Friday, June 6, 2008

Follow Up to Borough Council Meeting 6/5/08

Last night's meeting held on Thursday, June 5, 2008 was uneventful. It was great to see the Council working together. Although Councilman Malley continues to make senseless barbs at the Mayor....but ah we forget he is running for re-election. Are the Borough Council meetings the proper forum for electioneering. You decide, because we think not!

At last night's "open public" portion of the meeting a resident questioned why Key Auto Body, Councilman Kevin Mendes' family owned business, is doing work for the Borough. Councilman Mendes is the Chairman of the Fire, Police, First Aid Committee.

During the brief encounter the resident had commenced to praise Councilman "Bud" Mullaney, because at a previous meeting and in one Blog this year entitled, "Mullaney will sponsor good government in Matawan," he stated his Company, Mullaney Tire, would not be doing anymore work for the Borough. It appeared that the resident agreed with Mullaney's position and was starting to commend him.

However, Councilman Mullaney stated Mullaney Tire continues to do work for the Borough.....Abruptly, Mayor Buccellato ended the discussion and chastised the resident. Why did the Mayor stop the proceeding? The Mayor requested the Borough Attorney to speak with Councilmen Mullaney and Mendes.

Will the resident that asked the question ever get an answer? Therefore, the question we pose to the readers of this Blog is:

Is it proper for a sitting Councilperson to perform work for the Borough and receive remuneration?


Anonymous said...

Mullaney is so big on people donating everything in site to the borough. If they are donating the work done and not taking any money from the borough, you got my approval. Unfortanately you know they are hitting the borough hard with those bills. Christopher Christie where are you?

Anonymous said...

Is it proper for other commission members to give out work for the borough with getting only "one price'??? it's been going on for years??!! Wake up Advocate!!

matawan advocate said...

It is wrong, wrong, wrong, that is the bottom line. Are you saying it is right for Matawan NOT to get quotes or bids for work to be performed in the Borough? Which firm do you own?

Anonymous said...

Since he is the Mayor of Matawan, as well as the Chairman of the Matawan Republican Party, is it proper for Mayor Paul, to do work for the Monmouth County Freeholders. If your answer is yes here, then it should be yes in Matawan too! Mullaney and Mendes were doing work for Matawan long before they were on the Council. As long as they are the lowest bid,they should be able to get the work like anyone else. Mayor Paul wasn't even the lowest bid in his APP article, if I remember correctly. As long as all of these guys and their businesses follow the procedures, why should they be penalized because they hold office?

Anonymous said...

Hey Aberdeen gives everything to CME, how do you think we feel? No bids, just here you go and oh yeah, thanks for all those contributions. Wink-wink.

Anonymous said...

I think the difference between the Mayor and the Councilmen is A) the mayor won the contract competitively and B) the Mayor isnt a COUNTY elected official.

The problem here is that COUNCILMEN were getting paid for doing work for their own town.

Don't confuse the issue with lies, the truth is damning enough.

Anonymous said...

The problem and fallacy with the statement made by anonymous #2 is to the best of my knowledge Mayor Paul (as he was called) is not an elected member of the Board of Freeholders. The Mayor does not perform services for the Borough of Matawan. Therefore, he does not receive a fee for performing services.

If Buddy and Kevin wish or desire to be a member of the governing body, then all work they have performed in the past should stop. No gray areas here, just black and white.

matawan advocate said...

As I recall Mayor Buccellato, while a Councilman, reported to the Council, in public, that he was doing work for a local Church for free. He brought it up at a Council meeting so if there was any objection he could be guided accordingly.

There was no objection and we do believe he completed the work for the Church without any fanfare.

Oh and least we forget. The Clinton Street Park, Buccellato had an anonymous contractor and supplier put a much needed new roof on the building. He did the calculations on what was required and was present on the day roofing materials were delivered.

Didn't cost Matawan a dime! And you wonder why we like this guy!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how the dry cleaner was able to open his store on Main St in the Star Bucks strip mall. Last summer it was voted down at a council meeting. The area residents where not notified about the issue reopening. How can this happen? You dont think it was done under the table do you?

Anonymous said...

Advocate ,You don't know what a "COMMISSION MEMBER IS"" We have Recreation Commission, Recycling Commission, Shade Tree Commission. Enviromental Commission ETC: One Member of one of those Commissions has Had a free hand giving out work for years without any competitive bidding.. I believe you know who, but want to ignore the statement and ask WHAT FIRM DO I OWN!! "NONE" is the answer. Yes, it is wrong ,and the Present Council is putting a Stop to it. Not the Mayor,who was a Council person when all this was going on!!!