Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Want the Truth...You Can't Handle the Truth!

These are the opinions and comments of the Matawan Advocate. It appears some of our postings have been misinterrupted. To clarify things, here are some comments and facts as we know them.

In response to a recent comment on this Blog. An anonymous blogger gave the impression that the Matawan Advocate possibly disagrees on the condition of the Police Dept Building. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Police Department Building - We have long been a supporter of Matawan’s Police Force. We reiterate the conditions of the building have been a concern for some time. Any remedy to correct the situation by the majority Council has not been voted on to date. Why would Councilman Mendes, who sits on the Democratically controlled Council, (aware his associates are incapable of making a decision to move forward) want to bring their ineptness to the attention of the Public? What good do you see coming out of this story?

Councilman Mendes was given the opportunity and proper forum to discuss his concerns and possible solutions at a Council Workshop meeting on May 15, 2008 as the Police Department was listed on the Agenda. He chose to remain silent.

Does Mendes work for Scudiery?
Rumor has it that Mendes runs and operates a monthly parking lot for Scudieriy on Main Street. He should also be concerned with the maintenance of that property, where weeds are growing and the building has unpainted plywood.

Scudiery - Chairman of Monmouth County Democratic Party
Obviously, with Scudiery owning property in Matawan and the new attorney involved in Long Branch and Asbury Park, sounds like a land deal! From a na├»ve resident’s point of view it seems all property from the Train Station project are being manipulated by Vic Scudiery. Sure hope we are wrong.

Matawan Borough Budget (No approved Budget to date)
If you attended the last Borough Workshop, you would have heard Councilman Mike Cannon state electric, gas street lamps and heating are over budget. Does Mendes think going to the Press is the answer to Matawan’s money problems? If we are over Budget for utilities and this is just the middle of the fiscal year.
Where do we get the money to make the necessary moves to correct conditions at the Police Building?

2008 Road Program
Mayor Bucccelato (aware of the financial difficulties) suggested the Council scale down the 2008 Road Program to reduce the tax burden or debt, it was outright rejected. Guess the tax burden on the residents isn’t that important.

Let’s be clear our infrastructure needs to be replaced and maintained accordingly. But with unemployment creeping upwards, gasoline nearly at $5.00 a gallon it is time to re-evaluate. If not, C-Town will not be the only thing closing and moving out!

Borough Employee Contracts
Borough employees whose contracts have not been settled are another concern. The Council has had 2 ½ years to settle. As it stands now nothing has been done.

Food for Thought
Why not write a story on how the Council cannot agree on a simple contract?

How about a story on Councilman Mullaney and Councilman Mendes doing work for the Borough, then voting to pay themselves? Where is the "Pay to Play" Resolution Councilman Mullaney was going to present to the Council? His idea that elected officials holding public office for the Borough should not be allowed to perform work in the Borough?

Why not investigate why Scudiery and the Monmouth County Democratic Party gave $8500. to Mary Aufseeser’s special election campaign? $8500.00 given in an attempt to control the outcome of our Special Election for Mayor.

Why did the Democrats pass a Resolution accusing former Mayor Mary Aufseeser of possible wrongdoing? Is this what you do to a former associate, because she lost the Mayoral campaign?

A good investigative reporter would delve into these problems, where some good can be accomplished. Instead of telling us what we already know, why not tell us something we don't know!

We do not oppose anyone doing their job. We do want to see professionals advising Matawan on construction, architectural, building safety or handicapped accessibility issues.


Anonymous said...

It is ashame when personal interests are involved, greed is usually the culprit. It is a shame for the tax payer's who put there trust in our local government. Everyone should remember our politicians actions when time for re-election.
And remember, the "truth" will ultimately prevail.

Anonymous said...

Again, do your research. SCUDIERY, not with an "i."

Main Street Manny said...

The APP reporter does not investigate anything. All she does is photo ops, and it might as well be the Dems doing a press release for themselves. Local bloggers like you, the Aberdeener, and others have been the only investigative forces. I think the APP is afraid to lose all of the Public Notice revenue they get from the towns.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous2, Used the spelling used in the Courier. Figured if anyone knows the correct spelling the Courier would...

matawan advocate said...


Our apologies to Mr. Scudiery,checked the Courier and you are correct Scudiery's name is spelled with a 'y."

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous1, Unfortunately, there appears to be cover-ups and lies in Matawan. We do hope the truth does prevail.

Thanks for your comments.

Main Street Manny said...

I do agree with main street manny posting but that is not me that put out the post.

Alyssa Passeggio said...

Some of the money for the police department would come out of the Health Department building sale.

By complaining about a road program you are saying you don't want to maintain the borough's infrastructure. A lack of maintenance is why the police station is in such disrepair.

Other municipalities, such as Hazlet and Atlantic Highlands, are also taking on aggressive road programs, which is responsible.

Penny pinching in the maintenance department is only going to hurt the borough in the long run.

Alyssa Passeggio said...

How would the Monmouth County Democratic Chairman giving money to the Matawan Democrats warrant a story? You are complaining about newspapers' coverage, but that is just common sense.

matawan advocate said...

Alyssa, Are you aware that the money from the sale of the former Health Dept building cannot be used for a year? Provided it is sold, that is a long time for the Police to work under the current conditions. Referring to the Borough's finances, Councilman Mike Cannon coined the phrase, "pinching pennies" not us.

We are not opposed to the Road Program. We would have preferred the Council stuck to the original plan for this year as we have money leftover from last year's road program.

Taxpayers in Matawan are already heavily taxed and our senior citizens, families with children, empty nesters and singles will be forced to move if increases are forced upon us. Have you seen all the homes for sale?

Do you realize if we receive aid from Trenton we will be forced to keep the current Budget with no changes. That is a frightening thought. We started out this year with a deficit of approximately $150,000. That is irresponsible financial planning.

Look forward to more interesting dialogue.

Thank you for sharing your views.

matawan advocate said...

Alyssa, The fact is the Monmouth County Democratic Party Chairman gave $8500. to Mary Aufseeser's unsuccessful campaign. Per Pat Menna, Esq., a Democrat, it is unprecedented for such a large amount to be donated to a campaign. We believe residents should be aware.

As posted, the Council lied to the residents by claiming they did not give any additional benefits to a retiring borough employee outside of the collective bargaining contract. Fact is they did give additional benefits, thus requiring a Resolution. We see that as a problem not just for this year but for years to come.

Has anyone questioned why Councilmen Mendes and Mullaney do work for the borough, then vote to pay themselves?

Sorry if we get passionate about these matters. We believe in open government.

Understand we are bloggers, not journalists. We believe there is room for all. We hope that with all the information available, residents can make an informed decision.

Knowledge is Power...

Thanks again for your comments.

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone questioned why Councilmen Mendes and Mullaney do work for the borough, then vote to pay themselves? ", good question. What can be done about it? NJ Ethics Department? Any other ideas? Lets put words into action.

matawan advocate said...

A resident did bring up the question to the Council (Key Auto Body was on the bill list)and was gaveled down. The Borough Attorney was instructed to speak with them. To date nothing has been heard from the Council or the Borough Attorney regarding this unethical act(s).

Thank you for your comments. We will keep you apprised as things develop.

matawan advocate said...

Alyssa, On the Road Program. If Hazlet and Atlantic Highlands are doing an extensive Road Program, then they must have better people sitting on Council and working for them who understand finances. From what we have heard and read Matawan Boroughs finances are not in good shape.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons the Borough is in such financial trouble, We were "BONDED" into this situation by Past administrations, check into this for you self , you always are looking for the truth!!

matawan advocate said...

You are correct the previous administration had to borrow from the 2008 Budget to pay bills in 2007 to the tune of $125,000+/-. Boy, we'd like to tell the Borough we will pay our taxes for this year next year! Now, the current Council isn't making any provisions for the 2009 Budget. Sorry you simply don't spend money, when you don't have it to spend!

All the bonds you are speaking of have expired, due to expire or have reduced interest rates. You haven't been paying attention, the present Council wants to bond more. The current Council is still spending, spending and spending.

So it is ok with you that Councilmen work for the Borough and vote to pay themselves...It is ok with you that even with a financial problem they still gave Maser Consulting a no bid project for approximately $300,000+/- and more recently gave them a $3500. project for the Red Light Traffic Camera that was to cost the Borough nothing, nada, zippo...according to Councilman Mendes.

Yeah you are right. Let's not be proactive, let's sit and live in the past. Don't become an informed resident. Let someone else go to the Council meetings, let someone else listen to the crap and lies the Council speaks, let someone else be called a badger. How silly of us to think these Council people work for us and in the best interests of Matawan.

brianinthebeach said...

Alyssa, how about writing something pertaining to CME and getting every job in Aberdeen. Can you say pay to play.