Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Follow up Workshop Meeting

Thanks to an anonymous source who reported on last night's Workshop meeting we can advise you of what transpired.

Finalization of Recreation Committee Ordinance - Councilman Bunyon stated he gave another copy of the Ordinance to the Rec Committee for their review and comment.

Residential Sewer Backup - Mayor Buccellato stated this matter was resolved.

July 4 Fireworks - Approximate cost $8,000. Fred Carr to prepare a Spreadsheet so Council can decide whether to move ahead with plans.

P/T Assistant Summer Director - Council voted on whether to keep this position or remove. The vote was Bunyon yes, Clifton yes, Mendes yes, Mullaney no. Councilmen Cannon and Malley were absent from the Workshop. Yes was to keep the position. No was to remove the position. Needless to say we are keeping the position.

Memorial Day Parade - As was reported to us, Councilman Mullaney said the Matawan Fire Departments requested to include their memorial services with Matawan Memorial Day services. He also said the Fire Department requested the change in direction of the parade and to change the date, instead of Sunday to Monday.

Recreation Director - Per Councilman Bunyon, two candidates were interviewed and a decision should be forthcoming.

Our source reported that the meeting was poorly attended. The usual supporters of Mayor Buccellato and one of the democrat supporters were present. Hey, we didn't make it but neither did two of our Council members!

We welcome comments from anyone that attended. As always, we welcome your comments regarding any of these issues.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Workshop Meeting Agenda 4-28-2008

There will be a Workshop Meeting tonight from 6pm to 7:30pm, with public comment starting at 7:15pm. The meeting will be at the Matawan Borough Community Center at 201 Broad Street.Items to be discussed are:
a. Finalization of Recreation Committee Ordinance
b. Residential Sewer Backup
c. July 4th Fireworks Celebration
d. Part time Assistant Summer Director
e. Memorial Day Parade
f. Recreation Director
Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Smack Down in Matawan

In an unprecedented, orchestrated move, the Dems refused to vote on "Privilege of the Floor" at last night's meeting, denying residents their right to comment or ask questions. Typical of the "I don't care what the residents want" attitude of the Democratic majority. However, they all did vote to adjourn the meeting. We all know the mastermind of this "smack in the face" to the residents of Matawan. Just as they were all late to a previous meeting without explanation to the rest of the Council and residents, they gave no explanation for their actions. In case you don't get it....they don't think they have to respect the residents....they have control....as they have often said. What could their reason be? Someone had to walk the dog, kids needed help with the homework, had to go to work, forgot to lock their homes before they came to the meeting. This action caused the residents to question the real reason. Nothing new to the people who attend regularly. All this political posturing is getting old very fast. Now that we have gotten that out of the way here are some highlights from the meeting...a reminder, these are the observations and comments of the Matawan Advocate. As it is a free country, you can agree or disagree.

We all know Matawan is in financial crisis, excluding the majority Democrats on Council. They continually vote to spend money knowing full well of the increase in property taxes. Isn't it enough that the School tax is so high....guess they want the Borough taxes to be as high as the school taxes. Partly due to poor management by the previous Democratic Chairperson of the Finance Committee, Meghan Mullaney, last year's Budget was not prepared for the expenditures of last year and had to borrow from 2008 Budget in 2007. We realize we are beating this issue to death, but think it needs repeating.

Budget Hearing was rescheduled to May 6th. However, Mayor Buccellato told residents they could speak during the "Privilege of the Floor." The Mayor also apologized to the residents for having to reschedule the Budget Hearing stating why it was done. How refreshing....an explanation. Councilman Cannon was absent as well as Fred Carr, Borough Administrator. The Mayor answered questions regarding the Budget to the best of his ability. We are sure Councilman Cannon will be present at the Budget Hearing and will be in a better position to justify the increase.

Privilege of the Floor - 1st and only one - Former Councilwoman Donna Gould spoke and asked, based on facts, why the Democratic Majority voted to oust Pat Menna, Esq., as Borough Attorney. She reminded the Dems that they had praised him and mentioned his original quote was the lowest one of all the Legal candidates. As we recall a discussion at a previous Council meeting, Councilman Cannon spoke with the Attorney, we believe to be Ansell, Zaro, Grimm, et al., and asked them to lower their prices to meet Mr. Menna's quote after the fact. Isn't this illegal? Is Matawan going to get one of the Partners with Mr. Menna's Borough experience? We think NOT. Ms. Gould went on to recite Mr. Menna's impressive qualifications.

Lo and Behold...guess who had a disagreement with Mr. Menna...you guessed it Vic Scudiery, the Monmouth County Democratic Party Chairman. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that argument! Little by little Scudiery is infiltrating Matawan through the Matawan Democrats who obviously have to "pay back" his support at election time. Makes you wonder what will they have to promise in the next election to get Scudiery's and the Monmouth County Democratic Party's financial and otherwise help for Councilman Malley's re-election and Councilman Bunyon's election.

Ms. Gould our thanks for researching Mr. Menna's credentials. You have been missed at Council meetings.

Former Councilwoman Esther Rinear, a long time Matawan resident and current member of the Planning & Zoning Board spoke to the Council asking them to put politics aside and keep the best interests of Matawan first.

Former Councilman Neil Mendelsohn also spoke and questioned the Democrats dismissal of Pat Menna, Esq.

Mr. White, a resident of Matawan and a former volunteer fireman stated he agreed with the choice of the Democratic majority on the dismissal of Mr. Menna. He cited a lawsuit where Mr. White was involved and requested information as to the cost to the Borough for the lawsuit. He was informed the information was not readily available and would be forthcoming. Mr. White had spoke at previous Council meetings last year and due to confidentiality was not allowed to discuss his situation with the public, nor could the Council respond.

Jim Shea, resident of Matawan, member of the Planning & Zoning Board asked the Council to vote for the M.O.M. line and vote no to Resolution 08-03-27 requesting the Rejection of NJ Transit's Proposed Rail Extension. The Council voted yes with only Councilman Mullaney voting no in support of the M.O.M. line. Interesting note, Matawan was the last municipality to reject the M.O.M. line.

Richard Silvers, a resident of Aberdeen, born in Matawan, gave a presentation called "Fixing the Aquatic Landscape of our Area." This is a program to correct our current stream and water conditions which are bad. Mr. Silvers discussed possible fundraising efforts with the assistance of local banks, landscapers and the Community.

Apparently, the Democratic majority didn't want to explain nor discuss their decision to oust Pat Menna, Esq. How do you say, "Vic Scudiery made us do it!"

Engineering Fees - Maser Consulting - Mayor Buccellato successfully spoke with Bill White, Maser Consulting. the Borough's Engineers and they agreed to lower fees for work voted on by the Council. Interesting note, the Council was asked if they wanted to send out for Bids on the work and they refused. Reduced Fees for Professional Services for Road Program 2008 is $204,500. Thanks to Mayor Buccellato for the negotiations.

Comment: This should have gone out for Bid. No matter how you cut it $204,500. is alot of money. What happened to pinching pennies?

Maser Consulting was authorized to Provide Professional Service for Municipal Stormwater Permit Outfall Mapping in the amount of $7,500.

Maser Consulting was authorized to Provide Professional Service for Emergency Repair Services for Water and Sanitary Sewer in the amount of $3,000.

All in all a profitable evening for Bill White and Maser Consulting. Not so for the taxpayers of Matawan.

Residents were not allowed to comment on this as there was no second "Privilege of the Floor."

Hirings - The Council voted to authorize the hiring of a Part-Time Summer Program Director.
The Council voted to authorize the Borough Administrator to Advertise and Interview for Part-Time Bookkeeper.

Comment - Does Matawan really need a part time bookkeeper? Is this another example of how we are "pinching pennies" and spending dollars.

Matawan Police Dept. - A Resolution was approved to authorize the Chief of Police retirement agreement. We will be sorry to see Chief McGowan retire and wish him all the best for the future.

There was also a Resolution Authorizing Field Technician Agreement. The Council excluding Councilwoman Clifton voted for the agreement.

Recreation - The fees were approved for the Day Camp.

Ordinance 08-06 - Establishing a Recreation Advisory Committee was tabled. Now as this was Recreation there was a great deal of confusion. So much time is wasted on explainations to the Council. Wouldn't the correct procedure be that all Council members be familiar with the subjects prior to the meeting? So much time is wasted in explanations that important issues don't get their proper attention.

Speaking of Recreation, would it be that Councilman Mullaney is planning to increase the power of the delegates to Recreation? Keep in mind Michael Mullaney is Chairman and Mary Mullaney is a member. Shouldn't Councilman Mullaney abstain from voting on issues that involve his wife and son?

Workshop meeting will be on Monday, April 28th at 6pm to discuss items to be placed on the Agenda. Councilman Mendes is pushing to have monies allotted to move the Court and or Police Dept. to the Broad Street location. Just wondering where are we getting the money?

Each Council meeting all we hear is Councilman Mullaney wants money allocated for one thing or another. Councilman Mendes wants money allocated to move the Police and Court to Broad St. Councilman Bunyon wants money allocated for a Recreation Director. Meanwhile, the former Mayor did away with the Recreation Director position. The Council voted to advertise to hire a part time bookkeeper. Does this sound like Matawan is "pinching pennies?"

Recall an old commercial, a little old lady is getting a burger and screams, WHERE'S THE BEEF! Well Councilpersons, WHERE'S THE MONEY COMING FROM?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is Matawan Going to be the New Aberdeen?

Read a story on the Aberdeener Blog about Scudiery and Aberdeen. A must read for all Matawan residents. It was followed by comments from readers who made us think of Matawan. We understand the plight of the residents of our sister-town. Isn't Scudiery and the Monmouth County Democratic Party (with the assistance of Matawan's Democratic Party) trying to takeover Matawan in the very same way they did Aberdeen? Does anyone remember certain parties storming out of a Planning and Zoning Board meeting when they found out they had to follow the rules like everyone else? Aberdeen has Vinci, Matawan has ???????? Will Matawan be the next conquest for this group? Only if you, the voters let them.

Well, rather than go on and on, as we have accused some of our Council members of doing, if you have a minute, check out the Aberdeener Blog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Borough Council Meeting Rescheduled

Matawan Borough Council meeting has been rescheduled to Monday, April 21, 2008 at 7:30pm. No workshop is scheduled.

Hope to see you there.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Follow up Workshop Meeting 4-10-08

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting and items placed on the Agenda for the next Borough Council meeting.

Summer Camp Fees - $125.00 1st child (Matawan Residents), $100. each additional child in family.
$175.00 1st child (Non-residents), $150. each additional child in family.

Mayor cast the deciding vote as to whether or not the Borough will advertise for Summer Recreation Director. Mayor Buccellato voted no to break the tie and the position will not be advertised.

Marriage License Fees - Mayor requested fees be rescinded.

Fierro Avenue Parking - Residents have issues with a Cafe regarding Valet parking on residential streets. Owner of Cafe will be discussing optional parking with owners of adjacent commercial properties. Safety Officer did a noise assessment when doors are closed. Cafe has agreed to keep doors closed when music is playing. Reports of overcrowding were investigated, yielded no results at the time of visit.

Engineering Fees for Road Program - No mention of Grants for the Road Program. Borough Engineer was not at Workshop. Discussions on reducing Engineering fees will be discussed at the Council meeting when he is present. Note: to date, do not recall receiving any Grants for Road Improvements while Maser Consulting has been Borough Engineering firm.

Recycling - Councilman Malley stated that newspapers delivered to driveways were not always removed by residents and blowing all over the streets. He also mentioned that newspapers were delivered to vacant properties creating unsightly properties. Leaves cannot be left at the curb or bagged for the garbage pick up. Residents should make arrangements to have leaves carted away.

See you at the next Council meeting......

Matawan Events: Play Ball-----Plant Flowers

Good News Folks, Opening Day ceremonies for the new Softball Field will be on Sat., April 19, 2008 at 8:45am. Coffee and donuts will be served.

Kudos to all the people who worked so hard to make this happen. Hope to see you there.

Matawan 4-H Club will be planting flowers at Joe Pennilpede Park on Jackson Street Sat. April 19, 2008 at 11am. Starbucks will be donating coffee for the volunteers. The 4-H Club website at myspace.com shows photos and commentary of the children at the Park last Sat. cleaning up.

In the future, perhaps the 4-H could send a representative to Borough Council meetings to encourage volunteers and donations. Sorry we didn't know about last Sat. clean up otherwise we would have posted it. Good to see Councilman Mullaney there to help. Wish he would have advised the rest of the Council so they, as well as residents, would have had the opportunity to help. Special thanks goes to the children and parents for their hard work.

We encourage residents to donate and/or volunteer to help this worthwhile organization.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Workshop 7pm April 10th

There will be a Workshop on Thursday April 10th, at 7pm at the Matawan Municipal Community Center. These workshops are to discuss among the Council members what items will be placed on the Agenda for the next Council meeting.

The Workshops are an opportunity to see and hear for yourself exactly what your Councilpeople are planning to do with your tax dollars. If only this Council would stop all the political posturing and work together for Matawan. But we fear that is a "dog that is not going to run." You see Bunyon and Malley have thrown their hats into the ring for the upcoming Borough Council elections. Has anyone else notice Councilman Malley didn't speak for two years and since Mayor Buccellato has been in office, Malley talks, talks and talks. Not always making sense but he does stop any progress. Bunyon, was the lowest vote getter in the last election and was appointed. However, he does vote the Democratic positions on such items as Borough Attorney, Borough Planner, etc. Whether or not these are the real candidates or will the Democrats do another Bunyon-Cannon switch on us, is yet to be determined.

As for the Agenda, haven't seen anything on the website as yet. Possible items are Recreation Dept monies, the relocation of the Police and possibly the Municipal Court and the ambitious Road Program. Everyone is anxious to hear where the Democrats are getting the monies for all these items. Please don't tell us BONDS! Don't let them kid you, bonds must be paid back and we have yet to hear from Councilman Cannon on the cost for the Road Program over the next few years.

Well folks that's it for now. Hope to see you at the Workshop meeting.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool's Day in Matawan

Pat Menna, Esq. was NOT confirmed by the Democratic majority of the Council at last night's Borough Council meeting. The Democrats now have 30 days to nominate and approve a Borough Attorney of their choosing. Concilpersons Bunyon, Cannon, Malley, Mendes and Mullaney voted against the appointment of Mr. Menna, Esq. as Borough Attorney. Councilwoman Clifton was the only vote to approve of Mr. Menna's appointment. There appears to be some controversy as Mr. Menna's quote was the lowest of all the applicants. His qualifications are not in question.

More to follow.......