Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Meeting Update

The Regular Borough Council meeting was suspended by the Mayor in order for the Matawan Borough Fire Department to present their Needs Assessment.

It was a worthwhile effort by the Fire Department, which we would like to remind everyone is a volunteer organization. Touched on was consolidation and the need for a hook and ladder truck. While no specifics were mentioned as to the ramifications of consolidation or where the money would come from for the hook and ladder, the information provided will now be decided on by the Borough Council. We trust the Council will take full advantage of the data and make the right decisions to benefit Matawan.

The rest of the meeting contained regular Borough business and proceeded without incident.

Comment: Councilman Mullaney has been voted out by the residents of Matawan. That is a fact. The "sour grapes" attitude is unbecoming of any Councilperson who held an elected position. The current letter writing campaign by two of his associates is insulting to the voters of Matawan. Mr. Mullaney get over yourself. The people of Matawan have spoken. There is no need to belittle the intelligence of the voters because they chose not to re-elect you.

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