Saturday, June 7, 2008

Check out the Asbury Park Press Sat., 6-7-08

Sametta Thompson, Reporter for the APP, today has a story, and we do mean story, the Democrats on the Borough Council are trying to sell to Matawan regarding Pat Menna, Esq. Check it out!
Sprinkle it with fairy dust and maybe you can find the truth in this letter sent by the Matawan Dems on Council!

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Anonymous said...

(link to story)

The comedy of errors just goes on and on.

Forget about the fact that they were stupid to fire Menna in the first place. Now after refusing to comment on why they fired him, taking riducule in the process, they decide to comment after the whole story was dead and buried. Thanks for reminding everyone, geniuses!Should make a nice story in this weeks Independent too! LOL

God the Republicans must be slobbering on themselves to run against this band of idiot.