Saturday, November 28, 2009

Borough Council Workshop/Meeting Tues. 12/1 @7pm

Tuesday's Borough Council workshop and meeting is pretty routine. Up for discussion is the Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Ordinance. This will be followed by an introduction of Ordinance 09-25 Bond Ordinance Providing an Appropriation of $6,500,000 for Improvement to the Water Treatment Plant for and by the Borough of Matawan in the County of Monmouth, New Jersey and, Authorizing the Issuance of $6,500,000 Bonds or Notes of the Borough for Financing Part of the Appropriation. No news here the rehab of the Water Treatment Plant is a necessary expense.
Payment of Bills - There were no bills presented for payment by any firm owned or family owned by any Borough Council member.
Hope to see you at the meeting......

Monday, November 23, 2009

Matawan 5K Turkey Trot Sat. Nov. 28 @10am

Matawan Borough Recreation Commission is holding its annual 5K Turkey Trot this Sat. November 28th, Registration 8:30am, Race time: 10am.

More information:; Registration forms can be obtained from the Matawan Borough website.

Proceeds to benefit Matawan Parks.

We noticed this year non-perishable food donations for Matawan's Food Pantry will be accepted. Great idea! While Thanksgiving will be over Christmas is right around the corner. Let's not forget those in need. As the saying goes, "There but for the grace of God go I."

Friday, November 20, 2009

Give Thanks by Helping Others

With Thanksgiving approaching next week, let's all remember those who will go hungry without our help. If we all donated one can of food, we could help hungry families have a Happy Thanksgiving. Such a small request with such a large need.
Matawan has always been made up of people who care. Let's demonstrate our kindness this Holiday Season. Set an example for our children to follow.
Contact the Matawan Community Food Pantry at 201 Broad St., Matawan, NJ. Tel 732 290-7518. Donations are accepted by the First Presbyterian Church and the Cross of Glory Lutheran Church.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Meeting Update

The Regular Borough Council meeting was suspended by the Mayor in order for the Matawan Borough Fire Department to present their Needs Assessment.

It was a worthwhile effort by the Fire Department, which we would like to remind everyone is a volunteer organization. Touched on was consolidation and the need for a hook and ladder truck. While no specifics were mentioned as to the ramifications of consolidation or where the money would come from for the hook and ladder, the information provided will now be decided on by the Borough Council. We trust the Council will take full advantage of the data and make the right decisions to benefit Matawan.

The rest of the meeting contained regular Borough business and proceeded without incident.

Comment: Councilman Mullaney has been voted out by the residents of Matawan. That is a fact. The "sour grapes" attitude is unbecoming of any Councilperson who held an elected position. The current letter writing campaign by two of his associates is insulting to the voters of Matawan. Mr. Mullaney get over yourself. The people of Matawan have spoken. There is no need to belittle the intelligence of the voters because they chose not to re-elect you.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Mtg 11-16-09 @ 7:30pm

Matawan Borough Council meeting tonight at 7:30pm.

Before we get into the Agenda items, we would like to thank some wonderful groups for a job well done. This past Saturday a Swine Flu Clinic was held. Thanks to Matawan's Fire Department, Police Department and First Aid Department it was a rousing success. These groups make us proud to live in Matawan.

Matawan Borough Police Department is having its annual Toys For Tots Drive. This time of year let's remember those who are less fortunate and donate an unwrapped toy. We can bring a smile to the face of a child. Doesn't get any better than that my friends!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Salute to our Veterans

November 11th, we honor our Veterans. May we always remember the sacrifices they made in the past and all they are doing in the present to keep us free.

Matawan Borough Community Center at 201 Broad St., will be closed in honor of Veterans' Day tomorrow. They will be opened on Friday, November 13, 2009. Thus the employees will be available to serve the residents four days this week.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Matawan Borough Worshop/Council Meeting

Last night's Council workshop/Regular meeting was uneventful.

Workshop - Fire Department - Needs Assessment - put on hold until next meeting.

Sign Ordinance - Still dragging their feet on this one. The question of the neon signs was discussed to death! Problem is there is already something on the books regarding neon signs. Question is where is enforcement? Council let's get moving on this Ordinance! We would like to see some progress made!

Regular Council Meeting -

Consent Agenda - Approving business license - Prima Donna's Salon.

Always happy to see new businesses in the Borough. Good luck and we wish you many years of prosperity in Matawan.

Payment of Bills - No Council Member or member's family owned businesses were listed for payment.

Councilman Joseph "Bud" Mullaney publicly congratulated Councilman-elect Lopez and Councilwoman-elect Angelini from the dais at last night's meeting. A gentlemanly, gracious act on his part. In attendance at last night meeting was Mr. Paolini, Councilman Mullaney's running mate on the Democratic ticket.

Fun Fact - Did you know that Councilpersons-elect are allowed to sit in at Executive Session of the Borough Council but not allowed to participate? Like the idea as when they are sworn in the future Councilpersons have first hand knowledge of Borough business.

Our vision for this new Council is that they get a move on. Stop dragging your feet on the issues of Main St., Fire Department Assessment, Dams, Transit Village, etc. We will be very interested in what the Mayor and Council's goals for the new year and next five years will be when outlined on New Year's Day.

See you at the next Council meeting......

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Matawan Voters Have Spoken, We Can't be Bought!

Congratulations to Andy Lopez and Toni Angelini who are Matawan's Councilpersons-elect. Don't know if that is the "politically correct" way of saying it but congrats to you both. We like to mention they ran a clean, financially prudent campaign. They both worked very hard knocking on doors, sharing their visions and listening to yours for Matawan. One of the factors that stuck in our minds, they did not make any false promises for your vote. We were happy to hear they are already setting goals to be responsive to the residents, within financially prudent reason. Now the rest is up to the Borough Council. We trust (boy doesn't that sound like an optimist, we are just so caught up in the moment) the new year will bring a Borough Council that works together for Matawan. You can also trust that if they wander off the path of progress, we will be there to let them and you know.

We are very excited to witness Councilman elect Lopez and Councilwoman elect Angelini join the team already on board to get Matawan through these tough economic times. With a Borough Council that will now share the same vision for Matawan (the vision of the residents)the benefits are endless. We hope this year will bring an end to the extremes of "big" political signs, bandwagons driving through the Borough and place the emphasis on reasonable spending for campaigns. Next election we would like to see less grandiose methods and more small Borough methods. Wouldn't it be great to see a flier come in your mailbox stating this is the only one you will receive, due to the economic conditions facing our residents, donations will be made to a local Foodbank instead. Hey, we warned you we are optimists!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Monmouth Musings Sets the Record Straight

Check out Art Gallagher's Blog, More Monmouth Musings, for the lowdown on how desperate the Democratic candidates in NJ are to get Corzine back into the Governor's house. You thought it was just in Matawan that a certain candidate (Mullaney) was going to extremes to get your vote. Well, the Democratic Party admitted to paying for Robo calls in Somerset County on behalf of Daggett, the so called Independent candidate, the "spoiler" if you will. Now usually, we don't get involved in politics outside our little hamlet of Matawan, but this just makes us sick. We suggest before you get out to vote, read More Monmouth Musings for a look at the real TRUTH. Thanks to Art Gallagher for some fine investigating.

Guilt by decide...

As for Matawan, my Grandmother used to say, "You lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas!"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Facts..Jack..On Mullaney's Record

Hit the road Jack(Mullaney) and don't you come back, no more, no more, no more, no more....should be the song sung by voters in Matawan. After reading and reviewing Councilman Joseph "Buddy" Mullaney's record and comments, this song just says it all.

Now we have to confess we read what some other blogger has said about the current Administration and it reads like a campaign flier for Mullaney & Company. Sprinkling big lies in with very little fact! Well, not wanting to read a cupcake, we went back in our notes and previous blogs to check out just what we witnessed, not what someone else told us to write, but what we heard and researched ourselves. Get a cup of coffee, better make that a mug, this is going to be a long one....

Let's go back to 12/18/07, Are You Kidding Me Category at Borough Council Meeting?, when American Properties supported the Democratic candidates by allowing signs to be place all over the front of their property on Route 34. Note: not one of the executives or employees of American Properties LIVES in Matawan. Why would they care who won? Well, today we hear Councilman Mullaney complaining on behalf of American Properties. The blog of 12/18/07 tells of Councilman Mullaney abstaining from a vote due to his past business relationship to a Mr. Czik, a top executive at American Properties. Ironically, the part time Building Dept. inspections was voted on during the Democratic majority years. Councilman Mullaney was part and parcel of it and voted in favor of it going part time. Are you confused as we are? Is this some kind of Payback? You tell us. Whose interests is Mullaney looking out for??? Yours or American Properties?

Let's move to the 12/13/07, Cheap Tricks or History Repeating Itself? It was Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney's replacement, claiming she moved to Aberdeen, after the election, to the person with the lowest number of popular votes, Robert Bunyon. Read more on that in 1/2/08, "Honesty in Government-Not in Matawan" Blog. By the way, Councilman Mullaney is now insinuating, referring to the years his daughter was on Council, they worked on the same cost effective method to save money as is in place now on the Borough's Health Insurance Plan. Well, we say poppycock! Mr. Mullaney did no such thing! One question, if Mullaney did work on it why wasn't it instituted? Simple, he never did! Nothing was ever said by either Mullaney about the plan that has been put in place by the current Administration. Per our notes, it wasn't brought up until Mayor Buccellato mentioned it and the current Administration worked it out to save the Borough money.

Comment: Ms. Mullaney has moved on with her life and is out of politics. She currently resides in Aberdeen and is engaged to one of Matawan's Finest. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and many years of happiness with her future husband.

Mullaney is no stranger to controversy, i.e., the Beacon Surveying Downtown Study Report. See 10/17/2007 "Great Editorial Independent," this refers to the Study paid for by taxpayers dollars and somehow dismissed by Councilman Mullaney and then democratic Mayor Aufseeser. The funny thing was no one but these two people on Council reported ever receiving this expensive, important, paid Study. As a matter of fact, until then Councilman Buccellato, had requested its whereabouts several times, it had been dismissed by Mullaney and Aufseeser. Currently, Mullaney is calling for the Revitalization of Downtown. Well, what happened to that Study Councilman? Why did you hide it from the voters? Why did you have to be forced to share it with your constituents? Now in 2009 when the economy is so depressed, you are crying for change. Why did you not utilize that Report back when it could have made a difference? You see we all don't have short term memory loss Councilman!

Which brings us to the Transit Village issue. Another truth is stranger than fiction in Mullaney's campaign literature. It was the Developer from Aberdeen who delayed Matawan from going forward with the Transit Village, not the Republicans. Contrary to what Mullaney again insinuates. The facts are that the entire Matawan Borough Council, which included Paul Buccellato, Deb Buragina, Mike Cannon, Rob Clifton, etc. were falsely accused by the Aberdeen Developer and the Aberdeen Administrator of wrongdoing. All of this took years to play out in Court. Finally, it was resolved many years later when the NJS Supreme Court dismissed the allegations. The years took their toll on Matawan Borough. Times changed, the economy changed, laws changed. This all caused the Plan to require re-evaluation. Through no fault of the current Administration. The Democratic majority did vote for a new Developer during the years Matawan was in Court, costing the Borough more tax dollars, to no productive end. The fact is no plan was ever put into place to pick up the pieces at the end of the Court battle. But the financial supporters benefited while the taxpayers did not! Is it any wonder Mullaney claims to be a friend of business? Whose business?

OK, OK, let's get a little more current. How about Councilman Mullaney position and vote on the Girl's Softball League Field issue. That's right folks the Councilman was the only member of the Council to vote against it. No thanks to his delaying tactics the Council voted for it. By the way, the Girl's Softball League paid for half the cost to fix up the field and continues to maintain it. No cost to taxpayers. Mullaney wasted more of the Council's time on making this an issue when there was none. Is this an example of the way he wants to help Matawan's progress?

Pay to Play Ordinance - Councilman Mullaney was adamant about Matawan needing a Pay to Play Ordinance. At the time he also wanted to control the State and County's Pay to Play policies. Over-reaching your authority Councilman, you bet. But nonetheless we applauded his attempt to introduce the Ordinance in Matawan. THEN, it died! Nothing more was said by him on the subject. Months later when the Ordinance was brought up at the Council meeting, lo and behold, Councilman Mullaney hires an attorney and threatens to sue the Borough if a Pay to Play Ordinance is brought to a vote. What you say, sue his own constituents? That's right folks. You see Mullaney and another member of the Council perform work for the Borough. Well, Mullaney's Company and the other member's family owned business that is. Now it becomes clear why the Pay to Play Ordinance was dropped by Mullaney. Believe us you can't make this stuff up.

Last but not least, the loss of the Department of Motor Vehicles to a strip mall owned by Vic Scudiery, Mullaney's political/financial buddy. Why has no one asked the businesses that closed after the Motor Vehicle was moved to Hazlet, Vic Scudiery's strip mall? The same Scudiery who owns that grey building by the Train Station that has its parking managed by one of Matawan's Council members. To answer your question, Vic Scudiery does not live in Matawan.

Feeling like the girl in the movie, Sybil yet? Has your head stopped spinning? Now we have listened to Councilman Mullaney attack the current Mayor at Borough Council meetings, we have heard him belabor issues only to waste the Council and residents' time, we have even listened to him go against his own party members when it came to the Girls' Softball League issue, so we don't care how many "BIG" signs, or trailers he drives around with his photo on it, we still will not vote for Councilman "Buddy" Mullaney. He is no "Buddy" of Matawan.

Without going any further, and believe us we could, we support Andrew Lopez and Toni Angelini for Matawan Borough Council. Our reason is simple, they have the best interests of Matawan's residents in mind!

Post script - Councilman Mike Cannon has decided not to run for re-election. While we have not always agreed with his politics, we do believe Mike has always had the best interests of Matawan in his heart. We wish him and his family the best of luck in the future and thank him for his many years of service to Matawan Borough.

Which ever way you vote, don't forget to get out and vote on Tuesday! Every vote does count!