Monday, May 5, 2008

Clean Up Day in Matawan

This past Saturday, Matawan's Environmental Commission held its annual Clean up Matawan Day. Among the participants were Robert Casagrande and his children, Sharon LaPorte and her children, Councilman William Malley and Mayor Paul Buccellato. While we did not see any representative from the Recreation Commission, nor former Mayor Aufseeser (who first introduced the Clean Up Event last year) the efforts of those who participated did not go unnoticed. Sorry if we misssed the names of all participants. Your efforts were certainly appreciated. One of the locations was Terhune Park where trash was picked up. We have trash bins at our Parks and in the Borough. We would like to remind everyone that it is just a short walk to drop the trash in the bin.
There were many residents lined up at the Borough dumpster behind Key Auto Body getting rid of leaves and branches.

A huge thank you to all who participated in this Community event. It was nice to see parents, leading by example, showing their children what community spirit is all about.

Remember, Make Matawan Glitter, Don't Litter!


mrsb said...

We participated in the borough Earth Day clean up last year and had hoped to participate in this year's clean up. Due to a prior engagement, my family was unable to do so.

I'm glad to read that there seemed to be a good turnout. said...

Well,now Lets really clean up Matawan!!
first lets start by figureing out,DO WE need that street cleaner that often comes arround my street right after a rain?
How would you even know when it will be comming to make sure your car is off the street.
This Machine comes arround in Minnutes,It simply drives arround Poet Dive,and is gone! What diffrence is made to MY street?
Ill be darned if I know,I see a slight wet mark,kinda like skid marks,in a continuious line,and Bumping out and arround objects in the way,no corners are clean,no paper removed?Why because there is hardly anything on the street to be cleaned?So I am wondering,who assigns jobs such as this? what is this Job salary?and what is the cost for the Machine,its upkeep and so on? Or is it out sourced? what is the cost and ,and how often is it on my street and how would I find this information??

as far as Earth Day! if we all just cleaned up what we mess,and then if we see something that is out of place,fix it,or report it...we could have a fun day......or all meet at the Town Borough Hall and have a weed picking day! how about that for a DAY? what say you.

Anonymous said...

Out of over 9,000 residents ,{who got all the answers to what wrong with Matawan} only a dozen showed up for clean up day!!!!Mostly young teen agers.. Good job all you critics. Some of you bloggers should learn how to "do" instead of beig sh-t house lawyers!!! If you can't contribute ,don't be criticizing.. Thanks to those few who did show up!!!

matawan advocate said...

anonymous, Ironically, you are one of the critcs! Your comment shows a lack of awareness. Many people would like to help but due to illness or allergies cannot. Perhaps they contribute in some other way. Disappointed there weren't more Council members or Representatives from the Recreation Commission in attendance, weren't you?

Surprised former Mayor Aufseeser
wasn't present to help out. Afterall, she initiated Clean Up Day.

We reiterate our expression of appreciation for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

I gather you weren't there ,as I read the excuses, one of them must be "YOURS"!! Paul Buccellato did show up "LATE" in the morning, someone must have called him to make an appearance!!!Wouldn't look good if the Mayor didn't show!!AS I read this Blog occasionally, I believe you should move "out " of town ,you seem to be so 'unhappy' with every thing here.

matawan advocate said...

anonymous, apparently, you don't read this blog all that often. You are correct, we are unhappy with the current majority party Council. We don't approve of politicians who try to deceive the public, play politics with our tax dollars, and accomplish nothing. You can take all the cheap shots at the Mayor and still can't deny if it wasn't for his knowledge and experience Matawan would be in a lawsuit, thanks to your Buddies on the Council. We are not alone in our opinion of the dealings of the Democratic majority Council.

We find the Mayor too accomodating to the majority party Council.

Thanks for your comments, small minded as they are.

Anonymous said...

Some off the biggest law suits this town has suffered was when the present Mayor & his party were in control of politics in this town.. So don't say "HE" saved any thing!!!! Do you think people aren't aware of the past law suits???

matawan advocate said...

We really feel sorry for your ignorance. Let's talk about current issues. First, Mayor Buccellato was at the Recycling area prior to going to Broad St. So right from the jump you were wrong.

We trust that people know the truth. At the very least we hope they investigate prior to making statements. Rather than placing blame on an entire group of people, try to stick to individuals. Do you really think Mary Aufseeser is capable to be dealing with the current problems facing Matawan? She may be a nice person but that doesn't qualify her to be Mayor.

What ideas do you have for Matawan's growth? Why not come to a Council meeting and see for yourself what goes on?

Again thanks for your comments.

Aberdeener said...

Regarding the lawsuit by Silver Oak Properties, seeing as that gets referenced so often, I think some clarification is in order.

Silver Oak Properties is owned by William Bocra, a convicted felon and small-time builder. Using his son, a graduate from Columbia Law, he sued Matawan claiming the borough violated the RFP process by selecting a developer for the Transit Village Project who had not satisfied all the RFP requirements. (As if Bocra, a builder with no experience managing large-scale projects was qualified.) The judge ultimately ruled that the borough was always free to select whomever they wanted (DUH!).

The entire lawsuit was a flagrant example of judicial gangsterism and should have been thrown out of court from the get-go.

matawan advocate said...

Thanks Aberdeener for the details. said...

this place need help..
it is backwards,
why do people take a office?
to be IMPORTANT,well its not
Important to feel Important,and
this own sucks..I hate it
I am not impressed

It shouldnt take a town to clean a day..clean your minds,
do whats right..

The school BOE?
is there for who
and cousins and brothers
its disgracefull
its corrupt and
as is this town
it cant even do one thing woith out a problem
no one is on same page
we will see if any change occurs..
dumb numb and angry