Monday, June 2, 2008

Planning and Zoning Board Special Meeting

If you are interested in what becomes of this beautiful historic home come to a special meeting at the big blue house(226 Main St) today at 6pm. The Planning & Zoning Board will be conducting a special meeting, open to the public at 6pm June 2, 2008. This will be followed by the Regular Planning and Zoning Board meeting at the Matawan Community Center at 7:30pm.
The new owner wants to create office space with parking. We believe one of the questions will be regarding number of parking spaces. While it has been discussed that the new owner will try to keep the historic integrity of the house, details were not available.
Adjacent residents are concerned with quality of life issues as the parking lot would be in close proximity to their backyard.
What we see as a problem is the Planning & Zoning Board allowed C-Town to open with less parking spaces than mandated by the Borough's Code. Therefore, did they not set a precedent for others to follow?
Have we in Matawan been betrayed by others self-interests when they pushed C-Town? Has there been no foresight in planning for the future when these decisions were made?
Let's hope the new members of the Planning & Zoning Board aren't restricted by the previous Planning & Zoning Board's actions.

If you are concerned with the preservation of Historic Sites in Matawan, come to the meeting tonight at 6pm. If you can't make the 6pm meeting, then by all means come to the Planning & Zoning Board meeting at 201 Broad St at 7:30pm.

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