Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Follow up to Borough Council Meeting 5/19

It was our pleasure to witness two Matawan Police Detectives receiving an Award from no less than the F.B.I. Det. Sgt. Smith and Det. O'Boyle were acknowledged for their assistance in bringing to justice the armed bank robbers who held up the Sun Bank and other banks in the area. As residents, we are proud to have such dedicated and distinguished Detectives on Matawan's Police Department.

School Budget - There was a reduction of $500,000. to the School Budget offered by the School Board. The Council voted to accept their offer. Aberdeen's Council also voted to accept the Budget. When you are dealing witn millions, $500,000. doesn't even make a dent.

New Restaurant in Borough - AJ Pizzle LLC, is replacing the former Copperleaf Grill at the strip mall on Rt. 34 and Main St. We welcome new business in Matawan and wish them the best of luck.

Borough Attorney - The Council appointed James G. Aaron, Esq. of Ansel, Zaro, Grimm & Aaron with one no vote by Councilwoman Clifton. The fee was announced at $115. an hour, which matched the amount quoted by Pat Menna, Esq. However, no mention was made pertaining to phone calls. Mr. Menna had quoted unlimited phone calls at no charge. Since it wasn't mentioned, we have to wonder if Mr. Aaron also agreed to unlimited phone calls. If not, then we will be paying $115. every time a member of Council/Borough Clerk/Borough Administrator, etc. places a phone call.

Labor/Special Litigation Attorney - Scott C. Arnette, Esq. was appointed with one no vote by Councilwoman Clifton. Councilman Mullaney added Special Litigation to the Labor Attorney's position.

Comment: In the event one of the other attorneys have a conflict of interest, then we would utilize the Special Litigation Attorney. The way we see it, it gives The Arnette Law Firm LLC, another way to make money off of Matawan. The Democratic majority wants to add to Northgrave, et al., by re-appointing them as Redevelopment Attorneys and adding Environmental Attorneys to their firm. The appointment of any other attorneys has been held off. Councilman Cannon advised Councilman Mullaney that money must be certified by the CFO in order to go forward with appointing any additional attorneys.

Financial Aid from Trenton - What a joke! We will be receiving $17,000 +/- in State Aid. We did file for discretionary aid. We all sent letters to Trenton asking Corzine not to punish the small towns & boroughs in NJ. Let's hope he receives many, many letters from taxpayers and reinstates our financial aid package. As we all know we are facing financial problems in Matawan along with all the other small towns.

Grants - Maser Consulting will be filing for a Grant from the D.O.T. for a Road Program. Along with a previously mentioned grant application presented by Fred Carr, Borough Administrator, this will be the second Grant Maser will be applying for on Matawan's behalf. Any financial assistance we can get is welcomed. Remember Grants are free money (excluding the time put into the application and presentation), Bonds must be paid back. Good luck to Fred Carr and Bill White, Engr., Maser Consulting with their presentation.

The Preserve on Route 79/American Properties - A Resolution for Affordable Marketing of Rental Unit has been held for clarification.

Resolution 08-09 was introduced to create a position of Municipal Housing Liaison for the Purpose of Administering Borough of Matawan's Affordable Housing Program pursuant to the Fair Housing Act.

Signs in the Borough - A resident stated lawn signs are still be posted on his property. He has appeared before the Council last year requesting a solution from the Borough. We agree these signs are all over the Borough and there should be an ordinance preventing these unsightly advertising signs.

Cancer Care - A Resolution was passed to create the Matawan Cancer Research Program spearheaded by former Councilwoman Donna Gould. The purpose of this program is to provide transportation for cancer patients to and from Doctor appointments, chemotherapy, etc. Assemblywoman Amy Handlin was informed by the American Cancer Society of the lack of transportation for Cancer patients.

Matawan Alliance - Oh where, oh where has the Matawan Alliance gone? At the last meeting Mayor Buccellato asked Councilman Mullaney if he had any news concerning the Matawan Alliance. Councilman Mullaney replied no. Then Councilman Malley stated someone from the Matawan Alliance would be at the next Borough Council meeting. Needless to say no one showed up. A question was raised as to the money collected by the Matawan Alliance purported to be for a Memorial for the victims of the Shark attack many years ago. Last year Mary Mullaney (Councilman Mullaney's wife) spoke on behalf of the Matawan Alliance. Followed by Renata Bonelli of Synergy Bank. While Mrs. Mullaney attends Council meetings, she was not forthcoming with any information. The question is what the big secret....what happened to the Matawan Alliance and the money collected? They did a good job with the Sharkfest, Cafe Swing Night, Annual Night Out, etc.

Don't forget Matawan's Memorial Day Parade will be held on Monday, May 26th beginning at St. Clements Church Parking Lot.

Hope to see you at the next Council meeting on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 7:30pm.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Detectives receiving an award. Maybe the council should start giving there own awards. The officers in this town are totally unappreciated by this council. They are taken as a financial nuisance by this council. They are the first men and women who come to the aid of the residents of this town and should be given anything they request or need without any question. Make cuts in other places and give the police department whatever they need to keep this town safe and the residents well being in good hands.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what happened to the Matawan Alliance and Sharkfest. I admit that the name "sharkfest" makes me cringe as I think of the tragic events of 1916 but it was the only thing Matawan has ever done to honor all of the victims. It's pathetic that Stanley Fisher's house (4 Fountain Avenue) is rotting into the ground. What's going on in Matawan?

Anonymous said...

No sharkfest this year. What a shame. It will be amazing if the money collected from the past 2 sharkfests even goes to the memorial for the victims. I doubt they ever have the tribute again. I hear Matawan Alliance is MIA.

Leslie said...

A little history about Stanley Fisher's house at 4 Fountain Avenue....it was built in 1878 by Capt. Watson Fisher. This is the very house where Stanley was born and lived until his untimely death in Matawan Creek. Unfortunately, the current owner uses it as a storage facility and it's falling apart. I wish the historical society could so something about it. Believe me, if I won the lottery, it's the first thing I'd buy and restore to it's former glory, complete with it's carriage house, full wrap-around screened porch and rose gardens. Matawan - HELP!