Thursday, June 12, 2008

Borough Workshop Meeting Tonight at 7pm

Workshop meeting for the Borough Council will be held at 7pm at the Matawan Community Center Building located on Broad Street.
A presentation from AFLAC (hopefully they don't bring the duck) will be made for the Council's consideration regarding medical benefits.

Presentation of alternate electric service.

Discussions will include:

Red Light program. This would put cameras on Matawan traffic lights to catch traffic violators in the act. Question is what will it cost Matawan to adopt this program. While it has been said it doesn't cost us anything.....that has yet to be determined. At the very least we would have to pay for a traffic study.

Police - Review of ordiances to include 2 Lieutenants.

Four (4) day work week for July and August to reduce energy consumption. Will this be require Borough employees to make up the hours during the 4 days?

Take home vehicles -

Recreation Summer Basketball

Public comments open to the floor around 8:15pm.

Hope to see you there....................................

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