Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Councilman Gives Courier a Tour of Police Department

The buzz in Matawan is Councilman Kevin Mendes gave a tour of the Matawan Police Department building today. Wonder who could it be...let's see who supposedly is the Matawan Democrats' weekly publication....uh, uh, uh, we got it..... we got it....none other than Alyssa P., (apologies if we spelled her name incorrectly)the Courier reporter.

What could possibly be the reason, were photos taken, will the reason for this tour be in the Courier prior to the Council meeting next week????

We will all just have to wait and see.....


Anonymous said...

The Matawan Advocate must have nothing better to do, huh? Let me explain: In their world, reporters actually do WORK for a living, meaning they have to get off their butts, visit places and do research. Obviously if Alyssa Passeggio (and the spelling is on the Courier's Web site and her blog, just FYI) was at the Police Department, then she was doing research.

Alyssa happens to be a phenomenal, thorough writer. You, on the other hand, would rather speculate than notice the things happening in your own town. In case you didn't notice, the police department holds no party line - it's falling apart, and that has nothing to do with what newspaper stories get published in.

matawan advocate said...

We have commented on the appalling conditions in the Police Dept Building previously. Tell us something we don't know!

If the purpose was to let the public know how bad the condition is, why not invite all of the press, i.e. the Asbury Park Press, the Independent or the Star Ledger?

Why hasn't the PD been moved to trailers? The Council hasn't been able to make a decision on what has to be done, nor has the Council been able to find the money to make renovations to the building. Did the Council find money to renovate the building and decide to give the Courier an exclusive?

Did Councilman Mendes call a press conference and only the Courier showed up?

Perhaps if the Transit Village hadn't been delayed by unfounded lawsuits, some of Matawan's problems would have been remedied!

Thanks for your comments...

Anonymous said...

By looking at this blog and the unfounded attacks, I am only guessing it is a republican blog. It would be understandable then that “open government” is a scary thing. Also that people actually doing there job is to be criticized.

matawan advocate said...

Republican or Democrat we call it the way we see it. Had it not been for residents asking the Council to make available the bill list on the Borough website, no one would have known Council members work for the Borough; then vote to pay themselves, no one would have taken the time to read the Resolution (prepared & passed by the Democrats) that unjustly blamed former Democratic Mayor Mary Aufseeser, alone, of wrongdoing, no one would have known the truth about Pat Menna, Esq.(a DEMOCRAT) not being reappointed as Borough Attorney.

DIDN'T read in the papers about the original bid quotes for Borough Attorney and the fact Mr. Menna's bid was the lowest. DIDN'T read anything in the papers about certain Council members working for the Borough.

DID read about Councilman Mullaney proposing a Pay to Play resolution in Feb.2008.....however, it hasn't been mentioned by him again as he continues to do work for the Borough.....

We support "open government" and do so by attending Council meetings. We have observed residents asking questions, never getting answers, recently we have observed the Mayor gavel a resident who questioned actions by the Council and request the Borough Attorney to speak with Council members pertaining to work performed in the Borough.

Unfounded attacks.....we defy you to tell us the above didn't happen! BUT be prepared to back it up!

Anonymous said...

I hate to see the "OLD GUARD REPULICANS CRYING" They have strangled this town for years,and now are losing control{THANKGOD}. This town is in terrible shape because of their past miss management it will take years to come back. The As bury Park reporter Samelleta is in Pauls back pocket otherwise she would be writing the truth not only what he okays!!!IT'S, Hell when the Press is controlled by politics, not being UN biased!!

Anonymous said...

The Police department building has been in despair for years, it started that why during the past Republicans administrations ,so why try to blame the present people for it ??? Check your records and see when the "STATE" said it was unlivable!! WE know why don't you, know it all know!!!!

matawan advocate said...

Are you confusing the APP with the Courier? We must have struck a nerve.

For the record, we vote for the person best for Matawan, not by political affliation.

Keep living in the past...remind us what has the Democratic controlled Council done these past two years?

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, Your comment regarding to Councilman Kevin Mendes cannot be published without proof. If you can document what you say, then I can publish it. You can email me at advocate42@gmail.com.

In all fairness we do not want to slander someone's good name.

Thanks foryour comments.

matawan advocate said...

Wasn't current President of the Borough Council, Councilman Cannon a Republican at that time? Ask him?

Actually, we don't know who is to blame, if there is blame to be placed for the Police Dept Bldgs disrepair.

The questions remain:

1. Where do we get the money?
2. What is the most economical way to proceed and benefit the PD long term?

Our Police Dept deserves better than a "band-aid" approach.

Are the residents of Matawan willing to pay higher taxes to put all the programs sponsored by the Council in place?

Thanks for your comments. We await your responses....

Anonymous said...

Advocate said: "In all fairness we do not want to slander someone's good name."

YEA, OK. Then stop making ridiculous allegations about reporters whose name you're too afraid to even publish on the blog.

You're not awaiting comments. You're waiting for someone to agree with your unfounded opinion. Not gunna happen.

The point being, if you're "so concerned" about the money and the people and the police department: This is the present, this is what's happening now. The more you arrogantly continue to dredge up unnecessary conflict, the less people understand what's actually going out.

Plain and simple: There's a problem with the PD. Alyssa Passeggio has been the only reporter I know of to do any work about it. GOOD FOR HER.

Anonymous said...

The poor poor police department..
Maybe they should serve and protect a little better, they certainly are paid enough for it. Has anyone noticed the intoxicated drivers leaving Cafe' 34 at night, where are the police? How about the speeding on Middlesex?? The outcome would be a safer community and revenue for the town. Take a walk down Main St. at night, don't feel safe? Lets start with the basics. Lets get our town back together and stop worrying about politics.

Main Street Manny said...

Maybe the police department should not be staffed with less officers then in the 1970's "to start". Then maybe we should talk about only 2 officers on the road at one time because people do get off days once in awhile. Sounds like a hater here. Get locked up lately? Keep making cuts in the wrong places. Public safety first son! They are the first people there when you call.

Anonymous said...

Well, we can tell that the last anonymous lives near Middlesex Rd!!
I guess he hasn't seen the radar details on that road. Maybe he was going too fast!! Our police dept. is one, if not the best, in the area!! Overpaid? If you compare with other towns, I doubt it. While Anonymous is watching the drunks leave Cafe 34, our police are busy with drug arrests, domestic violence, etc. They can't be everywhere. I would like to know if Anonymous would work in a building like 150 Main St., with the mold, water leaks, cramped quarters, etc., I doubt it. Our Police deserve better. Our community is a safe one thanks to the men and women on the force!!

Main Street Manny said...

My point exactly! The reason we have a safe community is because of the work the officers put in. Probably not a good idea not to let the police department to grow with the times. It can easily go in the other direction. The scum know when departments are understaffed and thats when they make there move. May sound crazy but it is true.

matawan advocate said...

Thank you Councilman Mendes for subjecting your constituents to criticizm by the press. A 3 part expose of the conditions the Council still can't make a decision to fix. If the Council could have made a decision this problem would have been solved 2 1/2 years ago. At the very least been well on its way!

Unfounded allegations, we think not!That is fact...it is also fact that Vic Scudieri(Chairman Monmouth County Democratic Party) donated $8500. to Mary Aufseeser's unsuccessful campaign. If Scudieri cared so much for Matawan why didn't he donate the $8500. towards fixing the building? We don't need an expose to know there is something bigger that Scudieri wants in Matawan. Time will tell.

You just don't get it....if we fight among ourselves we don't accomplish anything. Go to Council meetings and voice YOUR opinion instead of watching our selves be subjected to public ridicule in the press.