Friday, February 29, 2008

Recreation Department Special Meeting Findings

It was good to witness the Council working together to bring a matter to completion. Mayor Buccellato conducted a productive meeting last night. Councilman Bunyon recommended Matawan adopt the same ordinance as Eatontown with a few modifications. This was seconded by Councilman Mullaney. Councilwoman Clifton encouraged the Council to make a decision and bring the matter to fruition. All members agreed and it was decided to take each item line by line in order to modify the Ordinance to meet the needs of Matawan. Mayor Buccellato then proceeded to read and request discussion from the Council as to modifications. All in all this went very well and an Ordinance should be ready by the next Borough Council meeting on March 4th.

Councilman Bunyon decision to start with the Ordinance instead of the Recreation Director position as the Agenda read was not met with any opposition. The Recreation Director position was put on hold until the Budget is presented to Council. It is the opinion of Councilman Cannon that this position must be part time with a salary as yet to be determined by the constraints of the Budget. Which by the way doesn't look good. Councilman Cannon is trying to do a good job for the people of Matawan, however, he is met with demands from other Council members to spend, spend, spend.

How can you possibly mention Gravelly Brook Park renovation when the Borough has more pressing matters to address. The Water Filtration system, the Police/Court Building, Fire Department and First Aid equipment needs, to name a few.

A small amount of politicking was evidenced by Councilman Mendes but the discussion was brought back to focus on the matter at hand by the Mayor. A good lesson is to be learned here, this Mayor runs a meeting without political agendas and tries to keep the focus on the issues.

Overall a job well done by Mayor Buccellato and the Council. It is amazing what they can accomplish when they work together.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Matawan

Had to share an observation we had regarding the Monmouth County Democratic Party and its influence in Matawan. The Democrats of Matawan scream bloody murder when a Republican accepts a donation from any attorney, engineer, etc. Now see if you can follow this one, an attorney makes a large donation to the Monmouth County Democratic Party, who then donates that same money to a Matawan democratic candidate. Now the same attorney, engineer is now given the job of Borough Attorney, Borough Engineer, etc. Now if anyone questions the company that donates they can say they donated to the Monmouth County Democratic Party and have no knowledge of what they did with the donation. It is a win-win situation for them.
What a great way to funnel money into Matawan! Let's see who the Democratic majority Council select for Borough Attorney. Could it be that Pat Menna, Esq., a Democrat, didn't donate enough to the Monmouth County Democratic Party? Mr. Menna who is a knowledgeable, municipal attorney and Mayor of Red Bank, is being given the boot by the Democratic majority.....WHY????? Mr. Menna has proven over and over again what a competent Borough attorney he is by keeping the Council from putting their collective feet in their mouths. Last year the same Council was singing his praises and saying how he was saving Matawan money by charging reasonable fees. So what did he do that they don't want to renew his contract? Or what is it he didn't do? Let's see what others would charge the Borough....

As someone said at a recent Council meeting, if it ain't broke, why fix it! That seems easy enough.....let's see, ask yourself, could it be pay back?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Special Workshop meeting Thurs at 7pm

A special Workshop meeting will be held at the Matawan Community Center at 7pm this Thursday to discuss the Recreation Director position. Keep in mind the public can only observe. Comments should be held until the Borough Council meeting on March 4th.

Anyone who has objections/questions regarding this position should attend to be prepared to voice their objections at the Borough Council meeting. Of course, it is our opinion the majority Council has made their decision and the candidate has been selected. It will be interesting to hear what Councilman Robert Bunyon, Chairperson of the Redevelopment, Recreation, Water/Sewer committee has to say.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mary, Mary, quite contrary - Aufseeser

According to the Resolution to Request RFQ's for Professional Services, i.e. Borough Attorney, the majority Council members didn't have time and blamed it on the Special Election. Hellooooooooooooooooooooo, after current Mayor Paul Buccellato was elected (so everyone, including Aufseeser knew she was voted out) former Mary Aufseeser without the Council's consent, and without the first RFQ's being rejected by the Borough Council decided to order RFQ's to be published. Now here is an interesting point, Mayor Paul Buccellato was NOT mentioned in this Resolution. It reads that it be resolved by the Council of Matawan. Mayor Buccellato's name is not mentioned even once on this Resolution.

The question we have, Is an investigation going to be conducted to determine why former Mayor Aufseeser acted in such a way to subject the Borough to litigation? What do her supporters say now? There has been no comment on this Resolution and the consequences. Who acted in consert with Aufseeser? The press will be calling her for a comment and questions? Now we noticed at the previous Council meeting, the majority, were all attacking the Boro Administrator and the Boro Clerk. It comes together now as we see it they were trying to blame the Administrator and Boro Clerk for Aufseeser's actions. Did other members of the Council participate in reviewing the Quotes with Mary Aufseeser? Did other members of the Council participate in interviewing Attorneys for the position of Borough Attorney? WHY? If this was on the up and up, why wasn't Mayor elect Buccellato asked to attend? Were they concerned he would tell them it was wrong to act as they did?

Who will reimburse the taxpayers for the time spent by the Borough Administrator and the Borough Clerk for this fiasco? Who will reimburse the taxpayers for the use of Matawan's Community Center, or any other municipal building, if it was used to hold these interviews? Someone should be held accountable. Our Borough is in financial trouble, we believe we are facing a double digit increase on top of the re-evaluation, we cannot afford unauthorized taxpayer dollars being spent. Don't get what there was to gain by all this slithering around. We must have TRANSPARENCY in Matawan's government. Just for reasons like this one. What happens if litigation is entered into by one of the attorneys who sent a quote and was interviewed?

Doesn't this open up a whole can of worms, what else don't the taxpayers know?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something is Rotten in Matawan and the Plot Thickens

Workshop Meeting - Councilmen Bunyon, Malley, Mendes and Mullaney were all a minimum of 20-30 minutes late for the meeting. No apologies were given to the Council, nor the residents who patiently awaited their arrival, by the Councilpeople for their tardiness. Mayor Buccellato discussed changing the time for the Workshop meetings or having them on a different day from the Council meeting as a solution to the problem. Councilman Mendes stated it would be better if it started at 6:30pm. Although complaints about the length of the Borough Council meeetings were discussed by the very people who were late, they had no solutions and most certainly did not act in such a manner as to expedite the meeting. As a matter of fact, the majority Council are responsible for running so late. Council, instead of campaigning ask pertinent questions and move on.

Observations - The Workshop concept is an excellent way of observing our elected officials at work. Although we cannot comment, it does allow the public to observe the Council at work. The negative side is that it presents a Forum for politicking. Executive Sessions should remain for discussing personnel, money, legal matters and the like.

Borough Council Meetings - Quite frankly, based on what we heard and observed there is something rotten in Matawan. A Resolution to Withdrawn all Quotes for Professional Services and send out another request was insisted upon by Councilman Mullaney towards the end of the Council meeting. This will make it the 3rd such request. This Resolution was then read aloud by Mayor Buccellato. Of course, this took more time. Ironically, no one on the Council complained about the time spent. Within the context of this Resolution it was stated, Mary Aufseeser, interim Mayor, ordered a Request for Quotes for professional services, i.e. Borough Attorney, Prosecutor, etc. without the Borough Council's consent. Thereby voiding the previous "good faith" quotes. Any one who has observed Ms. Aufseeser, when she was Mayor, knows she never answered any residents questions without deferring to the Borough Attorney, Borough Administrator or Council members. OK, so I'm no Perry Mason, but that sounds like a cover up. Is Matawan now open to litigation? Why didn't the majority Council deny whether Mary Aufseeser acted without the permission of the Council. Now we find it hard to believe that Aufseeser took it upon herself to tell the Boro Administrator and the Borough Clerk to send out RFQ's and no one on the Council knew about it. Do they honestly want the public to believe Mary Aufseeser, while interim Mayor, knowing that Paul Buccellato, the Mayor elect of Matawan, woke up one morning and decided that she and she alone would tell the Borough Administrator and the Borough Clerk to publish a request, then upon receiving the quotes from candidates (attorneys) decided to interview said applicants without the Borough Council's consent or knowledge? Could it be Mullaney wants Matawan to hire attorneys of his choosing, more than he wants to protect the Borough or former Mayor Aufseesor from litigation. Prior to any other Bloggers criticism, we quote the paragraph referenced of the Resolution 08-02-40:

'WHEREAS, some time after November 15, 2007, the former Mayor, without authority of the Council, and prior to the Council rejecting the first RFQ proposals in open session, directed the clerk to issue a second Request for Qualifications for the position of Borough Attorney without authorization of Council;"

Bull S--t!

Comments: Isn't this illegal? Since Councilman Mullaney insisted this Resolution be presented at the Borough Council meeting at the last minute (another reason why the meetings run late) knowing full well this could place the Borough in jeopardy, why didn't the Council members clarify whether Aufseeser did so without the Council's consent? Why did Mullaney wait to the end of the meeting, when coincidently, all the Reporters had left to insist on the Resolution being added to the Agenda. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. What is the majority Council hiding?

Now here is another interesting fact, Rosemary Malley, wife of Councilman Malley, wrote a letter to the Editor of the Asbury Park Press criticizing Mayor Buccellato. Call it a coincidence, but it sounds to me that they were trying to distract people from the real issue.

Girls Softball League Field - It is being delayed for valid safety issues brought up by Councilman Mullaney. However, he did manage to get Maser Consulting to do soil testing at Gravelly Brook Park in the hopes of putting a softball field at that location.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Council Meeting Tonight at 7:30pm

Workshop begins at 6pm. Public welcome to observe. Comments should be held until the open floor portion of the Borough Cuncil meeting.

Softballl Field - We noted the Girls Softball League Field is on the Agenda for the Workshop. If you care about the field come to the meeting and voice your preferences. Demand your Council build that field for your children. Otherwise, you will be allowing Councilman Mullaney, Malley, Bunyon, Mendes and Cannon to make the choice for you and your children. SILENCE EQUALS CONSENT!

A misleading letter to the Editor of the Courier (a known Democratic slanted weekly) from Councilman "Bud" Mullaney stating it would cost the Borough $21,000. for the softball field is an out and out lie. The Softball and Baseball League stated they would pay half which equates to $10,500. for the Softball field. Now we know because we were there as Councilman Mullaney was pushing to have a soil test done in Gravelly Brook Park for approximately $2500., which would be ONLY Phase One of Soil Preparation. Of course, Maser Consulting will be happy to oblige...never heard any business refuse a job. The reality is that soil testing for best results should be done after the ground thaws, not in the middle of Winter. Once again Councilman Mullaney has no problem spending tax dollars for what he wants, when he wants it. Why would he send a letter to the Editor and intentially mislead residents? Good it just a power play with no regard for the children? You be the judge!

Other items on the Workshop agenda are to discuss & review the Recreation Director position, discuss and review Recreation Commission Ordinance, Train Station Parking, discuss Matawan Poice Chief's request for a Lt. and Sgt. tests.

Borough Council Meeting Agenda - Edgewater Drive Parking Ordinance is scheduled for a vote.

Advertise to accept Request for Proposals for Fire Dept. euipment needs assessment.
Are you kidding me? Why not just ask the Fire Department Chief? This is a waste of time and money. Will this be another Beacon Study Report that will be paid for and disregarded by the Majority of the Council? What will this Study cost, well guess we will have to attend the meeting to find out.

Hope to see you at the meeting....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And the beat goes de da de da

Councilman Bunyon stated that the Recreation Dept will be searching for a part time Recreation Director, salary around $25,000.-30,000., no benefits, job description being reviewed by Council. Councilman Mullaney was prepared with a list of salaries from other municipalities (citing the Star Ledger as his source.) To our dismay, the salaries were all high. Mayor Buccellato inquired as to the job descriptions and whether they were full time or part time. You know comparing apples to apples. Councilman Mullaney did not have an answer. Although the Council were given job descriptions, it was then decided to discuss at the next week's workshop meeting. They had other fish to fry as following the farce, Councilman Malley interrupted the Agenda proceedings to start the ball rolling on getting Councilman Mendes voted onto the Planning & Zoning Board. By law, the job of Part time Recreation Director has to be published requesting this going to be another Mendes set up? Do they already have a person in mind? Jimmy the Greek, the famous bookmaker wouldn't even give odds on that question! For those that think we are hedging....we'd bet the farm they have the person and perhaps have tailored the job to fit. Keep in mind that last year, Mayor Aufseeser and the Council did away with the Recreation Director position in a feeble attempt to provide a savings to the Borough. What happened to the Matawan Alliance and Renatta Bonetta of Synergy Bank?

Another interesting seems the majority Democratic Council wants to shop for a new Borough Attorney. Mystifying as the current Attorney Pat Menna, Esq. is a competent attorney, a Democrat and Mayor of Red Bank. He has done a professional, remarkable job showing no political favoritism. He has always protected the Borough and has kept the newly elected majority Council, last year alone, from stepping on their own feet. Can't think of a better attorney to represent the Borough, politics aside.

All of this political posturing reminds us of what followed the election of Mike Cannon when he ran for Council, despite the fact he was not legally eligible. Oh that's right, Bunyon was running then quit the race and the Democrats had no one but Mike Cannon to run so they took the matter to Court. Here's where it gets good, the Attorney who represented Cannon, provided by the Monmouth County Democratic Party whose Chairman is Vic Scudiery, last year was appointed as the Redevelopment Attorney. decide! As for Bunyon well he was appointed to fill Meghan Mullaney's seat on the Council, right after Bunyon lost the election for a Council seat by getting the lowest amounts of votes. Of course Mullaney waited till after the election to resign. All of this took place after Bunyon lost the election to Linda Clifton, who received the most votes in that election year. The plot thickens....this year the majority Council want to replace attorney Pat Menna, Esq. with whom? Could it be some attorney hand picked by the Monmouth County Democratic Party Chairman, Vic Scudiery? The very same Monmouth Democratic Party who paid for flyers in the last special election in an attempt to get Mary Aufseeser re-elected. Ms Aufseeser's pay back was screwing Matawan by making all the appointments the first of the year while being the interim Mayor. After she stated that she would only make vital appts during a Council meeting. That was just in case she didn't get re-elected, nothing like hedging your bets. Aufseeser's word didn't matter once she lost the election so it was a win win situation for her. A win win for the Democratic majority and if that wasn't thumbing their noses at Matawan.....there is more to come.

Ask yourself, who is paying for Silver Oaks, the Aberdeen Developer, to keep litigation going on against Matawan. Then ask why? What is the benefit to a developer, who makes his money in developing, not litigation. Who or whom does it benefit to prevent Matawan, a small Borough, from going forward with a Transit Village and getting some tax relief for its residents. Why is the Monmouth County Democratic Party so involved in Matawan's politics and the Transit Village? This seems to be an intricate plot whose motive hasn't reared its ugly head yet. Don't let anyone misled you, something is going on.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Highlights from the Borough Council Meeting

LET'S PLAY SOFTBALL - NOT IN MATAWAN - Last night we observed the Democratic majority excercising their clout. Here are some of the highlights, Matawan-Aberdeen Baseball and Softball, two separate organizations requested the Borough create a softball field to compliment Hourihan Little League Field located at the Matawan Borough Community Center on Broad St . They were willing to pay half of the cost to build the field (Borough has a quote of $21,000. approx) and the League will maintain the field. The Girls Softball teams have no dedicated field to play on in Matawan. Why did this project go out for a quote if the Council wasnt going to utilize the quote? Why do we spend money requesting quotes or bids if the Council already has its mind made up? Three Council members have delayed any progress being made by their political posturing. The Matawan Advocate wholeheartedly endorses the project and the Girls Softball League. Councilman Mullaney requested Mazur conduct soil test borings at Gravelly Brook Park to see if those fields can be utilized....cost to the Borough approx. $2500+. Folks, adequate soil borings will be difficult to conduct while the ground is frozen. The fields could not be utilized without addressing the drainage problems that exist at Gravelly Brook. In the interim where do Girls softball play? Not in Matawan.

Renovating Gravelly Brook Park was mentioned as a long term goal in Mayor Buccellato's vision for the Borough at his first meeting as Mayor. All of a sudden it became the vision of the rest of the Council? As the Mayor mentioned this project will take years, yes, years to accomplish. Why are we wasting money now to pay Mazur Consulting to do soil testing when the remediation work would cost an amount we cannot afford. If the majority of the Council had daughters who play softball you can bet there would be a softball field for them to play. Under the guise of being frugal, Councilman Mullaney and the majority simply used this as a delay tactic. Let's see if the Girls Softball League has the "right stuff" to demand a field for our children. If the Recreation Dept has money from all those events run last year, why can't some of it be designated for our children to have a Softball Field in Matawan? Afterall, isn't that what the money is allocated for....our childrens' recreation? Instead of granting the request, the Council gave in what was best said in a line from the movie, "My Cousin Vinny", "Oh, a counter offer." Still no solution.

We commend the members of both Leagues and support their efforts. Their pleading with the Council, only fell on deaf ears. Is the Council forgetting that they are here to meet the needs of the Community, not dictate what those needs are?

Edgewater Drive Restricted Parking Ordinance
On February 11. 2008, the Council majority delayed the vote to permit more time for them to study the Street. Matawan's Traffic Safety Officer has spent considerable time and effort in his study of the situation and presented it to the Council for a decision. Three weeks have gone by since the initial introduction of this ordinance, and these people who serve the Borough need more time?

Planning & Zoning Board Appointment - In an unprecented move Councilman Will Malley called a Council vote on the appointment of Councilwoman Linda Clifton's appointment by the Mayor to the Planning & Zoning Board. Councilwoman Clifton graciously resigned and the majority Council nominated, voted and approved to replace her with Councilman Kevin Mendes. Wish they could move that fast when it comes to the Girls Softball League,Edgewater Drive Safety issues and the 2008 Budget!

Looking forward to seeing a Preliminary 2008 Budget from the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Michael Cannon. Purportedly all the appropiate people couldn't meet in time to put figures together as yet. We think the Budget is important enough that all concerned should make the time in lieu of political posturing.

Hope to see you all including the Girls Softball League at the Borough Councl meeting next week.....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Agenda for tonight's Council Meeting

Well folks one item we didn't see is the 2008 Budget. Now being reasonable, one must ask themselves, how do we spend money without an approved Budget? The answer is called "emergency appropriations". Sure there will be people looking for money from Matawan for good causes and in reality they should be considered. BUT not until we have an approved 2008 Budget. Unless it is an emergency, which according to my Webster's Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged is: a sudden or unexpected occurence or occurences demanding prompt action; urgent necessity. That means no donations or spending unless it qualifies as an emergency! Perhaps that will get the "powers that be" to produce a Budget. Otherwise, we should all send our tax dollars into Matawan from our personal 2009 Budget!

Councilman Cannon the ball is in your court. Will you produce a 2008 Budget at tonight's Council meeting? We'll see.....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Mon. 2/11/08

Matawan Borough Council Meeting Monday, Feb. 11, 2008. Starting at 6pm with a Workshop, which the public can observe but must not comment. Comments on the Workshop can be made at the regular Council Meeting when the floor is open. Council meeting starts at 7:30pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all there....


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Primary Day Presidential Election

Democrat or Republican, don't forget to get out and vote in the Primary today.