Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Water Water Everywhere, but Matawan?

When will our Borough Council get down to the real issues in Matawan. The dams for one. The water plant for another. Before all the political posturing begins, let's have some real accomplishments in our Borough. Oops! The posturing has already begun, a weekly publication has been making Matawan and our "Photo Op" Councilman one of the topics for its paper. By the way, you don't have to subscribe to this publication, nor do you have to pay for it, the newspaper "fairy" delivers to Matawan. Isn't that a coincidence. Never received it before but now it appears in driveways all over Matawan. Forgive me for that digression!

Will Matawan be leasing water from other source? I'm not familiar with the problems or costs of upgrading Matawan's water plant. What I'd like to hear at Council meetings is not about parties given by the Matawan Alliance on Main St., or parking issues at 201 Broad St., BUT alternatives and costs for our water plant. Ideas on what options we have available to us. Are we making progress with the Dams? Stop bantering back and forth and discuss the real issues facing our Borough.

Mayor Aufseeser, Councilman Mullaney, Councilwoman Mullaney, Councilman Malley and Councilman Cannon were missing from the Matawan Rotary 5K Run on Sat., July 21, 2007. Councilman Cannon works at night and we can understand him not attending such an early morning event. The Matawan Rotary presented the Defibullator to the Matawan Fire Dept., as the Mayor was not in attendance. Interestingly enough the Mayor along with Councilman Mullaney, Councilwoman Mullaney were present at SharkFest later that day. They were present along with representatives from the Matawan Alliance, Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, Matawan Borough Historical Sites Commission and owner Ricardo Hernandez for the Grand Opening of C-Town on Fri., July 20, 2007. Call me crazy, but when an organization gives to Matawan, at the very least, shouldn’t Mayor Aufseeser be there to accept the gift on behalf of the Borough! Did C-Town contribute to the Matawan Rotary 5K Run? NO, they did NOT! Did they contribute to Sharkfest? Well, as the Matawan Alliance is a private organization...will we ever know? If someone has a heart attack in C-Town, they can thank the Rotary for its donation to the Borough.

Ok, let’s cut to the chase. It just so happens that if Councilman Joseph “Photo Op” Mullaney does not sanction the event then the Mayor, Councilman Malley, Councilwoman Mullaney do not attend. James Shea and Councilman Mullaney also happen to be on the Matawan Planning & Zoning Board. Per meeting minutes dated 3-5-07, from the Planning & Zoning Board, Councilman Mullaney spoke for C-Town at a Planning & Zoning Board meeting. Is this a conflict or part of his duties as a Councilman/member of the Planning & Zoning Board? Is it priorities or politics?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Matawan Rotary 5K Run Walk Race

Saturday, July 21, 2007, Matawan Rotary had its 2nd Annual 5K Run Walk Race. This year's race was Certified. A great many sponsors contributed to the success of this event. Many volunteers from the Borough helped the Rotary make this event a success. The Matawan Rotary President, Rob Kee, III, donated on behalf of the Rotary a much needed Defibrillator to Matawan's Fire Department. Other donations to the Community to be announced at a later date by the Matawan Rotary. Awards were given out in six categories. This was a wonderful event enjoyed by runners, walkers, families and residents. All enjoyed the festivities before, during and following the race. Matawan's Police Department, Fire Department and First Aid Squads were all in attendance to lend a hand. Victoria House did blood pressure screening and Michael Mullaney, Ph.T. did pre/post stretching exercises for the participants.
More information on additional donations made by the Matawan Rotary will be provided when announced. Looking forward to next year's 5K.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Letter from Rob Clifton, Freeholder

Saw an interesting message from Rob Clifton. After reading all the negative press he has received on the pay to play issue, thought I'd share what he has to say. Better to hear it from the "horses mouth" as the old saying goes. Hope he doesn't mind my sharing on this blog. It is my hope to share his side of the story.

A Message from Freeholder Rob Clifton 07/19/2007
Dear Fellow Republicans,
Many of you have been reading in the local newspapers over the past few weeks about pay-to-play (campaign finance reform) at the county level. I would like to give you a brief update of the current progress on this important resolution.
We are making great progress on passing strong pay-to-play reform in Monmouth County and I am optimistic that the end is in sight. I have been meeting with the bi-partisan pay-to-play reform committee to discuss a resolution currently being crafted to put an end to the practices of pay-to-play, wheeling, and out of county special interest money in Monmouth County. After many drafts of resolutions changing hands between both sides I am confident that we will reach an agreement shortly.
I will not understate the importance that this resolution covers all aspects of pay-to-play, wheeling, and out of county special interest money. We have an historic opportunity to set a bi-partisan example by passing a strong comprehensive resolution. It is my hope that with this resolution Monmouth County will be leading the way on all of these important campaign finance reforms which will spur other counties to act. It is also my hope that this will apply pressure on the state to pass a comprehensive statewide ban on pay-to-play, wheeling, and finally end the toxic effect large sums of special interest money have on campaigns.
I will continue to update you on the progress I am making on this important resolution and the results of my ongoing discussions with the bi-partisan pay-to-play reform committee. I am optimistic that we will reach an agreement on a strong comprehensive resolution giving Monmouth County the strongest most comprehensive pay-to-play, anti wheeling ban at the county level in New Jersey.
Freeholder Rob Clifton
---------------------------------------------------------------Monmouth County Republican Party www.MonmouthRepublican.orginfo@MonmouthRepublican.org732.431.6664

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let the Games Begin

Joseph "Photo Op" Mullaney in an article in a weekly publication, stated that the 2003 Borough Council left $85,000. in County Grant money unspent. In an attempt to glorify himself as "the Saviour of Matawan" he claimed that HE is trying to make up for fiscal irresponsibilities of the past. Apparently, such is not the case. Councilman Paul Buccellato stated he would supply copies of documents proving that was not true to the Council Members. The matter is under review by Fred Carr, Borough Administrator. Councilman Buccellato was requested to reveal the addressee of the letters from the County. He was advised to wait until the investigation is completed. This is how the Council gets bogged down with political sparring. The question is will Mullaney admit he was wrong....only time will tell. This is the second time Councilman "Photo Op" Mullaney has run to the newspapers with his stories accompanied by a photo!

Did anyone notice that Councilman Mullaney was not on the dais at the Planning Board Meeting on Monday night? He did show up late, however, as on previous occasions he didn't interrupt the meeting to ask if he could sit in on the hearing. Well, he claims that he didn't realize he had business dealings with one of the developers over 20 years ago and it was prudent not to vote on the Sloane property project. Rumor has it that Councilman Mullaney spoke with one of the representatives from American Properties and was instructed by one of the Borough's attorneys not to vote on this project. There is something unethical about a Council Member/Planning Board member speaking to an applicant outside of the meeting. When will Mullaney learn his boundaries? Does the Borough have to be sued before he is stopped!

BTW, Mullaney is not the "Saviour of Matawan." The last time I attended a religious ceremony his name wasn't mentioned!

At last week's Council meeting, in an apparent orchestrated move, Councilman Mullaney and Councilman Malley had Kevin Mendes(candidate for Council member) ask questions that they just so happened to have the detailed answers on hand. It appears that everyone knew it was a set up except for Mendes. Come on now don't insult the intelligence of Matawan residents with grandstanding.

More to follow later.....

Monday, July 9, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Tues. July 10, 2007

BUDGET 2007 - Does anyone realize that Matawan Borough's Budget has not been adopted? To date the Borough has not received Discretionary Aid from the State of NJ. We residents/taxpayers haven't had the opportunity to register our comments on the 2007 Budget.
Matawan is spending money like a "drunken sailor." With all due respect to Sailors, they more than anyone know what that means! Matawan has to stop any additional spending until the budget is adopted and the taxpayers know what to expect! It is the job of the municipality to be frugal using our tax dollars. According to Mayor Aufseeser her goal has been to stabilize taxes to the greatest extent possible. HELLO! The Mayor has failed with an increased Budget for 2007 of $1.4 million dollars over the 2006 Budget. And still spending. Matawan should have a running sign showing how much is spent every second by the Municipality. You know like they have in Times Square for the Federal Budget.
Mayor Aufseeser seems to enjoy dressing up and playing Mayor, but does not have the qualifications or knowledge to be Mayor. This ain't no dress rehearsal. Sadly, Mayor Aufseeser can't even control the Borough Council meetings. Your Honor the gavel is on the right hand side and should be used to gain order. Please use it.
The Matawan Recreation Department is going through some changes. Word has it that Councilwoman Debra Buragina will be appointed Chairperson for the Recreation Committee. Councilman Michael Cannon is set to resign or has resigned. Following the ranting and raving of Mrs. Mary Mullaney at the last Council meeting it is no wonder he is resigning! Thanks go to Mr. Cannon for a good effort. Good luck to Councilwoman Buragina.
The Matawan Alliance is requesting Raffle Licenses for all of their events. This organization planted all the flowers you see on Main Street, ran the Canoe Festival and is trying to bring business to our Downtown area. A commendable goal! We are anxious to hear what they intend on doing with the raffle money. Do the expenses paid for by taxpayer dollars for these events cost less than the money taken in for the Community?
Now for some good news.....Union Street Phase I is currently underway. The Contractor appears to be doing a good job. Observations on the weekend were the work area was left in a neat, orderly manner with a minimum of tracking. We'd like to see them wet down the site to reduce the dust, thus reducing tracking. However, if it would mean an additional cost or an extra for the Contractor, we will live with it.
Last but not least, the Meeting Minutes for 2006-2007 have not been entered on the Matawan Borough website. For the record the Minutes of June 20, 2006, (that's right folks 2006) are ready to be approved by the Council on July 10, 2007. Are you kidding me? Do we have to file a complaint to get these minutes up to date and published on the website? It is a disgrace and dereliction of duty by the Borough Administrator and Borough Clerk. Questions about a previous Borough Council Meeting, good luck trying to get a copy of the minutes. Is this any way to run a Borough!
Updates will be posted following Council meeting.
Portions of the information shared is based on fact and some is opinion. Trusting you can tell the difference, til next time,
Matawan Advocate

Monday, July 2, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Rescheduled

For those who don't know.....which means it wasn't posted on the Bulletin Boards as yet, nor on the website....the Borough Council Meeting previously scheduled for Tuesday, July 3rd has been rescheduled to July 10th, 2007 at 7:30pm at the Matawan Borough Community Center. Apparently, this was a last minute decision although no one (except the person(s) who rescheduled) knows why. More mystery at the Borough!