Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seeing is Believing - Bill List for Matawan

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This is being done by the same Councilman who previously was to sponsor a resolution against PAY TO PLAY. Guess the money was too good to pass up.

JUST SAY NO to elected officials who perform work for the Borough and then vote to pay themselves! We are surprised to see no one really cares about unethical shenanigans in the Borough. Therefore, we decided to post a previous Bill List wherein Councilman Kevin Mendes family business did work for the Borough and the Councilman voted yes on payment of the Bill List. This bill is for 4/18/08 in the amount of $468.00, followed by another bill for $202.80 on 5/16/08. So far Councilman Mullaney has only submitted one bill in February 2008 for $452.50 and of course it was paid. Based on a reply to a resident at a recent Council Meeting, he gave the impression that Mullaney Tires has continued to do work, just hasn't gotten around to billing the Borough.

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