Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Borough Council Meeting 6/17 at 7:30pm

Council meets tonight at 7:30pm at 201 Broad St., Matawan Community Center.

Old business: Ordinance 08-09 - An ordinance to create the position of Municipal Housing Liaison for the purpose of administering Borough of Matawan's Affordable Housing Program Pursuant to the Fair Housing Act.

Ordiance 08-10 - Amending and Supplementing Chapter IX, "Traffic," Schedule II, regarding parking prohibited along certain streets.

Consent Agenda: This list does not include all items.

Resolution 08-06-25 Authorizing the apppointment of Personnel Summer Recreaton Program 008.

Redemption of Tax sale Certficates (2)

Resolution 08-06-18 - Approving business license - Aby's Mexican Restaurant

Resolution 08-06-26 - Adopting an Employee Supplemental Insurance Benefits Plan

Hope to see you there....


green17 said...

I appreciate your effort on behalf of all of us who want to see Matawan reach its potential. I have been a resident for 5 years, and the state of some areas of Matawan is embarrassing-the train station area, C-town, lower Main Street. Where is our tax money going. Let's keep putting the pressure on the crooks who run this town.

matawan advocate said...

green17, Welcome to Matawan.

Thank you so much. Considering all the nasty comments, yours is refreshing. C-Town is closed. We hope to see some kind of entreprise residents will be proud to support and frequent. We have been in Matawan about 25 years. It sure has changed. Some good, some disappointing. The train station area is a disappointment to all who live here. Although Councilwoman Clifton along with Matawan Historic Society, has met with NJ Transit. They agreed to remove the porch roof and supports. Frankly, we believe it was more a public safety issue than concern for the appearance of Matawan. Matawan would be moving forward with the Transit Village had it not been for Aberdeen's Developer, Silver Oaks, appealing the decision and findings of the Court. Just a delay tactic which is delaying Matawan residents of any tax relief.

Still can't figure out why a Developer would be more interested in a long Court battle than moving on with Redevelopment in other areas. We understand the son of the owner of Silver Oaks is an attorney and Graduate of Columbia. Good guess is it isn't costing Silver Oaks a penny.

Our guess regarding tax money is we are working with a defecit. Hope we are wrong.

We will be keeping the pressure on. However, what we have noticed is the same people get up and now it is to the point the Council ignores what they have to say.

Hope to see you at the next Council or Workshop meeting.....