Monday, February 16, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Meeting Feb. 17 @ 7:30

Review of the Agenda for the Borough Council meeting was pleased to read Matawan is moving forward with the cell tower, a Commodity Resale Agreement with the County of Monmouth, Municipal Assistance/Share Services Agreement with the County of Monmouth, Loan Application to NJ Dept of Environmental Infrastructure Trust for the Water Treatment Improvements Project to name just a few. There is much to do but this is a good start.

In these difficult economic times it is good to see the teamwork on the current Council. So much more is being accomplished. With the above items moving forward Matawan will see much needed income from the Cell Phone tower and the possibility of selling water from the Water Treatment Plan, once improvements are made.

The Borough Council Workshop meeting on February 3, 2009 did not get to all items on the Agenda. JCP&L was in attendance to address the concerns of residents regarding the removal of trees behind their properties. JCP&L removed trees down to the base thus causing unsightly views and lowering property values. JCP&L will be returning to the Borough Council with further explanations and possible solutions. Many residents are rightfully upset as they were never notified the trees/shrubs would be removed. Discussion on the Cell Phone towers, which will bring income to the Borough was another item for consideration.

Discussion on Towing Ordinance Revision, Ordinance Prohibiting Elected Officials from Municipal Work are two items which were not addressed. To our disappointment these topics will not be discussed or voted on until the next Workshop Meeting/Council Meeting.

The problem, as we see it, is that same night the Council voted to pay invoices from Key Auto Body, (Councilman Kevin Mendes) family owned business. Councilman Mendes was absent from the meeting. WHY is a Councilman's family business, where he is employed, still doing work for the Borough? Previously, Councilman Bud Mullaney, owner of Mullaney Tires, stated his firm would no longer perform work for the Borough. At first blush sounded like the ethical approach to avoid any possibility of conflict of interest. Needless to say, Mullaney dropped the ball and never presented the Council with a draft of a Pay to Play Ordinance. A Matawan First Aid ambulance was seen in the Mullaney Tires parking lot months later. Hmmmm! During his tenure on the Police, Fire, First Aid Commission, Councilman Mendes' family owned business, Key Auto Body, did work for the Police Dept. in addition to providing towing services for the Borough, then voted to pay the invoices. "THE GOD'S MUST BE CRAZY!"

The current Council is attempting to protect the Borough (that is you) against any possibility of a conflict of interest. Current elected officials have to make a decision, do they work for the people of Matawan or their own self interests? That is the harsh reality! We trust the Mayor and Council will not drop the ball and do the necessary.

Note: The Feb. 17th Bill List does not contain any invoices from any Council members family owned businesses.

Hope to see you at the meeting......

Friday, February 13, 2009

High Winds hit Jackson Street Home

Reportedly a home on Jackson Street, currently being renovated, partially collapsed yesterday, February 10, 2009. Actual cause is yet to be determined. However, based on the extremely high winds it would seem it was a likely cause.

Fortunately, no one was reported injured.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Blue House-

We have been informed the application to rezone the "Big Blue House" from residential to commercial has been denied.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Workshop prior to Borough Council Mtg Tonight

Workshop will be held at 6:30pm, followed by Matawan Borough Council Meeting at 7:30pm.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Planning and Zoning Board Meeting 2/2/09 7:30pm

If you care about one of Matawan's historic treasures, you want to attend tonight's Planning & Zoning Board. The Agenda has not been published on the Borough website. Going back in the meeting minutes we found 226 Main St. was to be on the Agenda for the February 2, 2009 meeting. The beloved "Big Blue House" on Main Street has caused much concern in Matawan. Do we want to see this historical home become another "commercial" property and lose its historical significance to Matawan? We don't think so.

There are two matters that cause us some concern. Firstly, Kevin Mendes at the December meeting of the P&Z Board made a motion to accept the application of 32 Main Street. On the surface this doesn't look like much. However, this property is right next door to Mr. Mendes' family owned business, Key Auto Body. It is known that Mr. Mendes handles the parking lot for Vic Scudieri's property down the street. Now if the property at 32 Main Street will have commuter parking, will Mr. Mendes possibly be working for the property owners at 32 Main St. Sounds a little fishy. Maybe we are just thinking too much. But then again while Chairman of the Police Dept Committee, Mr. Mendes' family owned business did maintain the TOWING CONTRACT for Matawan. Does anyone else see a conflict of interest?

Second issue, the neglect of the Planning & Zoning Board to publish their Agenda for each meeting is a disservice to Matawan. The last published Agenda was April 2008. How else are residents of Matawan to know when important issues are being heard? Whoever is responsible for getting the Agenda on the website is not doing their job! Let's start out this new year with up to date meeting minutes and agendas.

Hope to see you at the P & Z meeting.......

Matawan Borough Workshop Meeting 2-3-09 @ 7pm

The Agenda for this Workshop meeting includes:


1. General discussion on Recreation:
a. Ordinance
b. Events

2. Towing Ordinance Revision
3. Deputy Court Clerk -Full time v. Part time
4. Ordinance Prohibiting Elected Officials from Municipal Work
5. Discussion of Municipal Vehicles Taken Home by Municipal Employees
6. Tree removal on Vermont Court
7. Discussion of Pension Deferment
8. Discussion of Shared Services - Grass Cutting

Ordinance Prohibiting Elected Officials from Municipal Work - This sounds like a start for a Pay to Play Ordinance in Matawan. Hope it has teeth to it. Will this include family owned businesses?
Curious to see what the Towing Ordinance Revision is all about.

This could be the start of dealing with the economic crisis we all are facing.

Hope to see you there....