRAFFITI - Who needs it? Matawan has become part of the inner city when it comes to graffiti or tagging. We have seen it all over Matawan. It is a disgrace. Entering Gravelly Brook Park, on residents fences, on traffic signs, vacant buildings, on the handball court in the Jackson St Park. We live in Matawan to get away from the issues of the inner cities, now the issues are moving here. As residents we can become pro-active. We are not saying you should confront these people. We are saying you should call the Police, take a digital photo of them if you can and present it to the Police. Report to the Matawan Police Dept., any time you see tagging (gang members do this to mark their territory) or graffiti being done.

Let's all help keep Matawan beautiful, clean and green!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

With our Deepest Sympathy

It is with deep regret that we were informed of Juwan Brown's passing this morning. Our sympathy and prayers goes out to his family and friends. Mr. Brown was a graduate of Matawan-Aberdeen Regional High School Class of 2005.

May God watch over him and his family during this difficult time.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clean Up Events in our Borough

Clean Up Day in Matawan Borough is on Saturday, May 9, 2009 from 9am to Noon. Volunteers will meet at the Matawan Community Center at 201 Broad Street. Come join your neighbors to help make Matawan shine.

Matawan Recreation Commission welcomes volunteers to help clean up Main Street Matawan. Volunteers will meet Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 8:30am in the Bank of America parking lot on Main Street. Volunteers will be cleaning up Main St. and planting flowers in the pots along Main Street. Volunteers are encouraged to bring work gloves, spades, hoes or other gardening tools. Please print your name on your tools to prevent loss.

We encourage all residents, families, friends to volunteer and help make Matawan sparkle. This is the time to stop complaining about Matawan and do something pro-active for our community.
Hope to see you there.......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Heartfelt Sympathy go to the Urbano Family

We are greatly saddened to learn the passing of Councilman Joseph Urbano's parents, Jeanette and Salvatore Urbano along with three other members of their family. They were in a fatal car accident this past Saturday.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Councilman Urbano's family.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Paint the Town Purple!

Paint the Town Purple!

Mark your calendar-

May 2, 2009 at 8:00am
at the Washington Engine Company Firehouse
Jackson Street

Volunteers will be gathering to Paint the Town Purple in support of Relay for Life of Matawan & Aberdeen.

The Borough of Matawan will proclaim May 1, 2009


Relay for Life will be held on June 13-14, 2009 at Matawan Regional High School.

For further information please contact:

Janis Garofalo Co-Chair at

Joe O'Reilly Co-Chair at

Please join your neighbors and help stamp out cancer once and for all.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Meeting 4/23 at 7:30pm

Tonight's Council meeting will include a vote for an Ordinance to prohibit elected officials from doing work for the Borough for compensation. This is a long time coming. It will be the 3rd reading of this Ordinance and will be voted on tonight. We conclude it is wrong for a member of the Borough Council to perform work for the Borough. It smacks of impropriety. We want to see this Ordinance passed. Let us see our Council "do the right thing." If you are interested in clean government you might want to attend tonight's meeting.

There are much more important items to be dealt with by this Council. For example, the Water Treatment Plant, the dams and lakes of Matawan, Transit Village coupled with Downtown Revitalization, dealing with the deficit Budget, planning for future Budgets, making our Parks handicapped accessible to name just a few.

Sorry folks due to a computer malfunction the rest of this post has been deleted. Now to work on it.

Hope to see at the meeting......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vote today for School Budget

A reminder to vote on the Matawan Aberdeen School Budget and for School Board members.

Not going to comment on how you should vote, you don't need us to tell you what is important to you. We will stress the importance of voting for or against the Budget and for School Board members.

Friday, April 10, 2009

6th Annual Fish Fry 4-10-2009 5-8:30pm

TODAY IN MATAWAN - Tired of cooking fish on Fridays during Lent, Matawan's Bravest to the rescue. Washington Engine Company #1 at 176 Jackson Street, Matawan is hosting its 6th Annual Fish Fry on Friday, April 10, 2009 between5:00 - 8:30pm. Ticket prices are $14.00 Adults and $7.00 children 10 and under. What a great deal!

For ticket information: Call Paul Richards 732 921 2073 or Bob Ziegler 732 620 5651.Come out and support our Fire-fighters, Matawan's bravest. The price is right.

Everyone knows Fire-fiighters are the best chefs! (Keep this between us. We so enjoy the hot dogs when Matawan's Finest (Police) cook on Matawan Day.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Workshop, Borough Council Meeting 4-7-09 at 7pm

Reconvene Workshop meeting of 3-31-09, tonight at 7pm. It will be followed by another Workshop meeting. After which the Regular Borough Council meeting will be held. A rather ambitious Agenda for one evening. Without political posturing, we look forward to seeing the Workshops move quickly and the Borough Council making progress.

Will the Council continue with the Police Dept. Budget as the Chief wasn't feeling well at the last Special Meeting? We look forward to hearing what cuts the Police Dept. could make, if any.

Workshop agenda highlights:

An ordinance introduction to exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriation limits and to establish a Cap Bank.

2009 Budget Introduction for the fiscal year.

Workshop Discussions:
Hooray! At long last Matawan will be discussing and voting on a Resolution to retain a Part Time Business Administrator. With our current Budget constraints....a good move!

Property Maintenance Ordinance - For all of the residents who maintain their property, we are assuming (hopefully not like the Bad News Bears movie) this ordinance will enforce and/or create guidelines for property owners to follow. We all are tired of property owners who let their property become storage bins for their junk/garbage.

Extension of 4 day work week

Employee Time Records

General discussion on Recreation Ordinance

Gas & Municipal Vehicles Usage

Council Meeting Agenda

Resolution to Retain Part-Time Business Administrator

Resolution Honoring our Troops and "Support our Troops Day"

Resolution for the Borough of Matawan for a Regional Feasibility Study Grant

Mill Road Sewer Extension (finally)

Bond Ordinance providing an appropriation of $200,000. for Improvements to the Water Treatment Plant. Issuance of $200,000. Bonds or Notes of the Borough for Financing Part of the Appropriation.

It appears that the Council is making progress. Can't help but wonder what Matawan could have accomplished had we not had to make up for the Budget deficits of the last few years. Oh well......

Hope to see you at the meeting......