Tuesday, January 29, 2008

February-Black History Month

Sametta Thompson of the Asbury Park Press has requested we post her request, we are happy to comply:

I am looking for African Americans that are making a difference in the Matawan-Aberdeen Area. The story will run in February for Black History Month. Please pass the info along to: Sametta M. Thompson, News Reporter, Asbury Park Press, Tel 732 888 2619 or email: sthompson@app.com

Monday, January 28, 2008

School Board Meeting Jan. 28, 2008 at 8pm

Fellow Blogger, Aberdeener, has posted the date and time of Matawan Aberdeen School Board meetings on his Blog. The meeting will be held at the Ravine Drive School at 8pm tonight. If you can't make the meeting, you may check out the Aberdeener blog for a follow up.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Matawan's New Quarterback, Mayor Paul Buccellato

In the words of Councilman Mike Cannon at a previous Borough Council meeting, "there's a new Sheriff in town." Well, Mike, Matawan has a new "Quarterback!"

Mayor Paul Buccellato was sworn in at last night's Council meeting by Sen. Joe Kyrillos. The Mayor's two sons held the bible for the swearing in as his wife, Ronne, proudly snapped photos. In attendance were Freeholder Rob Clifton, former Monmouth County Sheriff Joe Oxley, former Councilwomen Debra Buragina and Donna Gould, and former Councilman Neil Mendelsohn. Former Mayor Mary Aufseeser was not in attendance.

Never saw so many residents at a Council meeting. Must say it was exhilarating to see such enthusiasm!

Buccellato presented an ambitious program for the Borough. He explained that he and the Council work together to bring Matawan into the future. Several of his plans are to conduct Workshops prior to Council meetings to discuss the Agenda. These meetings are open to the public for observation purposes only. Questions may be asked when the floor is open to the public at the Council meeting. Nothing was mentioned of Executive sessions (closed to the public meetings,) which seemed to be the norm for the previous Mayor's administration. Buccellato is encouraging transparency in government. Another plan is to form citizen Committees for review of the Transit Village and Main Street Revitalization Report. He stated that he and the Council would like to hear from residents, business owners and property owners on what their vision is for Main Street.

Acknowledgement was given to the Borough employees, Volunteer Fire Dep't and First Aid along with the Police Dep't. Former Mayor Mary Aufseeser was thanked and wished well by the Mayor and Council for her 2 years of service to the Borough.

In an effort to control spending the Mayor called for a meeting of Matawan's CFO and Borough Attorney along with Department heads and the Borough Council to review State and Municipal requirements for purchasing procedures. He also asked for expenditures to be accompanied by a Budget Analysis that shows the impact on the Budget.

The Planning & Zoning Board is charged with updating the Borough's Master Plan. One item to be reviewed will be signage, commercial/retail and political. Glad to see that item being reviewed.

Monies remaining from a bond issued in 2005 for the Borough Recreational Facility and used for various improvements at the Lake Lefferts Lakefront, he'd like to have the Council review and consider using for Gravelly Brook Park.

The Mayor requested that the Police and Fire Depts along with Matawan First Aid assemble with a resident committee to oversee a memorial design competition for the four Matawan residents that died on 9/11. The committee will recommend to the Mayor and Council a design for this memorial as well as its location. He also directed the Borough Attorney to draft a resolution for the next Council meeting establishing a fund raising trust account for this purpose.

Impressed with Mayor Buccellato's including the citizens in the planning of the Transit Village and the Main Street Revitalization, one can only trust that the entire Council will work together with the citizens in the best interests of Matawan's future. Leave individual egos at the curb!

If we have forgotten anything, please feel free to comment. For now, we are cautiously optimistic....and of course...hope to see you at the next Borough Council meeting in February.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Tuesday, January 22, 2008, at 7:30 pm, Paul Buccellato will be sworn in as Mayor of Matawan. Council President Michael Cannon,will preside over the meeting until Mayor elect Buccellato is sworn in. At that time, Mayor Buccellato will take his place on the dias.

We are optimistic about the Mayor and the Borough Council working together to carry Matawan into the future. Here's hoping they all work together!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


PAUL BUCCELLATO! Congratulations! Let's see the Borough Council move forward and get Matawan back on track. We can all work together and move forward with a responsible approach to the Transit Village and give us some tax relief.


Polls are open from 6am to 8pm. Please exercise your right to vote.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Asbury Park Press Article-Mayoral Election

Matawan voters to elect mayor Tuesday
Following tie vote in recount
By Sametta M. Thompson • KEYPORT BUREAU • January 13, 2008

MATAWAN — Voters here return to the polls Tuesday as Democrat Mary Aufseeser and Republican Paul Buccellato duke it out in a special mayoral election.

Some residents said recently they are fired up to vote a second time for mayor, while others admitted they were unaware of the special election.

Both Aufseeser, 56, who is seeking re-election as mayor, and Buccellato, 53, a member of the Borough Council, said they have been preparing for the showdown Tuesday by knocking on doors and talking to residents.

"We need to go in a new direction," said longtime Union Street resident Andrew Lopez, who steadfastly attends Borough Council meetings.

"Nothing's being done. The redevelopment area is just at a standstill. No one seems to have an answer," Lopez said.

He said he's backing Buccellato because he believes "He's got the experience. He seems to have a better understanding of how to get things done. We need his type of leadership to help turn our borough around."

Emily Jones of Jackson Street differs; she's supporting Aufseeser.

Jones didn't say exactly why she's voting for Aufseeser, but said she is "disgusted" by issues surrounding the Nov. 6 election recount.

"I hate politics," Jones said. "Yes, people have disagreements as to what would work for our town, but the bottom line is, just get it done."

The special election was scheduled after a recount of the Nov. 6 results conducted by the Monmouth County Board of Elections showed a tie: Both candidates received 947 votes.

Buccellato, who called for the recount, gained one more vote than had been recorded on Election Day.

Elected to the Borough Council Nov. 6 were Republican Linda Clifton and Democrat Kevin R. Mendes.

Municipal Clerk Jean Montfort said the deadline for new voters to register to participate in the special election was Dec. 26.


Even supporters of Aufseeser don't know why they support her. Buccellato's supporter was clear and concise in his reasoning for voting for Paul Buccellato.

The only way we are going to proceed with the Transit Village is to vote for Buccellato for Mayor. If we want to see some progress made it will not be with Aufseeser. She has been in office for 2 years and nothing has been done or even planned.

Even Councilman Mike Cannon, Democrat, said at a recent Borough Council Meeting that he envisions a Transit Village with residential, retail and commercial properties. Unlike his counterpart, appointed Councilman Robert Bunyon who does not wish to see residential in the Transit Village area. This said by a person with no experience or knowledge on this type of development. Tell us Councilman Bunyon what Developer will build only retail/commercial with no residential? Does he know something we don't? How do the Democrats intend on making progress when they don't even agree with each other?

Senator Joe Kyrillos and Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, support PAUL BUCCELLATO for Mayor of Matawan. Yes they are Republicans, well-respected. honorable and recently re-elected.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Community Service - Election Day

Due to possible weather conditions and in the event you do not have transportation to the polls:

Anyone who wants to provide transportation to the Polls on Election Day, please contact the Matawan Advocate. As a public service, we will be happy to coordinate drivers and voters. No charge will be made for transportation.

Anyone who requires transportation, please contact the Matawan Advocate, either by posting, which will not be revealed on line, but only to drivers for pick up purposes. Or email the Matawan Advocate at Advocate42@gmail.com.

Rumors abound-Dirty Politics-Special Election

SHAME ON YOU AUFSEESER! Anonymously, people have contacted this Blog stating they have seen overzealous Democratic party supporters ripping out Buccellato signs and throwing them away. Anyone who wants to report this should 1) Call the Matawan or Aberdeen Police or 2) Make sure to take a photo, digital cameras are great, even phone cameras. But any vandalism should be reported to the proper authorities. It does no good to tell M.A. about vandals destroying property. All we can do is post the information. However, proof is necessary, or give names, which will be held in strict confidence, so we can ascertain if these are valid observations. We have observed signs on Aberdeen Road, Aberdeen. There were two or three signs for Aufseeser and one Buccellato sign. Now there is just one Aufseeser sign. Signs were posted on that property for the November election as well. Little Street and Orchard Street also were mentioned as sites of vandalism.

For the record, the Matawan Republican Party does not condone anyone who practices vandalism of election signs or any other property.

Also for the record, Aufseeser election signs remain outside Rose Hill Cemetery, Ravine Drive. All four (4) of them.

Whoever thinks the candidate who posts the most signs will win, probably think the voters in Matawan are stupid or can be controlled visually. Ha Ha Ha Hope they take all those damn signs down after the Election!!!! Let's see who is the first to accomplish that task.

Let's vote by looking at the issues facing Matawan and who we think will be the best suited and strongest to protect Matawan and be experienced to deal with the difficulties ahead.


On a lighter note-Are You Ready for Some Football?

Big weekend Football Games. FYI, Patriots beat the Jaguars. Green Bay won over the Seahawks.

Today's big game, Giants play the Cowboys.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Matawan/Aberdeen School Board-Teachers Contract

Fellow Blogger has a great Blog regarding the new Teachers' Contract for the Matawan/Aberdeen School District. Aberdeener has also said he would publish the dates for the School Board meetings. We urge all residents to attend and let your voice be heard. Recommend you read the Aberdeener to gain a copy of the Contract and gain some insight into the School Board. Whether you have children in the school system or not, we are all footing the bill for this Contract.

Answer to the Question, Is Nothing Sacred?

NOTHING IS SACRED! Ask the families of those who have chosen Rose Hill Cemetery as their final resting place. What is the saying, "Rest in Peace," not there. Political signs are still outside Rose Hill Cemetery on Ravine Drive. Do you really need votes so bad that you would desecrate the resting place of the deceased?


Democrat, Republican or Independent, never has any other Candidate used the Cemetery as a place for a political endorsement!

Hey Matawan, don't stand still too long or they will stick a sign on you, or 3 or 4.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scudiery owned Property- Picture is worth 1,000 Words

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In response to a question from Truth in Matawan, the following information was obtained from the NJ Property owners - 2006 (public record,) on the Asbury Park Press website:

Victor V. Scudiery, Owner of Commercial Class property, 27 28 Main St., Matawan, NJ,
Lot 26 and lot 26.01,
Owner mailing address: 1390 Airport Plaza, Highway 36, Hazlet, NJ

Mr. Scudiery also owns property in Sea Bright and the Highlands. Is he also politically endorsing Candidates in those areas as well?

As a resident of over 30 years in Matawan, isn't it odd that since Councilman "Bud" Mullaney's political involvement these last two years, businesses have been making political endorsements favoring "Buddy's" candidates? Could this be due to some arm twisting of local businesses that have been associated with a local Hospital where he is a sitting Board member?

Not to take away from the good done for Matawan....M.A. just has to ask the question. Understand we appreciate all who work for bettering Matawan, whether volunteering or otherwise.

Is Nothing Sacred? Rose Hill Cemetery

Campaign signs for Aufseeser outside Rose Hill Cemetery, Ravine Drive. What kind of example does this set for our children who pass by Rose Hill Cemetery every day going and coming to Ravine Drive School? What does this say to the families of those who are at their final resting place? Shame, Shame, Shame.

Posted by PicasaThanks to a Matawan resident for submitting these photos to M.A.

A Final Word - Vote on Tues.,January 15, 2008

We would like to end this bantering back and forth with other Bloggers regarding who will be the best Mayor for Matawan. Clearly we support Paul Buccellato. Some other Bloggers do not. Quite frankly we are disappointed that we did not hear from other residents.

Why so few comments on non-resident business owners supporting political candidates? Doesn't it bother anyone that business owners who do not live in Matawan are endorsing candidates? Doesn't anyone question the motives of these business owners and what happens when these same business owners have to go before the very people they endorsed, namely the Planning & Zoning Board? How can we be so complacent?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rebuttal to Truth in Matawan

Today we decided to visit another Blog that purports to offer the truth in Matawan. After visiting the site, known as Truth in Matawan, we felt compelled to reply.

Why isn't Truth in Matawan confronting the issues currently facing Matawan? Why is there no comment about the recent budget appropriation to borrow$125,000. for the 2008 Budget to pay for 2007 expenses. Don't try this at home kids, charging against your credit card has a way catching up with you.

Why is there no mention of the fact that the Borough Council, even if Paul Buccellato wins the mayoral election, is still controlled by the Democratic Council majority. Why does the Truth not mention that the same majority headed by Mayor Aufseeser that had us pay for a Study on Main Street, only to dismiss it as unimportant.

This same majority that has done little or nothing towards making the Transit Village a reality and helping reduce the tax burden to our residents. By the way, does anyone know what the plan is? Even though it is in litigation, we can still plan in an effort to be prepared to move forward. BUT, NOOOOOOOO, that would be progressive and this Council is still back living in the past, but spending money from the future.

Truth in Matawan makes no mention of the Revaluation letters being mailed after the 2007 November election. Nor do they make mention of the bacteria in the water notification being mailed until after the November election.

Come on, let’s discuss the issues that are here and now that affect Matawan.

Matawan Police Department, Fire Department, First Aid

We have heard enough about how much these employees get paid. They work under unsafe, unhealthy conditions. Anytime one of you naysayers wants to strap on a weapon, drive around in a car that may not even have a spare tire or jack in it, get beat up by illegal aliens, have to answer calls for domestic disputes (which are statistically the most dangerous,) have to frisk a drug dealer or user, have citizens complain you are making too much money, be my guest. Yes, Matawan has all of these problems and much, much more. Keep in mind they are the unsung heroes. Let's face it when the Police are called it is never for a resident to applaud them for a job well done. As for us, we thank them for not giving up on Matawan and continuing to work in that unsafe building. Let's support these people who are doing a good job under less than optimum conditions and appreciate the fact that they care enough to take on a job we wouldn't do for all the money in the world!

The same applies to the Fire Department and First Aid Squad. Unless you want to replace one of these dedicated people, the very least you can do is support them in any way possible. We thank all of them every day for doing a job we couldn't do and for giving up their family/free time.

Enough said!

Statement from Matawan Advocate

To those who visit, comment and read this Blog:
It is becoming apparent that we are drifting away from the original purpose of this Blog. That is to provide information and give residents a voice regarding the Matawan Borough Council meetings and issues facing events in Matawan. Lately comments have been made that may or may not be true. Our position is that some should not have been posted. We will not post comments containing allegations without substantiated proof. Information that is submitted to substantiate the comment, if provided, will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Let's agree on one thing; we all want what is best for Matawan!

That being said we hope to get back on track and continue to provide information and your comments on Matawan Borough. Thank you for your continued readership and support.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

???????? Question for the Day ???????????

Should local non-resident business owners endorse a particular person or party in the municipal elections? What do you think the ramifications of these endorsements are? Like to know residents thoughts on this subject.

Monday, January 7, 2008


A reminder to vote on Tuesday, January 15, 2008. This is an important election for Mayor in Matawan. Not that all elections aren't important but this one is right here at home. The last election showed us just how imperative it is for everyone to vote. Don't assume you know the outcome and leave the voting to your neighbors. You know what they say about assume! OK, so I saw the Bad News Bears too. Seriously, this election every vote counts. So get out and exercise your right.

Only two names will be on the ballot, Mary Aufseeser and Paul Buccellato. For the record, we support Paul Buccellato. After observing Mary Aufseeser these last few years, at Council Meetings and based on her performance, DO NOT BELIEVE SHE HAS "THE RIGHT STUFF," to continue to be Mayor of Matawan. While she may be a nice person, that alone does not qualify her to be Mayor. She has shown us during her time as Mayor that she lacks the experience and backbone to be Mayor of Matawan. Even when direct questions are asked of her she defers to others. Not that she doesn't have an opinion, but it appears she is afraid to express them. She is not a strong enough presence to stand up when she errs, but lets others take the heat, i.e. Beacon Study Report. I want a courageous Mayor....in the words of Harry S. Truman, "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen." Aufseeser should return to the private sector, where she might make a good volunteer.

We need someone who will fight for Matawan. Paul Buccellato has the knowledge, education, experience and guts to guide Matawan in the right direction. It is our opinion that Paul would make appointments based on experience, knowledge, background and who would do the best job for Matawan. He has the strength to stand up for what he believes to be right and to see the big picture for Matawan. Paul would not be the majority party, he along with Councilwoman Linda Clifton will be a powerful watchdog for Matawan residents. We need a strong Mayor in Matawan who can take the heat. Who will fight for the Police and Fire Depts. This is a decisive time for us all, we will be a Borough that has grown and thrived or a Borough that used to be a nice place to live. It is up to us all.

Don't forget to get out and vote on Tuesday, January 15, 2008.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More on the Reorganization Meeting

So many appointments...so little time. Forget to mention that Councilman Mike Cannon was appointed Borough Council President. Wonder why he wasn't sworn in at the meeting, another goof? The meeting didn't start on time.....why would we think the Reorganization Meeting would be coordinated properly, the regular Borough Council meetings don't start on time either. Well at least they are consistent.

Mary Mullaney and Pat Coleman were recognized as Citizens of the Year for Matawan. Congratulations to you both on a job well done. Mary is the wife of Councilman "Bud" Mullaney, Mother of Meghan Mullaney(recently resigned from Borough Council) and Michael Mullaney, 2007 Chairman of the Recreation Commission. Mary and Pat are both members of the Recreation Commission and participate in Matawan Alliance events.

Honesty in Government - Not in Matawan

In an obvious betrayal the hold over Mayor, Mary Aufseeser made her appointments at the January 1 Reorganization Meeting. Going against what she led residents to believe at the last Borough Council meeting in Dec. 2007, namely that she would only appoint "essential services," Aufseeser made her appointments in a business as usual move, excluding the Planning & Zonng Board. Did she forget she hasn't won the January 15, 2008 Special Election? Talk about arrogant! This by a person who claims to love Matawan. If she doesn't win, then is she saying she only loves Matawan if she wins?

Here are the appointments the hold over Mayor appointed for Chairpersons of each Committee:
Redevelopment, Recreation, Water/Sewer
Committee - Robert Bunyon Chairperson
Finance, Education, Personnel Committee - Mike Cannon Chairperson
Public Safety, Police, Fire, First Aid Committee - Kevin Mendes Chairperson
Environmental, Shade Tree, Health, ADA
Committee - William Malley Chairperson
Streets/Roads, Bldgs, Grounds Property
Maintenance Construction Committee - Joseph Mullaney Chairperson
Historic Sites, Library, Technology, Cable TV,
Sanitation/Recycling Services, Railroad Parking
Committee - Linda Clifton Chairperson

You might find it interesting to note that Robert Bunyon, the lowest vote getter and an appointee was appointed Chairperson of the Redevelopment Committee. Linda Clifton, the highest vote getter and elected by the people of Matawan was appointed Chairperson of Historic Sites, Library, Technology, etc. Committee. Oh yeah, the hold over Mayor Aufseeser really listens to the people of Matawan! Yeah, Right! Yes that is sarcasm, deservedly so.

In a laughable appointment, hold over Mayor Aufseeser appointed Meghan Mullaney, the Police Matron , an as needed, paid position. Now you ask is that the same Meghan Mullaney who dropped Matawan like a "hot potato" and resigned as Councilwoman. You betcha! The current administration's reward system is contradictory, don't you think? So much for transparency in Matawan's government!